Red Dragon

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Back Bay

Class went smooth after that. Far too smooth. If Francis wasn’t looking at the notes on the board, he was looking at the bundle in his hand –looking. Only. Looking. He wasn’t learning nor expecting to; any moment, he expected to be carted away to detention for another day of relaxation and social activities. However, as it loomed ever closer to lunch, the dread only grew. His worry, his anxiety... all compounded when Johnny called it for break.

The drachen approached the incubus while everyone else was groaning and stretching and making plans. Silenced as he did. Johnny hummed, clearing his table of the notes and books he had sprawled on it, revealing another layer under for what awaited after break. What Francis feared waited him. His stomach dropped like a stone; fire frothed on his lips, rapping his fingers on the table, waiting for the incubus to pay him a single bit of mind... but he simply kept humming and cleaning.

“Hey!” Francis said at last, snapping his fingers. “Hello?”

“You’re not going to detention. Nor are you being suspended,” Johnny said, and finally looked up at him. “Enjoy your lunch.”

“Like Hell I will! What do you mean I’m not suspended? Why am I not going to detention, at least!”

“Because everything was handled accordingly and you showed remorse –yes, actual remorse.”

“Fucking Goddamn mind-reading bullshit... What am I supposed to to do, then? I was sort of banking on going to detention, you know!”

“And why is that? You have plenty of friends to hang out with. Lady friends at that. Lady friends you are giving hope –plural, and what I warned you all about.”

“Look, I didn’t mean to-”

“No. One usually doesn’t... Let me ask you, Junior: If you had to choose a girl right now, who would it be? And...”

“Wait. What? What do you mean ‘and...’? And why are you drawing it out and looking at the door?”

“Habit... and... Well, first, are you going to answer?”

“Why would I need to when you can read my fucking mind and see.”

“Again, it doesn’t matter what I know but what you show. Intention is not the same as action, so that’s why you need to answer. And...”

“Fine! If it’ll stop you from doing that stupid drone. If I had to choose one, right now, to sit on my dick and make me feel like a king, it would be-”

“There it is,” Johnny stated as the door opened. Ezra was on the other side, and managed to take two steps in before realizing that both Francis and Johnny were looking at her. Johnny sighed, but wore a smile. If a sad one. “Like clockwork.”

Francis snorted, and glared at Johnny, pointing at him.

“Okay. You’re starting to scare me.”

“I scare myself, Junior... Anyways, what brings you here, miss? I thought Professor Deckard didn’t let out until... thirty minutes from now.”

“She was on the overview, so I asked permission,” Ezra said, smiling at Francis. “We going to the cafeteria or the cafe?”

“Yes. Where are WE going, Francis dear?” Desiree implored, slithering under the centaur. She shoved against Francis, tittering, but he could see how her face cracked. He could see the yellow scales with every twitch of her eye. “It’s the least you can do to compensate for lying to me about the weekend.”

“I told you. I didn’t lie. I said if I wasn’t busy with another date I might consider you-”

“But it really isn’t fair since you have been on FIVE dates with Professor Deckard –and she is a teacher. That seems rather wrong, doesn’t it? Are teachers allowed to date students?”

“Yes, actually,” Johnny said.

“What?” Everyone but Francis... and Ezra exclaimed.

“How?” Desiree shrieked. “Isn’t that a conflict of interest- or, rather, an abuse of power?”

“She’s not my teacher,” Francis said.

“That’s not the point! That isn’t right. You should be dating people closer to your age-”

“Let me just stop you there and ask you: What do you think you have in common with me? Go on... Name one thing. Just... one... You can’t, because, unlike majority of you, I had to fight my way to be here. I needed to kill to survive. As it stands, all of you are like children to me. Sexy children, but- wow, that didn’t come out right... The point being, until any of you can prove to be actual adults instead of horny teenagers, you will all be kids in my eyes. Especially you, Des. I feel like I should burn my phone for how many pics you sent me.”

“So you didn’t like my pictures! I knew it!”

“I liked them just f- Johnny! Why?”

“Couldn’t resist. Sorry.” He put his phone away... and shut off the FBI demanding a door to be opened up. He cleared his throat, and rolled his wrist to Desiree. “He has a point, though. Have you tried connecting to him? Asking him about his interests? You joined and played with him at The Chalice, so why not use that as an opportunity to develop a friendship-then-relationship?”

“Because I don’t- well, it’s-”

“As you are coming up for an answer for that,” Francis said, sliding his way around the lamia to the centaur. “Ezra and I are going to go on lunch. Maybe, if I am not suspended tomorrow, we can go to lunch. Sound good?”

“You’re not going to be,” Johnny clarified, and smirked at him as Francis cursed the incubus in his mind. “Strong answers, Junior. Learn when to say no. It’ll save you.”

“Yeah yeah. Fuck you, too.”

He groaned, but managed to make his escape with Ezra as the poor lamia seemed stuck in a loop. Francis always knew there was something strange about her, and now he knew: She was a ROBOT. She- it was now stuck in a paradox... but that only made him wonder. Would it still be considered rape if it was against a non-human being? Couldn’t he simply give it a memory wipe and everything would be back to normal? How much spunk could her gynoid womb handle before it ruptured and caused a fatal error?

“Why are you smiling like that,” the centaur asked him as they headed out the front doors. Her hooves clomped on the stone through the carpet, covered in frost, cracked with each of their stomps. Francis could see his breath, but he didn’t feel the chill. How could he when every day was cold to him? Ezra did, though, and he watched as two, hard pricks formed under her light purple slip. It wasn’t her black bra, either. She voiced her displeasure of the cold, and hugged herself, both of them stepping down outside the gate at the bottom. “I really should start bringing a coat... Well?”

“It was for a stupid reason- and we’re going to need to swing by the apartments. I forgot my wallet... Again.”

“You seriously need to put a chain on that thing and attach it to an earring or something.”

“Eh. Would be more fashionable than those gauges everyone’s been getting. Seriously, who thought widening your ear or lower lip was a good fucking idea? Everyone already has a wide enough mouth without it getting any bigger, and most people don’t listen so it’s all a waste, anyways.”

“Finally! Someone else speaking sense. Dix brought them up once and how disgusting they looked, but no... Every other person thought it was a personal decision and if they liked it who were we to judge?”

“Some people liked the Holocaust, too, and others think it’s fake. People have retarded opinions and should be called out on it.”

“Wait. There are people like that? Why haven’t they been lined up and shot?”

“Why haven’t flat-earthers? No-vaccer’s? Trannies?”

“Whoa, let’s back up there... You have a problem with transexuals?”

“Not really a problem, but I’m a simple man. I see a hot girl, I want to bury my dick in them. All it took was one time in Philly to take a hot looking ‘girl’ home, realize they were a man, and that made me a little gun-shy... Won’t lie, though. They gave some of the best head I ever had.”

“You still fucked them?”

“Well yeah! They looked enough like a girl and it’s not like I was letting their inch worm anywhere near my ass. It wasn’t the first time I took the rocky road, and they made the cutest sounds... but I can see the writing on the wall. Just like the bi craze, there’s going to be a trans craze. I might not mind it, but I know plenty of others that would. Hell, when I told Rick about my wild night, he called me a faggot and he would have ‘crushed that freak’s head in’ if that happened to him.”


“That’s what everyone else said when I broke his back... then his legs... ripped off his arms... then ground down his teeth with a belt sander- long-story-short: He wasn’t coming back from it.” He sighed, and opened the door to his apartment. His wallet was waiting on the bedside table, and he could swear it was scolding him as he shoved it down into his pants. As he returned to the entry he jumped over the rail, meeting Ezra down below. “Okay... but yeah. I can already see the people calling for their death. Mostly the ones that try to force others to be trans. Just like the multitude of those that tried to convince others they were bi.”

“And how do you know they weren’t bi?”

“Oh, this old argument... Let me ask you: Do you consider yourself bi?”

“Not now or ever.”

“Okay, then you are an outlier. Let me use my old acquaintance’s little sister for example. Stacy thought she was bi because her friend online, Vanessa, said she was and questioning if Stacy might have been, as well.”

“Sounded like Vanessa wanted in her pants.”

“Yup. So, when Stacy brought it up in the group, everyone else thought it was hot... I made the ‘mistake’ of questioning. I asked why did she think she was bi. What did she find attractive in a woman. Could she imagine eating a woman out –and there was the kicker. She showed genuine disgust at even the thought of it.”

“Yeah, that’s... that’s a clear indicator.”

“If you aren’t willing to even consider pleasuring your partner in the most debasing way possible, if it doesn’t thrill you... then you aren’t into them.”

“But what about you? Would you really eat a girl’s butt?”



He guffawed, and shrugged. “Like I said. I lived a life most would never understand... but I also asked Vanessa. She said absolutely... so I asked would she do it to a guy. Would she go throat deep on a guy’s knob, and she said absolutely not. WELL, fast-forward four months later and it turns out she was just ‘lesbian’.”

“Why the air quotes?”

“Because remember that tranny?”

“No! But I thought you said she was an online friend.”

“I tracked them down. Considering how intimate they were, how much Vanessa understood, I thought she was a local girl. The best part? Stacy was being cat-fished. ‘Vanessa’ was actually a thirty-year-old manlet named John. A registered sex offender.”

“A kiddy diddler at that? Fuck him.”

“Actually, he was drunk one morning and, before he could make it up his stairs, needed to take a piss. So he unloaded, right in his yard... before a passing school bus.”

“Wow. That’s... that’s awful.”

“And doesn’t change the fact that he had well over twenty marks of indecent exposure to a minor. Shame, too. Nice guy for the most part. Just creepy towards women... Then he met Brandon- Brady.”

“How did he take finding out about that?”

“We’ll find out once they get married. For shits and giggles, I gave Brady the heads up and now she has him chaste until then.”

“Oh, that’s evil.” She giggled all the same as they sat at the cafe. “Mom” already came by and handed them both a menu, but didn’t look exactly pleased that the majority fled from the street and shop as he entered. Those that stayed were either oblivious or too interested in his story. Ezra sighed, and opened her menu. “Now, I know Dix wants you to give me a long, hard salami... but I’m feeling something lighter today- why that laugh?”

“It’s kind of stereotypical, isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“For a centaur to get a SALAD. Hell, even Ben gets one and he’s rounder than the planet. How does a vegan stay that fat!”

“Don’t look at me. We tried to cut him back.”

“Wait. What?”

“You didn’t know? He’s my little brother.”

“Oh... shit... Then that means-”

“You rode my mom. Yeah.” She chuckled, and placed the menu down, looking at him. Though there was no malice or even coldness in those eyes, Francis couldn’t help but squirm a touch in his seat. “To be fair, she had it coming. We tried to convince her not to make a scene, but she insisted her darlings would not be in the same school as ‘that monster’... I tried telling her it wouldn’t end well, but no... Thanks for saving her, though.”

Yet why don’t you sound grateful? In fact... it’s almost... sullen.

He cleared his throat, and “Mom” returned in time with his soft drink and the first order of mozzarella sticks. She took one and gnashed it into pieces before telling the “humble” waitress that she wanted a grilled fish medley along with a basket of fries and a bottle of malt vinegar... Not what Francis expected her to say, but, you know, he was willing to try something new. It’s been a while since he had fish that didn’t want to eat him, so why not even the score?

“Mom” nodded, took the menus, and was off, leaving the two of them sitting and looking at each other. Francis finally grabbed one of the sticks- only for it to be snatched away, but the joke was on her: He used his other hand to take the whole plate.

“H-hey!” She cried out, flailing after it. “Not fair.”

“What? I think it is,” he said, and chortled as she whined. “I’ve got to give you a hard time now. What with your mom and little brother-”

“What did my little brother do?”

“Well, doesn’t he have it out for me? After what happened with-”

“No. None of us do. Sure, I was scared for my mom and what you would do to her –especially after that story you gave-”

“Lola called me out on it, by the way.”

“I know. She and Professor Deckard were talking about it the day after your first date with Cass.”

“The day I rode your mom.” He blew out, resting his arms behind his head, and smiled at her. “That must have been one helluva clash of emotions.”

“It was. I was relieved yet saddened to hear what happened to you but glad I could tell Dix that it was okay to approach you... only for THAT to happen.” She huffed, and ran a hand through her hair. “Seriously. You just love to give everyone a headache, don’t you?”

“I try.”

“You don’t need to. That’s the problem... So... about Cass.”

“What about her?”

“Is it true you two are an item now?”

“If we were, do you really think I would be trying to get into Dixie’s pants as well?”

“... Maybe?”

“Okay, you have a point... but I’m old-school. Once I’m with someone, I stay committed to them. The only way I’ll sleep with someone else is if I dump their ass first... but, man, you better be ready for the hardest fuckings of your life. I go all-out with the person I’m with.”

“You do, huh? How many people have you been with?”


“Only one? What happened to her?”

“Well, she was my first... and I still didn’t know what I was... I ended up literally tearing her in two- don’t worry, though. I’ve learned my strength now, and that was when I was sixteen.”

“And how old was she?”


That got her to spit out her drink. Into a napkin thankfully.

“What the shit!”

“What can I say? I like ’em a little older. Turned out to be my greatest asset when being a runner.”

“You were into sports?”

“... Oh, you innocent child.” Their food arrived at last. Francis knew it was on its way long before he heard it exit the kitchen, though, reminded of who was coming in two days. Which turned his stomach. He put his elbows on the table, on either side of that platter of steaming, seared fish, and chortled. “I need to get a girlfriend, though.”

“Oh? Ready to settle down?”

“Not really, but it would be amazing to have a place to crash.”

“Why? You have your own home, don’t you?”

“Sometimes... but sometimes I also like to get away.”

“Ah... you get stir-crazy.” She tittered, and waggled a bit of flaky fish his way, doused in vinegar to the point of being black. “Well, just so you know, you can always stop my place.”

“And give you the Penny experience?”


She winked at him, and both decided to cram their mouths full of the bounty of the sea... far, far, far from it... That reminded Francis, though. Whatever happened to Tina? Surely she would have been all over him for what happened with Mordred... Maybe she finally learned to calm her tits- and maybe this was locally caught flying fish. Regardless, it was good fish, though it only made him desire clam all the more. And not the green kind.

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