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Red Dragon

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The Dinner Club

Not even three steps into the door. Not even three. Even the fellow with the yellow-colored hair was given three, and that was from a man pointing a gun at him. Guess the dean was more strict about murder than a redneck about infidelity –and possibly even incest.

Francis took one step to pass the doors. A second to straighten- and right there was when he was met by Lilith. She had such a stern face, tried to appear so cold yet dour and upset... He knew, though. He knew that she saw the vids already, as well as that she saw into his mind and knew he wasn’t at fault –wholly.

But that didn’t change the fact that he was in her office. Again. That didn’t make it any more comforting to be left at that desk with not even a plush ball to lob up and down or another bagel pizza to munch on or even a freakin’ pen- has he been leaving his notebook and materials on his desk this entire time! He couldn’t recall a single day he picked it up and left with anything... Maybe the bag was just a hint of his problems.

He licked his thumb, and ran the edge on the inside of his arm, drawing blood.

“Note to self: ‘Don’t... Forget... Notes’.” He wrote there, carved into his very flesh. He dug in deep, making sure it would stick around for at least a week, but that, also, drenched the floor in his blood. Once again he started to feel light-headed, the skin there turned ashen and gray, but, after the only S was chunked out, after it had sealed, it returned to its nice, warm, bronze self. He read it over six more times, with ever increasing clarity- and, upon settling it on the chair’s arm again, noticed the mess Karen made on his pants- and shirt! She really was a gusher, wasn’t she? She exploded all over him with the slightest bit of pressure. It wouldn’t have been so bad but, as he sat there, as it was allowed to ferment under that “heat lamp”, she smelled worse than actual squirt.

It was so bad, in fact, that, when Lilith returned, she gagged a bit when she entered the room. It was the smallest sound, like a cat preparing to throw up a bezoar, and she quickly tried to hide her displeasure by pulling out a handkerchief and covering her nose. She hurried behind her desk, a fresh folder in hand, filled with the scribbles and scrawls of liars and cry-bullies. Which both of them knew... So... it all depended on who she liked the most. If she liked Francis the most... well, he would love another week off.

She chuckled at that, at least, and cleared her throat.

“Oh, Francis,” she uttered, shaking her head. “It seemed like only yesterday you were in this office.”

“I kind of expected to be, if I may say. Especially with how I ‘mauled’ that poor, defenseless harpy.” He sighed, and stretched back on the chair. “So how long this time?”

“Well, if first-hand accounting was anything to go by, you murdered a Fang in cold-blood. There was no precursor for it to happen, no outburst nor encounter prior. They argue it was premeditated since the first day you met. If that were the case, you would be down in the Black Halls right now awaiting execution.”

“Sounds like fun. Let’s do that.”

“We could... or... we could listen to one of the voices, the minority in that group, that stated it was a horrible accident, that they attacked you under false pretenses and it went too far... If that were the case, the entire party would be suspended again except for her.”

“I mean, there’s nothing stopping both. I bet they would be more than happy to serve another three weeks if it meant I was down below awaiting to die –except for the ho who is oh, so trying to get out of trouble... When it was all her fucking fault.”


“Yeah. Surprise! They only attacked because they heard a harpy prattling on about how I got them all wound up. That little bitch probably wanted it so bad that she decided to be ‘insulted’ or ‘hurt’ for the harpy’s ‘sake’.”


“Yeah. Little. Because she has so little power of her own in her own family that it doesn’t matter how big she actually is. She will always be the little sibling... Want to know what you should do? Get rid of all of them. Fangers are nothing but trouble.”

“Funny. We think the same about you,” Tyson said, leaning against the door.

Francis growled, his fins cracking free as he bolted to his feet and wheeled to the Fang. Fire frothed at his jowls, and the room shook under his continued ire.

“You finally grew some balls, faggot,” Francis said. “Still don’t have a brain, but at least you aren’t throwing your bimbos at me anymore.”

Tyson chuckled, shaking his head, and gestured to Francis.

“You see now, Lilith? Can you see now what he truly is? He is barely a step above rabid animal. We have known this since day one and have been doing everything in our power to contain him. Now, though, he has killed one of our Family. He has killed... and he won’t stop.”

“No. I won’t, but, please though, do keep talking. There’s about to be another.”

“You were right about one thing, monster: We would be more than happy to be suspended again. If it meant knowing you be dead by the time we got back-”

“And proof you haven’t grown a brain... I wonder what would happen if I pop yours like Karen’s? Would we see all the crayons you stuck up your nose, or would it just be a fart?”

“Try me, freak. It’ll be the last thing you do... I bet I can dive my hand through your chest faster than you can pop my head.”

“And what makes you think I have a heart?”

“You’re right. Silly me.” He stepped away from the door- and twirled a handaxe, smiling. “We’ll just go for the head, then. Are you ready, Frankie boy-”

Francis roared, lashing out- behind him, where the Fang appeared. His nails sparked on Tyson’s axe- on his fins as he ducked and swung behind him- then to the left. He wanted to move more, to have better positioning, but something was telling him- no, Lilith was commanding him not to move further than the opening. As she told Tyson most likely to repeat the same cycle.

“Enjoying the show, succubus?” Francis exclaimed, his fins ripping out further, flexing and wriggling. “Are you simply hoping we kill each other off?”

“I’m simply waiting,” Lilith said.

“For what-”

“Will you two stop!” Tiny shrieked, shoving Tyson into the door as she put a hand on Francis’ chest. Tyson dropped his axe, clattering on the floor... glaring at his sister.

“You dare-” He began, silenced as she shoved him against it again, making it, and him, rattle and groan.

“Enough. Just... enough.” She let him go... and turned fully on the (still fuming) drachen. She put both hands on his chest, looking him in the eyes... and he saw her cheeks were marred with tear lines. Her eyes were bloodshot, and heavy with a feeling Francis knew all too well. She sniffled, her lip quivering, yet the rest of her seemed like stone, resolute in what she needed to do. “This was my fault.”

“You don’t say?” Francis said... but the flames were gone from his maw. His fins receded, gaze still locked in hers. “Maybe, next time, ask if the harpy liked it, huh?”

“I didn’t need to. I knew she did. She was bragging with her friends and how they bemoaned not doing it, instead... Turns out you leave quite the first impression on people.”

“Again, you don’t say... yet you still told them, the dumbasses, otherwise... Why?” She didn’t answer. Rather, she couldn’t; she didn’t think this far... Francis huffed, and looked away at last, glaring at Lilith. “Well? Am I going to die for a flash mob or not? I don’t have all day!”

“Not this time,” Lilith said. “However, a murder still can’t go unpunished-”

“Then suspend me,” Tiny said, fresh tears blotting her vision. “This was my fault!”

“Don’t suspend her.” Francis stated. Which he felt her gaze snap his way again.


“Yeah, what?” Tyson said. “You? Showing compassion... You know she’s still not going to fuck you-”

“I’m working towards that regardless, but no. That’s not why.” He smiled as he looked down upon the fanger still in arm’s reach. And, finally, he felt her shiver. “It was your fault. Karen is now dead not only because of your actions but because of your slip of the tongue. She will never laugh again. She will never love again, eat her favorite food again, watch her favorite show again... while your life continues on. The most fitting ‘punishment’ for you... is to keep living your life as normal, carrying that weight, that knowledge. You live on, can be happy, while she is a stain on a blacktop –and that, too, will fade.”

“Y... you... you are so cruel,” Tina said, sobbing, staining his shirt with her thick, greasy tears. “You are a monster!”

“You actually killed her, though-” Tyson began.

“And I am a monster.” Francis said, smiling even wider... even as his chest ached, remembering. “I have killed. I have watched people become less than nothing all because of my actions... and I revel in it... You want to keep pressing me, pretty boy? Do you really want to dance with the actual Devil under the pale moonlight?”

“The Devil was the first failure of God, while Man and its evolution into himanity have been his greatest achievements. I will gladly take part in this ball, for I know, at the end, good always triumphs... Come on, sister. Don’t waste another tear on this freak. If we aren’t being charged-”

“You aren’t.” Lilith muttered.

“Then we should be hurrying to class.”

Tiny sniffed one last time, looking up into Francis’ eyes... and a new feeling fluttered through hers, one he hoped he wouldn’t see: empathy. His heart stopped, became cold in his chest as he realized her epiphany, but, thankfully, her brother tore her away, leaving him and the succubus alone in that room again... He huffed, starting his heart again, and sat at the desk once more. It creaked as he rested his elbows upon it, his chin upon them, looking that succubus in the eyes.

“So... I take it I must pay for it?” He stated.

“Since you were set on Tina not-” She began.

“Wasn’t wrong.”

“I’m not here to judge that... but you weren’t... Any case, I sent Eve the account on what transpired. She told me not to worry about the Fangs, that she’ll handle it... but stated that you needed to be punished. If only for ‘losing your cool’.”

“Yeah yeah. ‘Sticks and stones may break bones, but words should not be able to crush skulls’.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but... why does being called that hurt you so much?”

“You can read my mind. Why do you bother asking?”

“Because I can read minds, and any time it comes close to that word there’s this... wall. This storm that blocks.”

“Oh good! That means I have one corner nobody can get in.”

“So... why does it-”

“I’m not telling you. I’m not telling anyone.”

“Okay... You won’t be suspended-”


“But you will not be attending class today.”

“Double dammit!”

“Instead, you will be in detention.” She pulled out her phone. “Let me check real quick... It appears- ah! You’re in luck. Professor Dweiler is in charge of detention today.”

“Triple dammit!!!”

“Why? I thought you two got along.”

“When did you ever think that? When could you glean that!”

“Your mind-”

“Wow. Just goes to show that mind-readers aren’t truly omniscient. Same goes for psychics, I suppose.”

Lilith hummed, putting her phone away, and stood. It took her a moment to find her balance, her belly really starting to stick out now, but found it and lumbered around the desk. She headed for the door, and Francis did as well. He didn’t need the extra goading she gave on his mind, but it was appreciated she at least tried to “ask” nicely. They didn’t need to go far, just down the hall to the first door before the lounge, but it seemed painful behind her. Why she didn’t have a Baby on Board bumper sticker on her ass yet was astounding to him... but... they made it.

She knocked on the door; Francis heard footsteps scuttle to it, then saw the knob rattle. It took four times, but it finally clicked, and Penny pulled it in. Shocked to see Francis.

“Really?” She said. “How! I just left you.”

“Fangs jumped me,” Francis said. “They couldn’t wait to get their hands on me. Guess they were never touched that way before. One was incredibly excited and burst with only the slightest touch.”

“He is only in here for the day,” Lilith said. “I will be heading upstairs to get a work packet from my love. Until then, could you get him settled in?”

“I suppose,” Plank grumbled, and gestured for Francis to go in... You know... He dug how the detention room was set up. Unlike his middle school where every desk was placed against a wall and surrounded by cork boards to prevent people from talking, this one had all the desks in a circle, right in the middle of the room. It had a very... Orwellian feel to it, as if everybody was scrutinizing each other, waiting to snitch so that they could get “ahead”, instead of the rebel-encouragement the unity through isolation caused.

There were only eight desks, but seven of them were already filled. Four looked to be normal punk girls, with one of them having long, silver hair. Their clothes screamed “trashy chic”, with the tears perfect to just hint at their lovely areas under. Window-shopping, if one will; shame he wasn’t in the market for anything close to trash. They took up the entire northern “hemisphere” of desks, though, with the silver-haired one SOMEHOW the center. The lower “hemisphere”, the ones closest to him, were occupied with a lamia, a harpy... and a creature he didn’t think he would ever encounter.

A pixie.

All eyes were on him as he entered, but it was he who felt uncomfortable, feeling a quite different emotion between all of those inquisitive, hungry eyes. But he didn’t have time to think on it as Penny pushed him into the only open seat, between the lamia and the harpy. He saw the harpy before, the blond with brown feathers. Her talons clacked as he sat beside, their silvered tips gleaming through the narrow line in between. Her feathers ruffled as he grazed them, her poor white shirt already torn so much now being pricked at by her jutting tips on her... pear-sized breasts. Not the largest, definitely not the smallest –not even in that room. That honor went to the pixie on the right. So small, in fact, her black sports bra barely had any definition, that and her black spats all she had on, showing off her swirling purple and blue skin. At times it seemed it was like fire, ending in white tips as those scales glistened on her petite form. She had two pairs of wings, adding more color to her already fantastic foray, stilled for the moment as she sat there, staring at him with those star-shaped swirling vortexes. She was all smiles; Francis wished she wasn’t, seeing rows upon rows of razors locked together, resting on her desk under her six-fingered hands, ended with jagged, obsidian tips.

He turned his attention, instead, to the most pleasant woman in the room: The lamia. How nagas still existed when these fine drinks of water have evolved to be both pleasing to human eyes and snake eyes he would never know, but what he did know was she was an oasis in a scorching desert. Her skin was a dusky shade of brown, with a tail of almost pure gold meeting where her maidenhood ended, covered away by a curtain of twilight purple, attached to a copper hoop around her middle. Her chest, those burgeoning beauties, were also hidden away, kept inside a tight lavender top. It didn’t have any sleeves, instead ending with more of those copper hoops on her shoulders, allowing her long, elegant arms to breathe. She had the traditional snake eyes of her kind, but they were a burning orange instead of the yellows he saw in Eve’s books so many months back, smoldering as she looked upon him. Her face was smooth, narrow but flawless. Her tri-tipped ears had rings upon rings on them, with more purple cloth hanging from them as it continued on either side, meeting before her full lips. And the fangs that jutted out as she smiled at him.

“Hello,” she said, and flicked her long, red hair back. Only for it to slap down on her other shoulder, settling as she leaned closer. “I don’t think we had a chance to meet.”

“No. I don’t think we did,” he said, mirroring her gesture, down to resting his elbow on the desk. “What’s your name?”

“Shouldn’t you tell me yours first? I’m going to be screaming it later.”

“And I thought we moved fast,” the silver-haired punk girl stated.

The lamia hissed, her pupils receding, her eyes alight as she shot a dirty look her way.

“Do you mind?” She blurted.

“Yeah. We do. We don’t need to smell more of your rank ass. He has a nose, so he’s already thinking the same.”

“Not really, no,” Francis said. “I can’t smell anything over the rotting flesh on me right now.”

“Smooth,” another of the punk girls said. “That’s totally how you flirt.”

“It’s working on me,” the lamia stated. She reached out and touched his arm, her purple nails hissing against his skin. “I’m Desiree.”


She tittered, licking her lips. “Well, Francis, what brings you here today?”

“Somebody asked for the manager one too many times. I swear in a couple years the name Karen is going to be cursed. What about you?”

“I made a wish with a desire demon to find my love today.”


“It sent me here... To find you, apparently.”

“Well, isn’t that fortuitous. Maybe I should blow up more people’s heads. It’s destiny, after all.”

“She’s actually here because she was caught masturbating in class,” Penny said. “As was Cassidy.”

“The harpy I take it?” Francis spun around, looking at the flustered bird girl. “What were you jilling it to, huh? The thought of us, being alone together in a room, where I unleash myself upon you... Like I did to your friend? How is Mel, by the way? We have unfinished business.”

“W-w-well-” She began, and squeaked as Francis continued.

“Then again, you seem just as cute and shy. Maybe you would make a great substitute... And what about kaleidoscope down there? Was she caught stealing the leprechaun’s lucky charms?”

“Because of them, actually,” the pixie said, pointing at the punk chicks.

“Hey! Don’t you be throwing us under the bus!” The silver-haired one boomed, all four of them growling. “You’re the one that started it!”

“I showed you the moon. You said I wouldn’t like you under a full moon, so I wanted to see. As it turns out, no, I despise you regardless.”

The one to the right of the silver leaped on the table.

“You want to go, horsefly?”

“Settle down, Vic,” the silver-haired said, pulling her back onto her seat... while smirking at the pixie. “We don’t need to stoop to that maggot’s level.”

“You’re right... Besides, there’s a new bit of meat to tease.”

“There is... I’m Mandy, the alpha of this little pack. My excitable second is Victoria, then the two bookends are Lupe and Luna respectively.”

“A pack, huh?” Francis said, chortling. “Bet you love it doggy-style.”

“I actually prefer cowgirl, though I wouldn’t mind a bit of dragon-riding.”

“Careful. Once you have the dragon entered into you, there is no going back to the puny races.”

“That’s fine by me. I want to know what a half-dragon lycan looks like.”

“You aren’t here to hook up!” Penny shrieked, slamming her staff down into the ground. Blue flames burned on the ceiling, and the room went quiet. For a minute, then Francis began again.

“So why were you jilling in class,” he asked Desiree.

She tittered. “Thinking of Mister Right.” She was still touching his arm, rubbing up, down, digging her nails in. “He would be tall, have strong, toned arms, not an ounce of fat on him-”

“Except his dick.”

“But of course. A nice, fat dick.”

“Would you care to check that, too?”

She chuckled, a sultry little thing, and her other arm left the desk, sliding down under-

Francis’ desk was removed from the circle.

He grunted, slamming into the wall behind him. It was to the left of the door, where it was more than likely a permanent fixture now. Penny stomped over to him, leaning over the table, the blue fire burning white in her eyes.

“What did I just say?” She hissed. Lilith knocked on the door, and Plank groaned, fishing for the keys in her pocket again. The knob had four locks on it. Four... and each one had the same looking key. She grumbled as she fumbled through them, finding each one that fit (which took multiple attempts), but finally managed and grabbed the packet on the other side. It was shut and locked, and she flung the packet before him. Before leaning down to his ear. “You really should be more careful. She’s a literal man-eater.”

“And I’m a bonafide lady-killer. It’s a match made in heaven.”

“I’m saying this for your sake; do not mess with her. I would sooner recommend the harpy-”

“Well, yeah. There was nothing wrong with a bit of flirting, though I was going to ask if the harpy would like to hang out this weekend.”

“What?” All the women said... Cassidy, though, tittered. Her feathers ruffled so loud, her talons scratching on the ground as she couldn’t contain it. “O-o-of course I would. I would b-b-be more than h-happy! Ecstatic- blessed!”

“Great. Be at my place, say, right after you get out of school Saturday morning? I’ll make you ‘breakfast’ then we can lounge and watch shitty TV-”

“That sounds fucking great!” Mandy whined. “I want to come, too!”

“Me, too!” The three other lycans added.

“Can we skip to the part of cumming, though,” Desiree said, licking her lips again.

“God, you all are thirsty,” The pixie said. “Have some class... Take him out to dinner first. I’m Ali, be-tee-dubs. Ali Rivers.”

“If it’s any consolation, you just jumped up the totem pole,” Francis said. “Maybe the weekend after we could hang out.”

“Fantastic. I’m busy this weekend, anyways. I’ve been working on a new drawing that is just dying for details. You have a phone? I can send you shots of it.”

“I don’t.”

“How?” All but Penny said that time.

“Because he’s a hobo with no job,” Penny said, sneering. “You girls still want him?”

“... Yeah!” They all said, and tittered as Plank smacked her forehead.

“Just... do your work. I shouldn’t have shown up today.”

“Yet you were the one rushing me out the door,” Francis said, and it was worth the third-degree burns on his arms... Funny, wasn’t there something written there? Those flames wiped it out.

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