Red Dragon

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They pulled into the parking lot just as the sun crested over the mountains, and Cassidy made sure to milk every minute of it. She didn’t go further beyond making out, but it was leagues ahead of where she was at the start of the date. Francis could feel her hunger, how much she deprived herself, how she fought it for so long... and wondered. What if she was kept that way for another week, a month? What about two, three, six; what if she was forced to remain chaste for over a year. He could afford to wait, all thanks to a goblin that needed her fix, but he could only image the heights the harpy would have hit.

Most of the ride, though, he ebbed between sleep, his own lust pulsing under her, and the mysterious drider at the wheel. He found out what those buttons were; they were the pedals. Her pedipalps worked them, and the small, dongle clutch to the left of the third button the furthest in that direction. The set-up, upon realizing that, reminded him of the one time he needed to steal a paraplegic’s car. He didn’t know at the time; his boss simply told him to go there and take it. It wasn’t his first time dealing with a deadbeat client -which was obviously not his client- and knew what was to be expected of him... but a cripple’s? Really?

The car didn’t even look any different on the outside, a basic, early-aughts hatchback... When he broke the lock and climbed in, though, it was as if he was sent into a sci-fi universe. First off, it was an import, so the wheel was on the right side. He entered on the wrong side, and it showed. The entire side was laden with garbage, quite typical of the female clients at the time. So it wasn’t only a cripple’s, but a female cripple’s... The sheer amount of pink and yellow, also, gave it away. Considering who it ended up to be... Francis was shocked to see this much color, but only after the fact.

He clambered into the driver’s side, and that’s where all the differences came to be. There was no key ignition. It was a punch button; turned out the car had a sensor built in to know when the key was in close proximity and would be able to turn over with that button. Shame he didn’t have a key... It was hot-wired all the same. The next was the small knob off to the right. It wasn’t for the windshield wipers nor for the gears or even the turning lights. He pressed forward on the strange contraption- and his heart skipped a bit as the engine revved. And the dark blue car hit the vehicle in front of it.

Its alarm started to blare. People were starting to stare. He threw caution to the wind, put the car in reverse, slammed his foot onto the gas pedal- only for his foot to break through the flooring. Francis looked down, and saw the pedals were up, and attached to the device. He pressed the lever gently, and the car crept backwards, enough for him to clear when he threw it in drive and escape... mostly intact. Its owner paid handsomely after, as did the insurance company to get her a new one; that’s what she got for not offering her pain meds.

He would never forget the... experience of driving that car, nor of watching that drider control it. He was but a caveman with a club, while she, and most likely that woman, were masters at the helm. The minor alterations, the simple yet drastic changes in pressure, in how they rested upon those buttons; driving was an art form to people like her, what many consider mundane they made into a spectacle.

But it all ended too soon. They were in the apartment. She turned the key in the ignition, quieting the car for a moment, and looked between Penny... and the two lovebirds in the back.

“Here we are,” she said, smiling at them. “Was I wrong in assuming you were staying at the dorms?”

“You weren’t. Thank you,” Francis said, prying his lips free at last. Much to the other pair’s disdain. They continued to lavish his neck, nipping and sighing against it. “Hopefully we didn’t take you too far out of your way.”

Scarlette tittered, waving him off. “It was no trouble. You caught me in the middle of my Monday morning drive. I tend to... cruise... until I see fit to turn back... You three take care.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Penny grumbled, climbing out of the passenger seat. She was already on her phone, calling Eve again... while, also, looking over the numbers Samantha sent. Francis was a bit slower getting out... Mostly because of the 125-pound chicken wrapped around his waist. But he managed, with only the lightest concussion towards his tumor. Cassidy hissed as she rubbed her head, groaning as the car started again, and Francis watched that old-school land yacht take to the streets again, purring away on white rubber wheels.

“That is one bad mother,” Francis muttered, and huffed as his growth finally pulled herself off. “Well, can’t say it was the best first date, but that’s two parts me being dead on my feet, one part Nicole badgering for better, three parts Penny, and one part with your stuttering.”

“Sorry about that,” she said, and began to shake again. “It’s... it’s just-”

“Don’t you be starting now! Your tongue down my throat has made that pointless. And fucking annoying.”

“You’re right... It’s because... I... I wanted to hold back. I was holding myself back.” Her tail feathers flourished behind her as she cooed, and she clawed at his chest again, beaming up. “I wanted to be a ‘good girl’, a modest girl. I wanted to show you that I can be quiet and considerate and thoughtful about what we do... and not the usual, predatory harpy... harpy.”

“Okay? Why?”

“Because... because I really care about you... I know it looks bad, that you scare everyone else away... You can only attract the crazies, right? I wanted to show that I was... normal... That you were normal.”

“Wow... I never thought about it that way... I attract only the craziest chicks, don’t I?” He turned away, rubbing his chin. “That would make sense those. Only the brainless, the masochistic, or the truly insane would even dare to approach, let alone ask me on a date –or, in this case, accept it... Guess that really does make you crazy, huh?”

He laughed... but it died as she stomped around, looking into his eyes.

“You’re right. I am,” she said... and her smile widened. “I’m crazy for you, and I shouldn’t have held it back. I shouldn’t have hid the real me when we were together... Scarlette helped me see that. She told me she understood what I was going through and to stop. ‘Stop pretending and be yourself. If he likes you, he likes you for you. If he doesn’t, well, at least you aren’t pining over him, waiting for him to admit it as he suffers stupid stunt after stupid stunt. Hope is well and good, but it’s better to crush false hope before it festers.’”

“She said that, huh... Can’t argue with that.”

“Oh! She, also, gave me her number. I wasn’t sure how to spell it, so I simply put S C A R L E T.”

“You could have easily said ‘like the color’... Anyways, it’s great that she did. I was about to dump your feathery ass otherwise. I don’t need a timid bitch in my life; I need someone who will be real with me.”

She clasped her hands together. “Does that mean-”

“Another date? Maybe.”

“And... us?”

“What about us?”

“Are we... a- couple. Are we a couple?”

“Thank you! Enough of the wishy-washy bullshit... And I wouldn’t count us that yet. As dates go... that was definitely something. Really, I wish we would have just stayed in but... it was something.”

“It was...”

He yawned, and stretched, growling as he did.

“Anyways, best be off. School tomorrow, and I’m gonna have a hard enough time. I stayed up two days in a row again, so I’m praying my Penny clock doesn’t fuck up-”

“I could stay.”

“Eh? What?”

“I can stay with you... We both go to the same school, after all, and it would be faster for me to stay with you than head home only to come back in the ‘morning’... I promise I won’t use you in your sleep... though I don’t promise not to pepper you with more kisses.”

With a proposal like that, how could he refuse? He sighed- turned into another yawn, and wrapped an arm around her. And she did the same to him. They both giggled and yawned as they lumbered up the steps and into his apartment, walking sideways through both the entry and into his room. He pulled off his shirt- which made her squawk.

“What are you doing?” She said, her face beet.

“Fairies of the apartment do my laundry when I’m asleep,” he said, then dropped his pants. She yelped, covered her eyes... but he doubted having the fingers above them was helping to avert her gaze from his rod. Tears welled in her eyes, seeing that stiff rod throb, glistening from hours of making out and smelling her lust. “See? Told you it was free.”

“T... tha... oh my,” she swooned, and fell into bed, passed out. He chortled, tossing his slacks and his shirt into the hamper in the bathroom before retrieving his prize, easing her into the blankets before crawling in after, nuzzling against her neck.

“I’ll let that one pass,” he whispered into her ear, brushing her feathers on her middle. Her dress was raised enough for him to do so, but he didn’t touch any further. He simply wanted to rub her belly, and kiss her neck... yawning once more before he settled against her down. “That was actually cute...”

It felt like no longer than he closed his eyes that he felt her lips tickling his face, his neck... his chest. Francis groaned, every part of him aching still, lying flat on his back in the bed. He looked to the left, out the window, and groaned even louder as he saw the telltale red of the sun SETTING. Cassidy giggled, and returned to his lips, giving them another peck.

“Good morning, Francis,” she said, biting her lip. “How was that for a morning call?”

“Not low enough,” he mumbled, and almost cried as he let his legs drop off the side of the bed. “God... I could have slept the rest of the day.”

“Me too, but we have school... I saw you had a single-serving coffee pot when I arrived yesterday. Would you like me to-”

“Yes!!! God, yes!”

“Do you like anything in it?”

“I’ll worry about that when I get out there... and thank you.”

She tittered, and kissed him again. “No. Thank you.”

She climbed out of bed, which he had a very nice sight of her rump... Wasn’t as nice as Melanie’s, but it definitely had its own oomph. It jiggled more than her chest as she made her way to the kitchen, leaving him to endure his own hardship. Every step to the bathroom was agony, his feet like lead, hard to lift but so hasty in their fall. He made it to the door... only to have to turn around and lumber back to his chest of drawers.

“I could kill myself right now,” he grumbled, fishing through for his first pair of clothes... but chortled. “If I do that, though, I won’t learn anything.”

As if I’m learning anything now... He sighed, and slung those clothes on his shoulder. They were cool against his skin, almost cold, a reprieve he so desperately prayed for. It gave him the strength to make it to that door again... and further. The chill of the tile under guided him even as he flung those clothes on the sink, stepping into the shower and turning it as cold as it could go. A certain part of him might not have enjoyed it, but the rest of him was more than happy to make up for it.

But that happiness was taken, remembering that a certain wizard would be coming soon... Any minute now, he expected to hear the bangs through the wall on his door, then their escalation not even a breath after. Considering her... car... there was no doubt about it: she wouldn’t even give him a heartbeat before she gave those fairies more work than they ever had before. It was truly a surprise they didn’t try to contact him about that, or anything that she did- or even the simple fact about stop bringing them up... Then again, they were probably ignored for the most part and enjoyed SOME attention... He can respect that.

Ah, but there was only so long he could milk the shower. Even as he lavished his hair, which was still only scruff... It would be at least two more months before it went passed his neck, then four more before he could begin putting it back. From there, though, it would be exponential, but, until then, he was stuck with this douche bag mop... It really was a wonder he attracted anybody with it, but, as Cassidy put it so wonderfully yesterday, he only attracts the craziest of the crazy.

What does that say about Nicol- He couldn’t even finish the thought, guffawing then chuckling- then wincing as soap got in his eye. The dangers of bathing... He finished, got dressed, and rushed out, expecting hellfire and brimstone... but only found coffee. Sweet, delicious, addicting, sexual coffee. Cassidy was at the table on her phone, humming. Her head bobbed side to side, stopping only at moments for her cup... and to smile as Francis joined her, his waiting across- downed in one gulp. Her smile fell, looking at the empty mug, but perked as he patted her head and pecked her cheek.

“That’s one down,” he said, lumbering back to the pot. It clacked then whirred as he put in a new pod and hit the button, but, even after it filled, he simply stood by it, preparing another. “So what’s the word?”

“The others are asking how it went... and all the juicy details.”

“Just pull an Ali and say you saw my dick. That’ll get them in a tizzy this morning.”

She groaned, shaking her head. “Why did you have to remind me of her? She comes back today.”

“Oh yeah. She does... Wonder what sort of shenanigans are going to happen today- and cup four... Well, guess we won’t know until Plank gets here.”

“Penny? Why? We can easily walk.”

“Yeah, but it’s tradition for her. She usually burns that door down within fifteen minutes of class and we go grab breakfast... Any minute now... Any -cup seven- minute... now... How much longer until class?”

“Five minutes.”

“Man! She really is running late today... Then again, she really doesn’t have a vehicle right now, so she can’t even pret- there she is!”

“S... shouldn’t you answer it?”

“I would, but don’t you want to see some fireworks?”


“Oh come on! Where’s your sense of adventure- second set! You heard them, right? Far stronger, angrier than the first. More rapid, too... And... third set... Now... Now! As in... right now!”

But they didn’t come. And they wouldn’t... Francis slid his head out into the entry. The door was still there. No smoke could be seen around its hinges, no flames could be heard softly crackling. Everything was... okay... His heart dropped a bit as he stepped out and looked through the keyhole, but it rose again seeing her on the other side. Though far from her usual, happy self. She wasn’t even cosplaying that day; she had on a blue tank top and a denim skirt, with a white jacket wrapped around her waist. Her feet were hidden in her traditional boots, and she held on to her staff with both hands... not even smoldering.

He stepped back, and that’s where he was proven wrong. There was one smolder, one flash of fire.

“I saw you through the eyepiece!” She stated... but sighed. “It’s time to go.”

He opened the door, stepped out, and looked upon the parking lot.

“Oh? I don’t see your car anywhere?” He said, scanning it. “I take it those three are the other witches since they carpool... Not sure about those, but I’ve seen them before... Are we walking or-”

“No. We’re driving.” She pointed down to a single vehicle, the one he purposely looked over, the one he didn’t even consider a ride. Not even if his life depended on it. “It’s the only one Eve had on short notice.”

Francis looked her dead in the eye, took a deep, deep breath... and slowly blew up.

“Hell no,” he said. “Hell. No. Hell to the fucking no!”

“Look, I don’t like it any more than you do, but it’s all we can do right n-”

“I can easily walk. Hell, I could run by it and be faster. I’d rather run by it because it would seem I was trying to get away. I would sooner admit to fucking Nicole WILLINGLY than I would ever... EVER... EVER ride a moped!”

“A moped?” Cassidy said, stepping out onto the walkway... and cooed as she looked upon the baby blue abomination. “It’s cute.”

“We’re not adopting it, Cass!”

“Please, Francis. I’ll feed it and clean up after it and-”

“We can do better, Cass!”

“What is she even doing here?” Penny interrupted, growling as her staff smoked again. “What are you doing here!”

“I stayed the night.”

She prodded her staff into Francis’s arm, growling more.

“I was joking about you waiting until you were home. On the first date, Francis? You could have had SOME class... and what about you? Living up to that harpy trad-”

“Nothing happened, Plank” Francis interjected. “It was too late for her to go home so she crashed with me. I was far too tired to give her a good fuck anyways.”

“I would have made do,” Cassidy stated, and stuck out her tongue. “The mind may not have been willing, but the flesh was more than happy... I didn’t, though. I wanted him to enjoy it with me.”

“And she passed out at the sight of it.”

“You didn’t have to tell her that!”

“Oh yes I did. It’s far too precious not to tell.”

“You guys are... quite cute together,” Penny said, her tone changing so suddenly, so abruptly, that even her staff wasn’t sure what to make of it. The blue flame flashed green before extinguishing. “Anyways, we have got to get moving-”

“I’m not going to be caught dead on that thing.”

“Then I’ll ride and you can run beside,” Cassidy said, cooing as she shook his arm. “Or is the big dragon man afraid he won’t keep up?”

“Please. I’ll run-”

“We’re stopping for food,” Penny added.

“- a bit behind to boost its confidence.”

“Whatever... You’ll have to find something to do for lunch. I’ll be... busy.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll watch over him,” Cassidy said, and giggled as she pecked his cheek before leaping off the walkway down to the moped... with no reaction from the wizard.

“Oh! Sure!” Francis said, gesturing after. “I do it, and you all treat me as some type of natural disaster. She does it and it’s perfectly fine.”

“She has wings,” Penny grumbled, and held up a finger. “BEFORE you even mention them... they are still ‘nubs’. They haven’t fully grown yet.”

“Whatever.” He groaned... and jumped down. No one was there this time, as he expected; who would be setting out this late? However, he chanced a glance back... and had a good laugh. Somebody from The Chalice actually did put up a warning sign, right in their display. Caution: Raining Men. “Hallelujah.”

But he didn’t linger on it. He pulled his foot free, stretched, got himself nice and limber as he waited for Penny to trudge down the steps, then matched it one pace behind as they hit the street then the fast food place. To make it feel a little better, he even imitated its engine, making it seem it wasn’t alone... It was alone, and would forever be alone. All because it was made... all because it was made. He continued to imitate it outside the drive through, from the radio to the window, and the look on the clerk’s face was a mix of perplexity and disgust –as it usually was for things such as h- it.... it.

The moped spluttered to a halt and off in the parking lot of Vereor Nox, where they ate as quick as they could then parted ways –but not before Cassidy stole another kiss. Her flock cooed, standing by the wall, and joined her in-flight as they hurried to the top window. Penny left long before, inhaling her food, leaving him to savor his... Until Tiny showed herself.

“What do you want?” He said, bored and muffled through another nine-decker of sausage AND burger... He didn’t realize he could order both breakfast and regular meals, but, now that he could, he needed the exercise- oh. The moped. “I swear! That’s not mine.”

“You sure?” The fang said. “I always liked mopeds.”

“Absolutely, then.”

“Oh? What’s that? Gave up getting into my pants since you have a girlfr-”

“She. Is not. My girlfriend... and I didn’t give up. I just value my pride more than your body. As I told Plank, I wouldn’t be caught dead on one of these”

“Then how did you get h-”

“I ran beside... I’m not kidding.”

“That’s... petty, but okay-”

“What. Do you want?” He repeated, preparing his next, his fourth and last nine-decker. “I’m eating as fast as I can so I can go get another nap, so make it quick.”

“It has to do with the incident on Saturday-”

“Of course it fucking does.” He crunched down the nine patties into a crumpled ball then shoved the entirety into his mouth. The flames there quickly turned it into a sopping mound of goo, which he washed down with his diet soda. He growled as he exhaled, and glared at her. “Look. I didn’t know she was down there. I offered help, she ran away from me into traffic. It was all one huge misunderstanding –and, thanks to the lovely people at The Chalice, there’s now even a warning.”

“So you didn’t mean t-”

“No! Hell no. I was on my way to enjoy a day with my favorite real life Mr. Krabs, and didn’t see those ne’re-do-well fuckfaces until far too late.”

“Yeah, Lilith tore into them for cutting class, especially when she warned them before. They have detention all week.”

“So... what you’re saying is I should get into detention, as well? I mean, it’s the only way I’ll get to see them and get my apology.”

“I don’t think you are looking for an ‘apology’.”

“Always the bright one of your family, aren’t you?” He laughed- she cried out as he growled again, pushing her against the moped. He had a hand on her throat and waist, looming over her as he glared into her eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you, Tiny. I don’t fuck with anyone unless they fuck with me. Anything else that happens? Complete fucking accident. I would have hoped by now you would know this, but, here you are, putting the screws to me again.”

“I’m not,” she said, panting but clear. He wasn’t squeezing. “I simply wanted to hear your side of it. Those bitches have been begging karma to bite them on the ass.”

He chortled, stroking her throat and waist, feeling it prickle and rise under his thumbs.

“How noble of you... Was that all you were here for?” His hand left her throat, trailing down her front, along the blue-and-green striped tank. She already had quite the large chest, but those horizontal bars only seemed to accentuate it, pushed hard against them as he worked down their middle... feeling a lack of a strap in between. Both hands were on her waist, feeling that smooth skin before a pair of tight blue jeans, showing off her robust rear and her strong legs, ending in a pair of slips on her slender feet. “Must say, the moon looks ravishing on you today.”

“There isn’t one,” she said. “It’s a new moon today, jackass.”

He sucked on his teeth, licked his lips as he leaned in, and blew on her ear.

“Then it must be your natural glow... Tell me. Did it hurt when you heard when I went on a date? Did you fell a tinge of guilt, of... rejection that it wasn’t you?”

She voiced her disgust, but didn’t try to push him away... but she didn’t tremble in his grasp, either. Smart, confident, beautiful; a perfect combination... shame it was wasted on a Fanger.

“You must be out of your damn mind,” she said. “The only thing I ‘felt’ was worry for the poor harpy you were with –which I only knew because you arrived with her.”

“So if I asked you out this Saturday-”

“I would tell you to fuck off and shove a cactus up your ass.”

“Ooh! Now that’s kinky. What kind would y-”

“No. I would tell you to go shove it up your own ass.”

“Would you... or would you actually accept to get under your ‘darling’ brother’s skin? I can’t imagine he lets many boys near you. Quite unfair if you ask me.”

“How did y- how our family acts is none of your business, drachan.”

“Oh, I know. I know... still. Seems unfair from an outsider’s perspective. He gets every girl he ever wants but, while you are forced to ‘starve’... Do you think he would ever let you date anyone? Or do you think he would fling you a pity fuck every so often? He screams the type to love ‘incest’-”

“Enough! Enough... You know what? If it’ll shut you up-”


“I will...”

“Yes... go on...”

“If you are so hellbent on it, I will go o-”

“That’s enough, Tina,” Tyson exclaimed, and Francis found himself on the ground. And sliding on it. It was only a meager nine yards, but enough for Tiny and Faggoty Andy to leave.

Francis sighed, wiping off his front, and looked to the school.

“Jokes on him. Either way there I won,” he said, and chuckled as he made for the steps, satisfied for the day. Carl was going to make an amazing pillow for his nap.

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