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Sexual Predator

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**MATURE CONTENT ** Heart broken and love deprived, Kimberly turned into a life of sex (with a fine line of pain). Buying a house after graduating from college turned out to be her worst nightmare. Waking up sweaty and sore only to find out she's been raped, or was it just a pigment of her imagination ?. ALL RIGHT RESERVED TO @ellanimm. ALL COPYRIGHT ALONG WITH THE CHARACTERS AND PLOTS BELONG TO THE AUTHOR.

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Hey! Give that back you big bullies" 5 year old Kimberly shouted with tears spilling down her face, trying to take her lollipop from her ten year old bullies. They keep tossing her candy between the three of them, making Kimberly spin and weep trying to catch her lollipop but they were much taller than her making it impossible.

"ha.... douchebags why don't you pick on someone your size?" 7 year old William shouted from across the street running towards them pushing one of the bullies from Kimberly, he turned and grabbed the other one who was holding her sweet he held the hand which her lolli was in.

Kimberly standing behind him couldn't see anything, but soon after William was shoved to the ground groaning in pain. Kimberly ran and hid behind a bush watching the scene unfold, and she couldn't do anything.

They kept kicking William in the torso when they got satisfied they left him wincing in pain. Kimberly came out from her hiding spot and ran over to William crying, she tried lifting him up but she failed miserably after several minutes of trying she gave up and lie down on the curb beside William.

Minutes later he turned facing her with his intense green eyes she stirred back with her shiny grey eyes, her eyes was that of a doll nothing like he has ever seen before.

"thank you for saving me from those horrible bullies".

"you. are. welcome " he said still in pain "here, I think this belongs to you" he handed her, her lollipop. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek he immediately turned red.

"I'm Kimberly, but my friends call me kim" she smiled revealing her half set of teeth that are still growing which makes her whistle


"I'm William but you can call me will, if you want. So... Friends?."

"nope" she said popping the 'p', which made him frown but before he could say anything she continued "Best friends!" she screamed which made him laugh "oh-oh... Since we are best friends now I will call you willy and not will, and can call me Kimmy and not Kim".


"I can't believe I'm turning 17 in like what?, 4 days I'm so excited" Kimberly said over the phone talking to her only friend William "umm... Can you come over in a few?, I'm home alone this weekend an-"

Before she could finish saying what she wanted to say she heard a knock on the door.

Kimberly opened the door and saw William she hugged him before pulling him in locking the door behind him, they went up to her room and she locked the door with the key.

She put on the DVD player, slow sensual music sang out from the speakers, she started swaying her hips to the beat William sat on her bed staring, she started taking of her shirt he stood up immediately feeling slightly. uncomfortable.

"Whoa... Whoa-what are you doing?" he asked, suddenly confused by her behavior.

She sighed "willy relax, take a chill pill... Haha. Get it? Because I said relax instead of relax-you know what just forget what I said," she knew this situation was getting awkward but she had to carry-on "remember we made a promise to each other not to date anyone till we both go off to college, and by this time tomorrow you will be leaving for California and in college too. And I will be in Colombia still in high school, you will see new people and might forget about me soon...., like the old saying goes 'out of sight is out of mind' So what I'm saying is I want us to be each other's firsts?."

After a few seconds of awkward silence She sighed then continued "Look if you don't want me to be your first, it's fine, I understand."

"No Kim it's nothing like that, are you sure about this?". "yah... Now shush" she said then crashed her lips on his. She took of her remaining clothes, then took of his clothes she walked to her drawer and brought out a square object with sliver rap tore it walked back to him and knelt down in front of him.


Sexual scene up ahead⬇⬇⬇

She held his length in her hands then sucked on him he groaned, she stopped and stare right at him. Without breaking eye contact she took him deep but didn't breath, she gagged but kept going he held her hair increasing his speed till he released his seeds in her mouth neither of them breaking eye contact.

She sucked him dry, wore the non-vulcanized rubber on his throbbing dick, she sat on her bed spreading her legs wide open allowing him to see her well shaved pussy and motioned her index finger for him to come forward.

She expected him to go straight to business but instead he surprised her by putting his face in between her thighs, he licked down her wet Clint making her moan like crazy.

Her sexual excitement starts to build but he stopped and held her hips thrusting into her slowly, she winced in closing her eyes shut he stopped and stared down at her.

"you okay?" he asked with so much concern in his voice. She opened up her eyes and smiled at him "yeah I'm fine" she replied.

He pulled out and went back in staring at her face while she kept looking at the ceiling her facial expression showing so much pain after some time she started moaning out loud.

Moving her hip to meet his thrust "harder!" she demanded he smirked digging his nails into her hips making her moan in pleasure and pain, several minutes later they both reach their climax, filling with her juice run down his thighs, he slammed down on her from exhaustion, both of them panting.

He pulled out of her she winced but didn't make it obvious he lay down besides her, he turned facing her "are you alright" he asked.

"Not really" she replied breathing heavily "but I. enjoyed it, wanna go for round two" she asked. "Yah sure, just let me regain my strength" he smiled.

getting up"lie in front" he ordered her. She's gloriously naked, laying on her front, uncertain of what he's is going to do to her.

He climbs into the bed and fixes himself on-top of her she could feel his erection tantalizing her behind.

"I'm going to take you from behind, Kimberly" he says as he moves his hand through her thighs to her knees. He pushes them higher.

One of his hands wrapped up around her blood red hair she couldn't move.

His other hand reaches her behind and caresses it gently then moved to cup her sex. He starts massaging it putting light pressure at the right spot.

She felt his hot breath against her skin and it raises every hair in her body against her will.

"You smell so good Kimberley" he whispers in her ear and gently bites her earlobe.

This was slowly driving her crazy. "stay still" he orders her, his voice strained and urgent. He pushes his thumb inside her and started circling around.

She moan when she felt it in the right spot.

"...oh baby, you are so wet, so responsive. I like it, I like it alot"

He pulled out is thumb and shoved it inside her mouth "suck" he commanded, and she did, tasting a salty yet metallic taste.

Without warning he entered her she cried out in pain and pleasure all in one.

One of his hand slid up to the back of her head, where he took a fistful of her hair. He wrapped his fist full of her blood-ish red locks, he straightened up so he wasn't leaning over her, he pulled her head back.

A quiet hiss of pain slipped through her clenched teeth. His thrust became quick and rough.

His hand on her hips pulled her back to meet him pounding into her as he was.

At first Kimberly wasn't sure if she could get her release with him diving into her so harshly, but soon the quick rhythm was working her up, far faster than the slower rhythm.

Tremors ran through her body as she drew closer to her release.

Sensation worked up inside her, the tightening knot burst. Her vision turned red as her climax ruched through her.

Soon after his released himself into the another condom for the second time that night.


"I thought we would be making vanilla but instead we went hardcore, i never knew what i liked till we tried it" she said grinning like a 3 year old.

He kissed her with so much affection before they both decided on watching a movie till she fell asleep on his chest.


😘 @ellanimm

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