Red Dragon

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Eve sighed, carrying into Francis’s room as she pushed it open. It was what one would expect a typical bachelor pad to be. In other words, one below a pig pen, with the only difference being less mud and muck... sometimes. She flicked on -rather gradiated- the lights, and it warmed to show the abode. Its stone was littered with wrappers, ground into the very particulate. There were bottles and cans of questionable origin, which gave the once pure white stone a sheen of yellow, then there were the mounds of dirty clothes that maids have tried to disassemble only to be devoured. One still had a leg sticking out, which twitched every so often, kept alive by the very scent of them, assimilating the body. The walls weren’t much better, covered in posters of bands whose names were so distinct to one another yet diverse in how many jagged points they had, as if they were bucks vying for dominance by locking their colossal racks. Not even the ceiling was safe, the light barely able to bleed through, making their way through the eyes and nipples of the women plastered up there, all in various positions. Some looked as though they were enjoying it... The majority? Not so much.

The only “clean” area was the bed, placed in the furthest corner of the room and off to the left. It was a full-sized, but looked almost child-sized with Francis laying in it, splayed out and snoring away. The blankets underneath him were still tucked, neatly, the matching red pillows fluffed and accepting his large cranium into their folds, while the headboard was untouched. In fact, the dark wood was polished, kept clean of any dust, and even was lined with coasters which have never seen use. The only rumpled bit of cloth was the throw he had for his modesty, sadly aside, leaving his mast to direct him wholly down the river of dreams.

Though Francis was blind to the world, Eve was not. She glowered at him, shaking her head at his demeanor. How could he stand to sleep like that, uncovered, free for everyone to see him. She would never truly understand people who could sleep without even a simple blanket. If somebody wanted to, they could simply waltz up and castrate him, those baseball-sized berries so easy to pluck like this. The branch it was attached to was, also, in danger of being fell, standing so tall and proud even after all he had done last night, aimed for those ladies on the ceiling, glistening with pride. Much to Eve’s disgust.

She looked away from that sleeping oaf, rolling her eyes- and laid upon his victim for the night, the would-be target of her ire for the mess that was left that morning for her to step in... and yet, seeing her as she was, all anger dispersed. She was in the right wall. Not against, not pressed up against, not leaning on it; thrust into the very stone, which was crumpled around her or little more than debris below. Her legs were spread wide apart. The stone between them was completely carved out and left gleaming by a slurry of juices, the main two being Francis’s essence... and hers. The pink mixture continued to seep out of those brutalized lips, bruised to the point of being black, matching the spotted coat she had over her worn out form.

Eve clacked through the room, in a baby blue bathrobe that morning with her heels, and made her way over to the poor goblin. She knew, though, long before she touched the girl’s arms, before she could peel back the eyelids of the lass that she was long gone. Eve rose the goblin’s head from her bountiful, forever-perked breasts, and her grimace darkened further seeing the smile plastered on that face, the tear streaks carved into her cheeks, falling back down as she stepped away.

She sighed, and left the room, returning with a large, black trash bag, shaking it with force, letting it thunder in the room- and only then did the ship dock. Francis snorted and spluttered as he awoke from the clangor, eyes wide before settling into a disgruntled leer, seeing that it was only Eve, pulling the goblin free from the wall and into the confines of that bag.

“Was that really necessary?” He grumbled, settling back against the pillows again- sitting up as he winced and held the trash bag. “H-hey! Wha-”

“You. Are. a dumbass. You know that, right?” Eve said, clucking her tongue. “You really couldn’t hold back, even a little, could you? Our best worker yet... she was still under her probationary period!”

“After the day I had, I REALLY needed to blow off some steam.”

“That is no excuse. You have any idea how much trouble you cost me? I’ll need to have to call the embassy AGAIN and ask for yet another goblin. Get her paperwork ready, all liability waived- oh, and send the late goblin’s family a gift basket... I guess.” She sighed, unlocking her phone. “I can at least order that with the rest of the bulk- and there’s the matter of returning you to Paradise and having you settled into your dorm. As it stands, I’m not going to be able to have that live-in housekeeper ready now!”

“I don’t need one, you know.”

“... Right-”

“Please don’t use this room as an example.”

“I’m not, but you will be going to class and getting a job-”


“If you are going to truly acclimate to Our world, join my company, then you better be ready to get some work experience. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive -a basic, part-time job- but you better be ready to put in the hours for it.”

“That’s just bullshit. You know I’m more than capable of getting my hands dirty-”

“Yes, but your work record doesn’t.”

“Like it matters. They don’t pay me enough to put up with that shit.”

“And how would you know how much they paid?”

“Back when I ran with the Azure Mambas, Frederico worked in a state facility. They barely made more than fast-food, for thrice the responsibility! And even THAT was peanuts. One round of running coke netted me 3K -just smuggling little baggies- which was equivalent to a month of back-breaking work for the state. Tell me how THAT’S fair.”

“So where’s all that money now?”

“Funny... I told you before: Somewhere in the Atlantic. I kept the only card in my wallet.”

“Which bank?”

He scoffed. “Bank? Like I’d trust those vampires. Prepaid card from a big supermarket chain. It’s been too many years; that account is long gone.”

“Right. So that means you need some means to make money... You’ll have a week to look, at least.”

“And what if I don’t? Are you going to ground me? Starve me?”

“Goodness no. You’re a student. You simply won’t have access to luxuries, such as a TV, a computer, a car... a phone. But we are wasting enough time this morning; so much to do, all because of the incident-”

“I told you. It wasn’t my fault.”

“I never said it was, but it still happened... I still need to take care of that, as well as you- and now a pair of new goblin... Who am I going to get to train her... Polly said she was done and not coming back. Freise barely got out of here; she’ll always have that limp-”

“I miss her. She was kinky as hell.”

“Thus why she only had a limp... There’s always Nic-”

“No. Not her. She was an unbelievable bitch.”

“Turned you down outright?”

“No. No...”

“Sounds to me like she’s perfect, th-”

“Please don’t... please. I... really can’t stay here if she is.”

“Then it works out, since you are moving to the dorms.”

He groaned, and finally got out of bed... holding the black bag before him.

“Why do you keep calling them that? It’s just the apartment complex down the road. Do you call it ‘the dorms’ when you talk to the teachers?” He yawned, his back popping as he spread his shoulders, and started towards the door. Eve followed after, face still down in her phone, ignoring the fresh lines of red on his back. And the stains they left on the bed. “Besides, after yesterday, I’m not really sure I want to go at all.”

“Oh, don’t let one bad first day tarnish your entire future.”

He scoffed. “‘Future’? What future could that place get me that you can’t?”

“I told you. You need at least a high school equivalent diploma before I can get you any position in Panacea Pharmaceuticals or Tiamat Consolidated Care.”

“Even if it’s just a security guard, where I sit on my fat ass all day watching screens?”

“I would most certainly hope you have higher aspirations-”

“Are we really going down this road already? This early in the morning? Every single stop?” He huffed as he stepped out into the main area of the house

And handed the bag to the goblin waiting there.

She was a bit older than the one that was in the bag, her breasts not as pert, face not as warm, but the look in her bright orange eyes was no less hot. Her gaze bore into his crotch, quickly shriveling. Much to her disdain.

“Hey, Nicole,” he grumbled. “You’re here quick.”

“Of course I am,” she said, barely understood through her thick, Scottish accent. Oh, and the lust it carried. That was there, in ample quantity... and quality. “I’d be here even quicker for m’lady if I had wings, but only one part of me can truly spread vast.”

“Something we all know too well,” Eve mumbled, still on her phone as she eased her way passed him and towards the kitchen. “Get him ready for the day as I consider what we can have for breakfast.”

“No no. That’s not necessary. I can get myself ready-” He began- and yelped as the goblin smacked his rump.

“Haude yer Weesht, sonny. Don’t you worry, m’lady! I’ll have the laddie cleaned up in no time et all.”

“Seriously! I can do it myself-”

“You didn’t even clean up before you passed out,” Eve interjected. “Something you would promise you’d do. You have any idea how expensive those sheets are on that bed?”

“Don’t worry,” Nicole repeated, giggling, a very... very throaty sound. And clawed at Francis’s rump harder. “I’ll make sure he is nice and cleaned so you two can start the day... A shame about this bonnie lass, though I suppose it’s the case. Some woman are just not cut out of dealing with the true beast that lies within.”

Eve hummed, the only answer she was willing to give, and continued into the kitchen, towards the double-door fridge in the back of it. Leaving Francis to his fate. He tried to tune out as much he could, but there were times when it became too... personal.

“No! Not there!” Francis shrieked. More times than he ever thought he would. “I can clean there just f-”

“I am following m’lady’s orders,” Nicole boomed, “now hold still. It’s best with the mouth.”

“Mercy!!!” Francis shrieked, lost to a rather feminine shrill.

As quick as the shower came, so did they. Nicole was kind enough to slip on a pair of gray slacks, left on the sink by another... smug-looking goblin, standing guard by the door to the bathroom. He shot her a dirty, though weary, look, but it seemed with Nicole there none of the goblins were in any danger. And they knew it. Especially when, with his glare, the older lass darted in front of it, returning it with a smoldering, beaming smile. He looked away instantly, and took in the shower once more, trying to ignore the goblin as she pulled those slacks down, smoothed them out, and made sure they were pulled up proper. Instead of how brisk he threw them on. Just like the rest of the house, it was made of that stone, yet the sediment under him now was far... spongier than the rock used for the rest. A slight shade darker, as well, and he could have sworn the entirety sloped inward. The way water rolled of them and down to that point, only to whisk away, also, leaned heavily into that theory. The toilet was across from the door, with a cabinet with a polished, obsidian top imbued with a sink made from pure crystal on top of it in between. Above it was a mirror, a strange build; it had a rectangular front, but had two wings on it, allowing for a complete shell for one to look around their head. Which, once upon a time, allowed him to style his ponytail with such ease... now a mere shell of itself, with his ears now the longest, ending in two, thick points.

He tensed, whimpering as Nicole breathed on his crotch again... but looked so sullen that it wouldn’t rise again. That didn’t stop her from giving it a lick... and nibble, before disappearing it behind that wall of gray, creasing it perfectly with his hips, a strong, defined V.

“There we go, laddie,” she said, and sighed. “Today’s the big day you move out, huh? Cannae say I’m braw about it, but we all have to leave our mama’s teets at some point. Even our adopted ones.”

“Yes, well, she wants me to show I’m worth something in this shithole of a society, so we all make sacrifices.”

“It’s a shan, I tells ye. If you weren’t here today, I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to see ye off.”

“Wouldn’t that have been awful.”

“Aye, but now we can part on better terms. You know Nicole will always be looking out for ye, laddie. If ye ever need a place to lay your head, well, ye know I’m good for both.”

She smacked his rear again, which gave him the motivation to lumber out of the bathroom and to Eve. She was still in the kitchen, sitting at the small, round table at its back. She was putting her phone down, and looked up just in time to see him enter. His steps were still so stiff, legs locked, as if afraid to relax any part, but at least he was garbed. He almost jumped out of his skin as Nicole tugged at the edges, but looked down to see that she was holding a red shirt. He didn’t want to remove his arms from his sides, but he did to slip that on (SINCE THERE WAS NO WORRY ABOUT HIS HAIR NOW). The goblin tittered, making his eye twitch, but kept them focused ahead. Specifically, on the double-door fridge.

“He is as clean as he can get, m’lady,” Nicole said, popping her lips, and Francis hoped Eve didn’t notice him jump at the sound.

“Thank you,” Eve said... and her tone told him all he needed to hear. Her calls did not go well. “Now, any thoughts for breakfast, Francis dear?”

He simply whimpered, shuddering as Nicole rubbed his shoulder, giving him a wry smile as she guided him to sit across from Eve. Before sitting in his lap.

“A big, strong lad like yourself needs plenty of meat,” she said, tracing his chin. “You’re nothing but skin and bones. A bit of fruit to help wash it down would go a long ways, too.”

“Sadly, we are short on both of those,” Eve said. “Can you work your magic with... eggs, dairy... potatoes, and-”

“You had me at potatoes and eggs, m’lady. Just let me work my magic.”

Francis whimpered again. The two settled into a comfortable silence as Nicole hopped up (but not before bouncing a few times in his lap) and prepared them breakfast. There would be time to talk, but, for now, let them savor the morning. Let him relish in the fact he was soon to be free from so many psycho bitches... Nicole especially. He might have broken the smart one, but there was no breaking the wise. To her, he was but another steed, one that was completely, utterly broken in.

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