Red Dragon

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Jessica moaned, fighting with her purrs, her trills as she nipped and lapped at the pillow on Francis’s bed. Her rear was up in the air, her tail bouncing, twitching with each pass of his tongue on her folds. His claws dug into her rump, keeping her steady, even as she kept rubbing against, smearing his face with her love. The blankets under them, between them were saturated in her sweat, in her love... and blood.

She yowled. Her tail shot straight up, delivering another wave onto him as she clawed at the torn blankets. The manticore winced, even hissed a second before lost to another moan, allowing him to claim her again, to continue to taste those folds. Francis was no stranger to this; it would have been rather hypocritical if he wasn’t. As a mule, you learned quick that you love your mark. EVERY DAY of the year.

So he brought her to another quivering, yowling finish. Her tail finally met the roof, its tip sticking there, holding her as he rose from her. Jessica looked back, whimpering... before her eyes widened, seeing his engorged member. She drooled, matching it as he positioned behind, rubbing against those lips- and, with one, sudden, push, the head was in. Her tail twitched several times, digging deeper into the ceiling, and her whole body shuddered with her pained yowl... giving to pleasured, drawled mewls. It stuttered as he pushed more in, managing to get halfway before he couldn’t budge any further.

He sighed, and slowly pulled out- only to get an angry look from the manticore.

“Keep going,” she muttered. She said it again, yelling it, commanding him to drive deeper. So he did. He could feel her whole body clench, feel her fur standing on end, rippling as he kept going. Clumps broke off from the ceiling, hissing louder than her as it cracked down around until, at last, he bottomed out. He stayed there, hearing her crying, panting... moaning. Growling. She shot him another angry look, tears rolling down her eyes. “Well? What are you waiting for? Fuck. Me. Fuck me hard!”

A harder request than he expected. He tried to pull out, but the very move locked him in. Her folds squeezed him so hard, but, inch over agonizing inch, he freed himself. Only to push back in. Every thrust was easier than the last, her sobs, her whines turned to moans and mewls. It wasn’t long before her rear bounced back to meet him, smacking so loudly in that room, thundering as he reached his full might.

Her voice rose to climax again and again, her eyes lost to a daze, lapping at the bed. Her claws dug through the blankets into the mattress, ripping it away for the soft fluff under. The ceiling could no longer hold her tail, crumbling down upon him while it swished wildly only to halt and stretch straight out. Francis’s bed begged him, pleaded for release from its torment, squeaking, groaning, and cracking against the wall. Which he would be more than happy to oblige.

“Cum,” she said, repeating it, whining turned to yelling for it. Until he did, then her yell became a yowl. Her tail stood straight up, through the new sunroof in his room, while her head snapped forward, tongue out as her face was stretched into a scream of pure bliss. Her jaw tried to drop lower with each, finishing thrust, but it would spring back up... until, at last, the final spurt was done. He collapsed on top of her, making sure her tail was off to the side, and nuzzle her neck. His member was still buried in her, twitching harder than her, and he chortled as she started to growl. “That all you got?”

Sadly, for both of them, it was. As the door to Francis’s apartment finally thundered.

He groaned, stirring from his sleep, glowering down at the chub before him. Coated in spunk, as was his chest. What a fucking waste. He groaned again as the door continued thumping, but he couldn’t exactly go out there looking like this... Or could he... No. The odds were not in his favor; any time he thought it was Penny it wasn’t- but he couldn’t exactly leave them knocking, could he?

Francis sighed... and, against his better judgment, went as he was. He lumbered through the living room, yawning and cracking and popping the entire way, all the while his divining rod guided him to his destiny. He peeked through the eye hole- and he was right! It wasn’t Plank.

It was Bridget.

She looked absolutely delish that morning, and that wasn’t because of the two cups of coffee under her arm. She had on a ribbed white blouse with a lacy green bra under, able to be seen from space. Her blouse was tucked into a black skirt, rolled up enough to show off some thigh, which were hidden behind maple-hued stockings, ending in a pair of black heels. Nothing was done to her luscious, curly red hair, which just made the entire package too good not to pick up.

Bridget reached out to knock again, and squeaked as the knob creaked. She let her hand fall... only to cock her brow as the knob didn’t go further. A moment passed, the coffee steaming, saturating her smooth arm, stirred as she raised her hand again, ready to knock- only to stop again. He jiggled the knob a little, stopped, waited a second, then jiggled it again, fighting back his laughter as he watched her face... And couldn’t hold it in as she finally caught on.

“That’s not very nice, you know?” She said at the door.

“Who said I was nice? I’m a door, after all,” he said, and jiggled the knob some more. “It’s unlocked, but I’m not decent. I need to go take a shower.”

“That’s okay. I’ll be in the kitchen. It’s my fault anyways; I came early.”

“What a coincidence. Me too.”

“... What?”

He shook his head, then hurried back into the bedroom. Since he was only going to be there for... an hour, max, he didn’t want to think too hard on what he wore. He chose Ole Reliable; that muumuu has yet to steer him wrong. The shower took longer than expected -the blood had more integrity than their hosts- but nothing a bit of skin tearing couldn’t solve. It was healed before he finished scrubbing, then dried off, slung on Ole Reliable, and joined his lovely redhead in the kitchen.

Bridget smiled as he entered, turned to giggles at his attire.

“Really?” She said, wagging a finger his way. “You’re actually going out like that?”

“Yeah? What about it?” He sat across, and picked up his cup, smelling it. “Hmm... Hazelnut with... not mocha but a... peppermint? Then there’s another-”

“It’s a seasonal blend... and I wasn’t saying anything about your attire. Just... interested, really.”

“It was a good, and I look FABULOUS in it.”

“I can’t argue with that. You’re rocking it.”

They laughed, then sipped their coffee at last. Bridget waited a moment for him to tip the brown brew into his mouth, met with an assault on the senses. He couldn’t only see the fresh fallen leaves but taste the crisp air of autumn. He could hear the soft crackling of the wind as it shifted the fallen foliage, and feel the nip of winter on the back of his neck, all condensed into one cup... There was a lingering taste, though. Something... off... Probably the actually coffee, itself.

Francis set the cup down, and looked over at the metal case on the stove.

“You want something to eat,” he asked. “Still plenty over there.”

“Oh. No. I’m fine, thank you. I can’t eat when I first wake up. Not for at least an hour... Tummy issues.”

“Okay, but I’m going to eat.”

“That’s fine.” She took another sip from her cup, watching as he rose and tore a fresh hole into that metal pan. He ripped off a chunk, easily forty slices, then sat back down. “Are you sure it’s safe? It’s been sitting out all n-”

She squeaked as he puffed out fire into the thick sandwich of Italian-American cuisine. It was only a puff, but it was enough to make the cheese crackle, the crust sizzle, and the toppings pop.

“Fire cleanses all,” he said, and sunk his jaws into it, removing a third. “Besides, I’m immune to almost all viruses.”

“Huh... neat! Which ones aren’t you immune to?”

“No idea. Haven’t run into it.” He swallowed, then took another drink of coffee. It wasn’t as strong, as wrong as before, and mixed well with his greasy treat. “So, as nice as this is, what are you doing here?”

“No reason, really... I just wanted to hang out, talk-”

“Did someone send you?”

“What? No.”

“... C... can you sound a bit more convincing than Mark Wahlberg? I’m not going to assault you with plants, I assure you... I don’t have that deck built yet.” He chortled, then took another drink before his face disappeared into the pizza again.

“Deck? Are you a craftsman- no. Wait. From the other night; what you and Lola talked about.”

“Yeah... Which I plan to spend a lot of my ‘free time’ down in that hobby store. Can’t hurt anyone there... So you can tell Lilith I’ll behave.”

“Huh? Are you still thinking someone sent me?”

“Up until a few days ago, only two people ever visited me –four if we count two I ran off. Then, suddenly, everyone and their mother starts appearing at my doorstep, and it’s always to check up on me... So...”

She huffed, and sat back in her chair, crossing her arms.

“I’m being honest. I am only here to see you.”

He hummed, lost to a growl as he sunk his teeth into the last of the pizza, washed down with the last of the coffee.

“That was a good blend-” He started.

“Are you out?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry. I’m good for n-”

“No no. Let me go get you another one. I needed a refresher, myself.”

She snatched the cups off the table and hurried off, leaving him to ponder if he should tear another chunk off before she returned. He was quite full... and he needed to make do for a few weeks... The drachan sighed, stood, and pulled out the box of bags, putting it away in haste. He managed to fill nine gallon-sized monstrosities before she returned.

Bridget placed them on the table then joined him-

“You don’t need to help me,” he said.

“But I want to.”

He rolled his eyes... but, after thirty more, it was done. Half were stored in the fridge while the others sought refuge in the cold chest. He handed the bags to Bridget, bent over for it... and, being the dog he was, couldn’t help but glance down her blouse. The entire time.

The last was put away, and she snapped up, almost skipping to the table. He joined her and drank from the cup –and, it seemed with that small pause, that “wrong” taste was back... He always prided himself on his poker face, so she didn’t seem to notice it over his glowing smile at her.

“Thank you,” he said... then gestured to the fridge. “For that as well.”

“Oh, you are quite welcome. It’s the least I can do,” she said, and winked at him. “Did you enjoy the view?”

“Totally. You have a great chest.”

“You didn’t look at my ass?”

“Not as nice.”

“Well... thanks... So you mentioned you were... well, you were homeless and orphaned since you were young... How did you make it?”

“First month was the roughest. I was a kid in the middle of Pennsylvania. News made it a little easy yet harder at the same time. They ruled that dad and I both died in the fire. Made going to family hard –impossible, actually.”

“Impossible? Why... Did you meet them?”

“I did. A year later. I finally worked up the courage to approach my granddad... Did you know politics can divide families? Even deny the existence of a grandchild because their son didn’t think the same way? I always wondered why I never saw them around.”

“Sort of preaching to the choir as of late-”

“Yeah, I’m not going into that. 2020 is going to be a shitshow... Anyways. If it wasn’t food, it was shelter. If it wasn’t shelter, it was hiding. The amount of times I had to outrun a cop because they thought I was truant-”

“You technically were.”

“Yeah, as I was technically dead... Felt it some days, too... but what about you? What’s your story?”

“Oh, I’m nothing special-”

“Neither was I, but you got me talking.” He took a drink, but that aftertaste seemed even stronger. And it definitely wasn’t coffee bean. It was almost... a flowery taste. What was it-”

“Oh fine,” she blurted, breaking his stupor. “I’m from Ireland. Moved to the states when I was about five to Kentucky.”

“Oh no...”

“Eh? What?”

“N-nothing! Nothing... it’s not you... But please. Continue.”

“Okay. I lived a normal life. Went to school, made friends, had a few boyfriends-”

“Do anything with them?”

“Of course not, silly... Well, okay, maybe a little mouth and hand stuff, but I told you yesterday. I’m a good Catholic girl. I’m waiting until I know for certain I’m with the man of my dreams before giving myself... I started showing signs around sixteen.”

“How does your power work?”

She tittered, and waggled a finger to her hair.

“Believe it or not, this is natural- well, actually, I bet it is believable now... I used to have bright, candy apple red hair... You know the mascot of the Golden Arches-”

“I’d rather compare you to the Wendy chick, thank you very much.”

“Oh yeah! That is closer... but redder than that... Essentially, my power is kinesis... Judging by that look, you have no idea what I mean.”

“You got it. None at all.”

“Sorry... Essentially, I can ‘move’ things-”

“With your mind?”

“No. Just... in general. You can slap any prefix to it, and I can do it. Hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, luxkinesis, umbrakinesis; as long as I will it to move, it will.” She sighed, and tugged on one of her still rather bright red curls... yet she looked so... down looking at it. “It costs me my luster... If I keep using, one day, far too soon, it will be all white.”

“Boohoo.” She cocked her head, waiting for him to stomach another gulp of that blend. It was starting to turn his stomach; good thing he didn’t eat any more. “What’s so bad about that? So what if your hair turns white; in fact, that would look badass.”

“Once it does, though, I won’t be able to use anymore.” She sighed, leaning forward, and looked into her cup again. “Out of all four witches, I’m on a literal clock... One day, I’ll be out of the coven and most likely dismissed from Vereor Nox... I won’t have anything.”

Francis... took another drink, polishing off that mug at last, then cleared his throat as he set it down. If only to avoid gagging.

“Well... that explains your obsession with family. You hope to be with someone that makes you... well, you hope to be with someone.”

He was about to say valued or special or wanted, but something deep inside him nagged him to hold his tongue on it. Which turned out for the better; she smiled, even if a small, and beamed at him.

“True, but I always did value family-”

“We’re not going back into this disc-” There was a knock on the door. “Oh no.”

“It’s open,” Bridget called, which made Francis’s heart sink. Why did she do that... The door clicked open and Penny walked in. The air thickened so fast that Francis’s ears popped twice, feeling it sizzle from the heat between the two women. “Oh... Penny. How are you?”

“Fine,” she stated, curt. “Francis. You ready to go?”


“If it’s all right with you,” Bridget said, cutting him off. “I wouldn’t mind taking him today. The other girls left already to prepare for their reviews. Meanwhile, I’m stuck on detention detail today... If that is okay with you, Francis.”


“You kidding? Francis would prefer to ride with me,” Penny said.

“I can’t imagine that,” Bridget said. “It can’t be comfortable to be on that moped.”

“Jokes on you. Eve got me a new car.” She tittered, and stuck her tongue out at Francis. “What do you say? Want to check it out?”

“It’s a car. What’s so interesting about it?”

“Spoken like someone who doesn’t know the true beauty of an automobile.”

“Weird way to put it, but true,” Francis said, and groaned as he stood. “Look. I’m not even going to be there long enough to matter-”

“You’re cutting class?” Penny exclaimed.

“No, but I am only staying for as long as the tests need me to. I’m off the next two weeks after that-”

“Two weeks! I thought it was only one?”

“Oh my,” Bridget said, covering her mouth. “Even after Lilith explained it right in front of you. Did the therapist shrink your head that much?”

Plank gasped, and fire leaped on her staff.

“Who told y- Dammit, Francis!”

“Me?” He exclaimed.

“Yeah. You! You were the only one to kn-”

“Really, I simply guessed,” Bridget clarified, standing as well. She had both cups in hand, and stood beside Francis. “It’s good that you are seeking help, though... Okay, Francis. I’m going to take these back to the apartment then we can go.”

“B-But h-” Penny began, but was cut off.

“Think, Penny. I only have detention to deal with today. It won’t be as egregious if I take care of it... It’s only the one time.”

She stuttered, spluttered, matching the flames leaping from her staff... but finally sighed.

“Fine. But only this one time... Shame, Francis. It’s a sweet ride.”

“I bet,” he said, and felt almost... guilty that she left. But it was overtaken as Bridget huffed, taking a step in front of him.

“That woman... I wish her the best. She’s not that bad inside; I can feel it...” She spun in place, smiling up at Francis. “I’ll be back in two shakes, Francis.”

She ran off... as if Francis was going to wait. He scoffed, headed for the door, and cracked his knuckles and back as he raised to jump the b-

“What are you doing?”

He blinked, and looked left, finding Tiny there. She cocked her head, and asked again, far more bluntly.

“If you must know, I’m about to do my best superhero landing,” he said, and groaned as he stretched on the bar. “Great way to start the day.”

“Uh... huh... Look-”

“If you are here to bitch me out about the rats-”

“I wasn’t-”

“I told you. Anyone who crosses my path and FUCKS with me-”

“I’m not here t-”

“-is free game.” He stood upright, and growled as he leaned his head her way. “Do you have a problem with that?”


“Then what the fuck are you doing here... Well!”

She sighed, crossed her arms, and looked out on the parking lot.

“... Sunday.” She said.


“I’ll be a little late, just after dusk.” Tina looked back at him... and he could have sworn she was blushing. She looked him up and down, and shook her head. “And make sure to wear something better than... this. Or slacks and a ragged shirt.”

“I make no promises. Besides, after today, I’m suspended. Apartment-bound. Where am I going to get anything nicer?”

“I’ll think of something-”

“What was that?”

“I said I’ll think of something... Until then.”

She flitted away. Just in time for Bridget to return. All smiles.

“Are you ready to go,” she asked.

“Yeah... I’ll see you at the bottom.”

“What do y-”

She gasped as he jumped over the side, lost to the crunch of concrete. He pulled himself free- but felt a little woozy... the coffee still wasn’t sitting well in his stomach. Still, it gave him the energy to find his center and, after his lovely chauffeur arrived, he was taken right to the Academy. After riding in Penny’s vehicle for a month, Francis forgot cars were actually meant to be pleasant to sit in. Though he would have preferred a cloth seat over the brown leather in the silver sedan, it was still better than the patchwork amalgamation that made up her old car.

In truth, he was sad to see that sedan go, but it was test day. And they were running behind. He and the witch both rushed up the steps, said their farewells in the entry, and she parted to the detention, leaving him to climb to Johnny’s. The door was still open, with its owner leaning out, beaming at him as he rushed in. The incubus backed up enough to not be stepped on, then closed right on Francis’s tail –thankfully not literally.

The drachen slung himself into his booth... If only it was on his chair, but a certain Fanger wasn’t exactly any more enthused than he was. Olen said his usual phrase and Francis slid into his seat, grabbing the pen before him.

“Okay, Johnny!” He boomed. “I’m ready to fail this test. Send me home already, big daddy!”

“My, someone’s in good spirits today,” Johnny said, and waltzed over to his deck, picking up the parchment of justice. “Is it because you’ll be gone for awhile after this?”

“What?” Ben exclaimed. “Why?”

“Because I fucked your mom,” Francis stated. “How is she by the way?”


“Well, that’s... good? Right?”


He didn’t say any more than that; Francis didn’t expect him to. For someone who saw Francis dishonor his mom by treating like a normal beast of burden, he was handling it quite well. He expected a little fire out of the fattaur... but maybe that was his first mistake. Johnny handed him the test, and, against his wishes, he started before the incubus allowed them officially. If he was only here for the test, he wanted it out of the way ASAP... and, the further he went, the angrier he got. His pen was moving far too fast on the page. Far... far... far too fast.

Francis finished the last question just as Johnny sat at his desk. And stood. He grabbed his test, balling it in his fist as fire roiled from his lips... but... he kept his cool otherwise. He took a deep breath, stilling the rightful tremor in his form, and looked Johnny right in the eye.

“May I speak with you? Down in Lilith’s office,” he asked. Clear. Concise. Echoing.

“What seems to be the problem, Junior?” Johnny said, but complied. He stood, and the two rushed down to the dean’s office. With every step the flames billowed more from Francis’s lips, panting, growling as they went down the steps. His whole maw was wreathed in flame by the time they were on the first floor. The ground trembled in his passing, and blood roared in his ears.

Lilith was on the phone when they entered. He didn’t know who she was talking to or why, but Francis saw her hang up, looking oh, so troubled.

“Johnny? Francis? What-” She began, silenced as Francis roared, slamming the test hard enough on her desk to send a deep crack through it.

“What is this shit?” He bellowed. “Are you fucking with me? Is this all some kind of sick fucking game for you?”

“What do you mean, Juni-”

“Don’t call me that right now... I get it. I wasn’t always there for class. You can’t exactly expel me, but must you torture me this way?” He slapped the desk again, his nails digging in, tearing out a huge chunk... before he gestured to the test again. “What made you think it was okay to give me the easy test? Did you really think I wouldn’t notice? Fucking inexcusable... Waste of my fucking time.”

He stormed out of room and, lucky him, Bridget stepped out into the hall, wondering what the commotion was about. Upon seeing him, she wrung her hands but managed to throw on a saccharin smile. He belched out that he was done, and once more he was in that fine sedan, in the parking lot. As if he never left... Funny thing, though. Before he left Lilith’s office, he could have sworn he heard Johnny say he actually had the harder test... If he did, that’s even worse... So much worse.

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