In Rides the Devil -- Short Stories

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Intro (to This Dark Garden)

For centuries, the ghoul race scavenged off the beaten path and haunted gravesites. Living off both animal and human remains, until forced underground by those seeking to do them harm for their vile, unchristian ways. There they managed to escape from persecution, torture and extinction by an ignorant dominate race. Deemed as pariahs or sub humans unworthy of any rights they resettled far from many settlements. So deep within the subterranean world they remained, nestled in their stone toad deity in fear that they would miss its reawakening. There they dreamt of the day the Great Hungry One would one day awaken and arise from its subterranean prison (a mountain pressed upon its back) and devour everything in its wake. But as the supernatural beast slept, it dreamt, lured and transformed more recruits to venture deep into the bowels of the earth, to worship it. In the darkness it beckoned to the abandoned, the abused, the lost and to the forgotten, and most of all—the damned. Anyone that didn’t fit into the civilized world was welcomed, and oddly enough, many had traveled deep within the earth to be reborn. Their flesh distorted, their humanity abandoned all for the promise of a sleeping god’s promise that they too would get to feast on the dead.

The ghouls still to this day continue to cling to the Ghoulauh’s enormous toad-like form in hopes that one day their fallen God shall awaken and devour the whole world and beyond

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