Red Dragon

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Halloween (This one was too Easy)

Wednesday went as well as Francis expected. The worst part of it was the morning. He kept an eye to the sky as he and Bridget drove through town. The driver at the fast food chain gave him a strange look for keeping a comforter against the passenger window, but she wasn’t being paid to question. She was being paid to serve them passable, filling “food”, so she can go suck a fat one. He would recommend his, but Bridget was being a mite bit clingy with that one. Especially after preparing his coffee. It seemed her mix had an aphrodisiac effect, which she held like a clutch the entire way to the fast food store then in the parking lot.

As much as he loved the attention, he was trying to focus on his sandwich and the skies. He was wearing gray slacks, too, and it would have looked rather conspicuous to have a long streak of black down the center... but, damn, he couldn’t argue with her. He did gasp as her hand snaked in and gripped it wholly, tittering as she took a drink of her shake.

“You know, if you want to throw that comforter over us, I can do more,” she mused, but it was already moot. His pants had been trying to hold their own; however, since her hand infiltrated, they simply slid down, exposing his glistening member to the moon. And the Academy. “Oh, my. It looks like I’ll need to do more in the mornings, won’t I?”

“It’s... coffee,” he muttered, fighting back his grunts and growls. He took it out on his burger, instead, a half-pounder... combined with three other half-pounders. He ripped and tore into the meat as she continued to tease his member, stroking it at an agonizing, languishing pace. “Your coffee-”

“You don’t need to lie, darling. I know the ingredients I use don’t react this way when ingested... Unless you mean it gave you more energy for me.” She tittered, and smirked as she rubbed her thumb on the tip, opening the slit as she spread the pre around it before locking in place and working back down. Alas, she sighed, frowning as her lips quivered. “I’m so sorry we can’t fully yet. This poor thing must be needing it that bad.”

“Like you wouldn’t b- agh!”

He bucked, hitting a height... but she pinched the base. She denied its release. Even then, though, a long, thick strand oozed out of the top, running down the length and onto her hand. She didn’t let up, though, waiting for it to stop twitching, and then finally removed. Her hand had a thick glove of his scum on it, gone with five napkins before she grabbed it again, back to its languishing strokes.

“Even after that, you’re still so hard,” she said, and looked as though she was ready to cry. “I’m so sorry I’m such a chaste woman.”

That got a laugh out of him, much to her disdain.

“If this is chaste, I’m afraid to know what you mean by slu-” He began.

Regretting it.

Her hair flashed, and the seat fell back as she clambered on top of him. She rolled up her dark green skirt, exposing the hem where her black stockings were, and opened them. Revealing she had no panties on. Once more those lips met his member, rubbing up and down, while she was busy unbuttoning her top. There was a bit of fabric in the way for those, a crimson camisole pulled tight enough to be a bra, but was raised to allow her breasts to sway and perk. Exposed to the windows around.

Rolled down.

“How do you like my pussy rubbing your cock, Francis Darling?” the witch exclaimed, panting and moaning louder than before. She took a drink of her shake, rested between her boobs, and he could see the liquid inside sloshing with her rocking, reminding him of the waves they made in bed that morning. Her face was redder than her hair, her eyes heavily lidded from lust... but it was the light in them, and the malevolent curl that ran along her lips that made his back tingle. “You’ve already cum from me stroking this thick, meaty dick, but I bet you are dying to pierce these virgin petals. Feel how they SLOBBER on your meat, wanting to chomp down on it like a bone. I’m your bitch in heat. I’M YOUR BITCH!”

“Okay! Okay. I get your point,” Francis whispered, whimpering in between the moans. He gripped her thighs, trying to still her, but only ended up making the car move, instead. The harder he tried, the harder she pushed, and it didn’t take long for it to start shifting its spot. And for eyes to notice. He looked passed her shoulder, to the skies- and his heart skipped seeing a hysteric of harpies looming off to the east. “You can go back to being chaste now. Go back to being ch-”

“Oh baby, yes. Talk dirty to me,” she exclaimed, shoving his quad-half-pounder into his maw. “Tell me to rub your cock more. Tell me how bad you want to cum on my tits and face. Demand me to walk around school with it smeared on all day! I’m yours.”

“Is that... thing really debasing her like that?” A voice sneaked into the cabin.

“We need to stop him!”

“Are you mad? He has a witch under his control.”

“Should we go contact the others? They can save her!”

“What’s that, darling? You want me to turn around and bend over?” Bridget said, and giggled as she gently rose and wheeled about, sitting on his lap. His member throbbed and leaked on her rolled up skirt, quickly grabbed and forced INSIDE her stockings, between her cheeks. “This is so dirty, darling. You really want my stockings filled with your cum and smeared between my ass? I will do whatever you say.”

She mewled, reminding him of his other dreams, and her hips moved in a way he thought only strippers in movies could. The way her cheeks squeezed him, the way they gyrated, the sounds, the claps; it was all too much. He had one shred of clarity left and that was to throw the comforter over them, just in time for her to moan and him to roar, blasting between that pillowing, heart-shaped ass.

But she wasn’t done with him.

Bridget continued to ride it, to squeeze out every drop only using her rump... then let it slide out. The witch still hadn’t gotten off, and the car was in danger of actually gaining momentum as she pumped along his twitching member, howling as she reached her climax at last. He looked to the left, to the cup holder, and saw, thankfully, she was smart enough to put her milkshake down- but that was the last thing he wanted to think about at that moment. The wings finally thumped against the car, circling on hissing wind.

His usurer, finally spent, turned back around, giving him the most coy of smiles as she kissed him.

“As you can see, I can be worse,” she said, and climbed off of him, fixing her skirt and top as she did. He kept that comforter over them; it was the only protection he h- “Oh hey Cass! Mel, Izzy, and Eliza; what brings you here?”

“We were hoping to see Francis and apologize for our behavior yesterday,” Cassidy explained... and Francis, though once again TRIED, could feel their eyes through the thick blanket. “I simply wanted him to know that was our fault, that we got too excited and wanted to have a great time with him. If he wants to, we can have our picnic today.”

“The blanket formerly known as Francis accepts your apology,” the drachen said, clearing his throat, “and would be more than happy to go on the picnic today. So long as the blanket formerly known as Francis isn’t mobbed.”

“Understandable,” Melanie said. “Also, will you let him know that it’s not wise to have sexy fun times outside of the school of all places?”

“Let it be known that the blanket formerly known as Francis did not really have a say in such and, sadly, escalated it to that point.”

Bridget tittered, and pulled the blanket down- and that was his cue to jump out the window and run up the steps. His pants still lowered. Pulling them up was a pain on the steps, but he only scarred forty or so people before finally shoving his dork back in and sealing it in the darkness... The rest of the day after was simple. Simple, but safe. The picnic was enjoyable, though it was a good thing Nicole did pack him a lunch. He didn’t eat it in front of them, but his definition of a meal and theirs were different galaxies. Desiree even made her presence known. And not in a slutty way. Instead, she simply talked “shop” with Francis, about his decks, how to improve them, and even pulled up cards on her phone to send to his –though he scoffed at her idea of buying singles. Why would he buy single cards when he got more profit from the possibility of cracking it and many others from packs?

“No wonder Beatrice loves you,” the lamia stated... which roused the harpies from their settled tolerance to, once again, heated rivalry.

“What?” Melanie exclaimed. “That loner is trying to get her claws into Francis?”

“Not really,” Francis said. “It’s more she sees a giant dollar bill around my head.”

“So she sees you as a sucker,” Isabella grumbled, shaking her head. “That bitch... I never did like her.”

“Me neither,” Eliza said, shuddering as she bit into her salad –ironically the most filling part of the entire meal. “She was always so weird, asking far too serious of questions, laughing at the wrong times.”

“She was creepy,” Melanie said. “Did you know she once asked me to come to her room? The way she said it... ugh!”

“How do you put up with her?” Cassidy said, patting his arm. “You must have a heart of gold.”

“You could say that,” Desiree mumbled, whom sounded almost as pissed as Francis looked. She stood, stretched, and he saw that line of yellow flash across her face again, gone as she held out her hand to him. “Want to walk with me back up?”

“With pleasure,” he said, and made sure all of the could feel the venom and flame on his tongue. Even those peeping over the hills around. They chose the center of the courtyard for their picnic, with a clear view of the lake, sparkling with the stars and moon above. Given the others breath, it was a rather chill night, but he was actually overheating as he stomped through the grass, tearing it and its frost away with each step. The harpies were long since behind, and didn’t dare to follow after as fire frothed on his maw. “Those bitches-”

“They don’t know,” the lamia reminded him and repeated as they continued through the double doors and up the stairs to the third floor. She grabbed his hand there, holding him a moment. Far too long for his liking. “So... You’re off Saturday, right?”


“Can I expect to see you in The Chalice after school? I wouldn’t mind playing a few hands with you.”

“Why not? I’ll already be there knocking a few with Bea. Just... don’t backseat me so much.”

“Oh, I won’t. I’ve been craving a challenge... Perhaps it’s time to dust... Them off.”


“You’ll see... if you are there after class Saturday, of course.”

“You got me curious now. Let’s see how you kill this cat.”

She tittered, and let him go, slithering away... If she was like that from the start as well as flirty, she would have been in his bed by now. Sultry, passionate, confident; hello again, mast. More trouble than it was worth that day... Thankfully pretty much done. There was a bit of banter with the guys, especially Mordred with how much he talked, but they said their farewells as Penny escorted Francis home. All alone that night.

He sighed as he threw himself onto his couch, welcoming the cold air of the apartment. So fresh, so clear... so empty. Paradise... He turned on the TV, expecting Halloween specials already. It was Halloween morning, after all, and he wanted something scary –actually scary. Modern movies didn’t hold as much punch as the older ones-

And he was in luck. The channel meant for American movie classics was playing classic monster movies. How surprising of it. He checked the schedule, and saw it was back-to-back with some of the greatest from the 70′s, 80′s, and early 90′s, starting with everyone’s favorite Austrian fighting a cloaking alien that was originally meant to be a Red Lobster knock-off fist-fighting Jean-Claude Van Damme. Close to two hours of the Governator and his fellow governors being the most macho men imaginable and taking on a threat just as alpha. Best part? He missed the first five minutes, meaning he missed the worst part of the movie.

He got settled in and was ready to be a right sexual tyrannosaurus... when someone slammed on his door.

“Fuck off!” He boomed... then growled as another slam was his answer. He bolted to his feet and thundered to the door, throwing it aside- “What part of ‘fuck off’ didn’t y-”

“Trick or treat,” the wolf pack declared, wearing less clothes than they had sense. No small accomplishment. They had chokers on, at least, all with a chain leash, leading back to their hands. Mandy tittered, trying to hand hers first, licking her lips. She, also, had the most elaborate choker, covered in gems, glittering in the dawn.

“What’ll it be?” She said, humming as she attempted to thread the beginning iron link onto his finger.

“We saw what you did in the parking lot,” Victoria jumped in, grabbing his other hand and trying to shove hers into his grasp. “It was hot as FUCK. Making a professor into your bitch like that-”

“WE... want the same. Treat us like your dirty bitches.”

“Please, Francis,” the other with a P on her cheek pleaded, tongue lulling as she dropped to all fours, her and the one with an N pawing at his legs.

“Well... it is Halloween,” Francis mused, caressing their hair. “How can I say no to such... poor faces.”

Mandy cooed and pulled his hand away from N, sucking on his fingers as she looked him in the eyes.

“Then won’t you invite us i-”

“No.” He said, and stepped back inside. “Wow. That was easier than I thought.”

The two shot to their feet, all four growling and looming towards him.

“You’re not going to treat us?” Victoria barked out, chortling. “Then you know what that means-”

They scattered as he billowed flames out into the corridor. He stomped out with the fire, and blew more down the path, the air filled with its horrific roar. Black smoke rose in its wake, clouding the dawn’s harsh light, dimmed by the ferocity of that pyre left in his wake, churning away as the concrete and steel cracked and groaned and warped.

He huffed, one final curl of flames leaving his lips, and straightened, fixing his polo shirt.

“If it wasn’t for that moment in the parking lot, you might have been lucky, but I got my dick drained and am in no mood,” he grumbled.

“Even then, that’s quite the impressive blast for being exhausted.”

His hair stood on end, and a fresh tingle crept down his spine as he slowly turned around. There, leaning on the railing before his door, was a woman in an elegant, sapphire dress. Strapless. Backless. Her arms were hidden behind long, black sleeves, ending with a ring binding them to her hands, but those “hands” were anything but dainty. They had thick nails at the end, their tips almost completely replaced by them, polished and cleaned to a stunning white. They were bejeweled with what seemed a million tiny diamonds, glittering and washing her fair, tanned face in color. She had long, black hair, its tip dyed silver, wrapped four times around her waist, while her legs weren’t touched by any form of covering. Not even her feet, also tipped in those thick claws. She had a robust chest, pushed out by the white corset that gave that dress some contrast for her tall, curvy form.

But Francis didn’t pay any of it a single thought. No... his attention, all his focus, were on her eyes. Those deep ambers.

Their slits widened as she straightened, giggling, a throaty thing, as she held his gaze in those orbs. She held out her hand, palm down.

“I’ve been meaning to introduce myself,” she said, her voice so... familiar. “I’m Sarah... Are you going to take it?”

“O-oh! Uh.” He cleared his throat, fumbling for her digits-

And she turned it over, raising his hand to her thick, black-coated lips. Kissing it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. At last.” She stated, and smiled at him, letting his hand go- only to fish into his pocket and pull out his phone.

“Whoa- what are y-” He began, but she was already in it and done, lobbing it at him before he could do anything about it. She pulled out her phone and answered “his” text, putting it away soon after.

“This will suffice. For now,” she said, and turned away. “I must admit, I’m tempted to ask if I could join you in your movie marathon, but I cannot stay long... this time, at least. Until then.”

“Wait!” He reached out-

And was blown back as she took to the sky. His feet crunched-then-crumbled into the weakened concrete, charred and blackened, but once more his gaze went to the sky, watching those large, reptilian wings carry that woman off into the sunrise... Left feeling that sense of... familiarity.

“Who the hell was that?” He grumbled- and jumped as Bridget exclaimed.

“Francis!” She said, pulling him out from behind. “Are you okay? Who did this?”

“This? It was me.”

“ But why-”

“The wolf pack wanted a treat. I gave them one helluva trick... Only for one to be pulled on me.”

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