Curse of the Fold

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This story follows a young mother Aja and her family the Washington’s as they go through the outbreak of a deadly virus. (The OutBreak Book1)

Horror / Thriller
Khrissii kontii
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“The Congregation Of The Moon” (1)

(DAY 1)

[Aja’s POV]

[Aja is finishing her police force training she gets a phone call from her boyfriend Caleb]

(Caleb)- Hey babe how was work ?

(Aja)- It was the same as every other day stressful, and tiring.

(Caleb)- i hope you are ready for tonight ,I have a lot planned for our 3 anniversary.

(Aja)- *smirk’s* oh yeah

(Caleb)- yeah ,oh gosh my mother is calling I’ll see you tonight, Love you drive safely

(Aja)- yeah I will love you too.*call ends*

[Aja heads out of the training room and puts her medical mask on her face and goes to her car, she’s in her car listening to radio {intro song} as she was driving she was passing protesters with signs that say “The Curse Of The Fold” ,”Survival Of The Fittest”, and “Reckoning is Coming”]

[Rosa’s POV]

[Rosa ,Aja’s Mother is at an afternoon church service the pastor is is giving his testimony on the Tsars Virus that is spreading over the world and he is claiming the T virus is a punishment sent from heavens for the worlds sins. In the middle of him giving his testimony an amber alert from the government “ mandatory lockdown” The people of the church started frantically moving towards the door and the pastor shouted to everyone]

(Pastor)- If you walk out that door you give up on your god and go against your faith.

[Rosa and many others continued to exit the door and return to their homes]

[Aja’s POV]

[Aja gets to the house where Alexis her sister and Paulo her 2 year old son where watching a movie, they had just finished eating supper when Aja walked in ,and goes directly to the bathroom to clean herself before hugging Paulo]

(Alexis)- Did you see that alert?

(Aja)- No my phone had died on the drive back, what was it ?

(Alexis)-The States are on a government authorized lockdown.

(Aja)-Damn ,this is very serious. Have you called dad down at the lab to see if he is okay?

(Alexis)- no haven’t had the chance.

[Aja gets on the house phone to call her Father Paul he works at the fbi lab trying to find a cure, she calls him and the line goes dead ]

(Aja)- that’s weird-

(Alexis)- what did he say?

(Aja)- he didn’t pick up ,the line went out .

(Alexis)-I hope he’s okay.

<2 hours later>

[Aja, Rosa, Alexis and Paulo were sitting in the family room watching the Late Night News With Elizabeth Porter]


(Izzy)- We are a world wide lockdown due to reasons unknown, some people are speculating and calling this phenomenon the beginning of the end, we will talk about a possible cure to the T-virus right after this commercial break.

(Aja)- This is getting very nerve racking and stressful, I’m starting to feel like this is more then what they are letting on

(Alexis)- yea my friends, Cousin Ruma got the virus and she was showing symptoms like those in the Black Plague.

(Rosa)- oh my goodness, god bless it

[Aja’s POV]

[ Aja walks upstairs to her room to get her phone and she saw 6 missed calls from Caleb, she try’s to call him back but the line cuts again and she texted him but her text were not sending, suddenly the power goes out and the red flood lights come on, she walks downstairs to check on Everyone]

(Alexis)- power outage how? It was fine a few minutes ago.

(Aja)- I don’t know my phone was also was also acting up.

(Rosa)- *sniffs* do you smell that?

(Aja)- Fire? Smoke?*walks to the door*

[their neighbors the freemen’s house was on fire and people were burning it with Molotov’s and screaming “ heretics” then a family friend was driving pass Aja’s house and told them to get out of the house the neighborhood is on fire Aja and the family rushes to get the keys to the car and get out of their. Frantically Aja and the family jumps in the SUV and starts following the people in front of them, the family gets to exit for the city and it was guarded by military men not letting anyone leave]

(Alexis)- What the fuck is this ?

(Aja)- they are blocking us in but why.

(Rosa)- *starts to pray in the passenger seat*

(Military men)- you have 10 seconds to turn back or we will shoot to kill.*starts to count down*

(Rosa)- Aja , Turn around! Now !

(Aja)- blocked in I cant do anything thing!

*the guards gets to ten and starts shooting*

[all of the family just starts screaming and getting out running back ,Aja turns off road to in to the woods and drives until she hits a rock the car goes 6ft up in the air and barrel rolls down the hill ,then stops beside a mass grave that had no one in it ]

(Aja)- is everyone okay?

(Alexis)-I think so -

(Aja)- Ma are you okay? Is Paulo okay?

(Rosa)- yeah we’re okay.

(Aja)- there’s a man over there *points at a man walking towards them* hey sir ! Can you help us please we had an accident-

[the man comes to the window trying to grab Aja ,he had rotten skin, black nails and no jaw everyone is screaming and yelling, Rosa gets out holding Paulo and Alexis pulls Aja to get out of her side of the car ,they get out and just start running through the woods the Tsar man follows with 5 more Tsars following him, after 5 mins of running they hear a mans voice say get down so the family all ducks and a man and 3 more people with machine guns kill the Tsar]

(Gus)-Are you guys okay?

(Aja)-*try’s to catch her breathe* Yeah

(Gus)- good I’m Gus ,this is Noah ’Cane ,Alice and Tucker we are “the Wayvins”

(Aja)- I’m Aja, my mother Rosa ,sister Alexis and my son Paulo were - the Washington’s

(Gus)- Washington’s you should come with us there are more of those things out around here.

(Aja)-okay lead the way.

[Gus and his wayvins take The Washington family to an abandoned sewer system entrance ,they lead them through and it was like they came in to a new place ]

(Gus)-welcome to the Wayvin Layer this is where all of the Wayvins live

(Aja)- wait you were ready for this to happen? How did you know?

(Gus)- I am prepared for everything and I let the spirits guide me to greatness

(Alexis)-this is greatness to you*disguised face*?

(Rosa)-*firm whisper* Alexis stop it.

(Gus)- it’s well okay mother Rosa , This is not the most ideal but it will help us survive.

(Aja)- Survive what do you mean survive what?

(Gus)-you have to be kidding me ,the world is over Ms. Aja and a new one has begun, Man vs Tzars ,Survival of the fittest the new world order.*takes them to room number 27/90* this will be your quarters clean yourselves up and get some rest a lot to talk about tomorrow.

(Aja)-thank you

(Rosa)-we are grateful

(Gus)- Humm are you Christians ?

(Aja)- no we have no religion

(Gus) huh okay bye bye.

[the family group hugs each other ]

(Rosa)-oh my girls ,we will get through this together.

{END OF CHAPER 1 “The Congregation Of The Moon”}

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