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Death and Dreams

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A Short Story

Horror / Other
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There is an interchange of slow little pitter-patter sound of water seeping drop by drop in the room caused by the heavy rain outside. The weather created a rather murky atmosphere in the forest where the treehouse was situated. Continuous droplets of water bounce with every leaf above it. It’s Christmas and they decided to stay at this treehouse to spend the end of the year. All of their relatives on her mother’s side were here, the usual tradition in the family.

The room feels damp and uncomfortable for some reason. She went out and was met by her cousin. She unconsciously raised an eyebrow from this. She hasn’t talked to this cousin of hers for years now after fighting with her but now the girl is smiling and even offered her a warm chocolate drink. She accepted it and for some unknown reason, focused on the drink. Her cousin is rumbling about something but her mind is focused on the drink. She remembered the video she watched on the internet about the best hot chocolate drink ever. It looks just like it. Thick and creamy yet it flows like silk as she mixes it with the spoon served with it. She then decided to have a taste when a loud sound resounded in the house.

She looks up to see her other cousins sitting and playing billiards suddenly stopping whatever they are doing as the fire in the fire that warms them dissipates. She suddenly remembered that their parents are all not here. Only kids were left in the treehouse. They all looked at the door that timed perfectly as a tall hooded man pushed the door so harshly that it vibrated the whole house. Her heart started beating hard. Her whole body tensed as her warm chocolate drink slowly dropped from her hands and the nearest cousin of hers was slashed to death by the tall hooded man. She cannot see his face but she knows that he scares him. Screams occurred in the room and chaos happened as the tall hooded man continued killing her cousins.

Her brain started thinking so hard and thought that jumping from the treehouse is faster than using the stairs. She shouted to anyone that could hear her to just jump. She knew they hesitated as she was the only one who jumped as she said that. She felt pain in her legs that turned numb. She heard thumps of feet and she knew her cousins and sisters jumped so she looked back to only see the tall hooded man jumping, too. She suddenly regained her strength as she ran. She heard screams again. She looked back to see one of her sisters being killed. Her eyes widen and tumble to the ground. But her hand was grabbed by her other sister. And told her to run as she did. They ran and ran while hearing everyone behind them screaming from pain to their death. Suddenly my sister’s hair was grabbed and they both fell to the ground as their hands were looking at each other. She tried to resist the man. She tried to help the others. Their nails scratched the tall hooded man but the man rapidly slashed her sister’s neck apart spurting blood everywhere even to her face. Her mind blanked out for a second before forcing her to grab her hand to let go of the tight grasp of her dead sister. She ran while tears were pouring down her cheeks.

She ran to the car and saw her cousin whom she hadn't talked to for years now running towards it, too. She told her to open the car. Her cousin was able to enter it first and she was able to enter, too after seconds. She locked her side door and shouted to her cousin to drive but saw her hands shaking, probably from fear. She could see the tall hooded man killing the last cousin they have outside and running to the car they are in. At last, her cousin was able to start it and speed away but the tall hooded man was able to grab the car and have the strength to rip the car apart and grab her cousin who was driving. He grabs her hair. Her cousin shouted but was slashed by the tall hooded man and her face was ripped apart from half of her mouth through her neck. Voices appeared around her telling her to be alive. She unconsciously grabbed her dead cousin and pushed both of them outs of the car. She needed to control the car but before she could even do so, the car crashed into a tree…

I woke up suddenly. I don’t even have the strength to sit. I was just lying on my bed as I breathed heavily. I grabbed my throat because it was hurting. My whole body also aches. What a nightmare!

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