Red Dragon

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It was another hour to the mall, which Cassidy didn’t waste a single moment of it. She lavished every minute, sucked every second out of Francis’s face, all the while her hips moved such that even a pornstar would have been jealous. It really was a wonder she was still a virgin, to a point that Francis was truly skeptical. Dry-humping was never his favorite thing, but even through those thick pants he could feel her heat. Even more with each passing moment. He felt so close so many times, but she seemed to have already tapped into his body, stopping at the right moment, leaving him in pleasure Hell.

The hour passed, though, and she begrudgingly climbed off of him. He simply laid there, like a good little fuck toy, watching, waiting for her to get out before he did the same. She fixed her dress outside of the vehicle, covering those glistening folds and thighs, but the occasional drip and the overwhelming musk she exuded wracked at his mind. It was a good thing he was wearing such baggy pants, but the problem was with the area that needed to be bagged the most had been saturated. It was only a matter of how well he could keep himself in check if the fabric ripped with how it stuck to his throbbing rod.

But it was throbbing for a different reason. Last week he was blueballed on it, but, at last, he was going to play mini g-

“So what clothes do you want me to model first?” Cassidy said, giggling as she tugged and took his arm. She stuck her out tongue, winking at him. “Do you want to start with lingerie?”

“I wanted to start with putting balls in holes,” he muttered.

“That will come. Don’t worry... Wouldn’t you prefer I try on things before I’m put in a foul mood?”

“Why would you be in a foul mood? It’s mini golf.”

“I don’t know... but I’d rather do the clothes first.”

“Of course you do-”

“What was that?”

“I said of course you do! All you women do. You’d rather play dress-up... My only solace this time that it isn’t me.”

“Now that you mention it-”


“Oh come on... I’ll even pay.”

“Then Hell no... You want to dress up? You go on ahead... and lingerie is probably the best place to start.”

“Oh I bet it is. Get me to strip down for y-”

“You aren’t wearing any underwear right now. Do you really want to leave a slimetrail in any pants you try on?”

“Oh. Yeah. That is true...”

He smacked her rear, making her squeak as he stuck out his tongue.

“But I do want to see you in them.”

She tittered, and groped him back.

“I know...”

Unlike before, the mall was not completely dead. As they walked to the lingerie store, Francis passed a whopping four people, and another three as they went around a bend. Truly things were getting crazy that night... Though he joked, Francis hoped it wouldn’t get any busier. He wanted nothing in between him and when he finally putt. Normally, he wasn’t this excited or wound up, but now he had been denied mini golf twice –well, twice until they actually do so. Thing was he saw a group five strong start towards the door the mini golf place, and, for their sake, they better be done before he gets its hand on a club. They could be orphans from a war-torn country all with life-threatening diseases and he would still do everything in his power to burn down their orphanage so he could finally sate his putt putt craze.

Before then, though, he had to sit through Cassidy’s strip tease... He begged the worker, a cute little naga, if he could simply sit inside the dressing room with her, that “it would save her a lot of time” and “put her mind at ease” with how often she popped out... She said no. So she needed to essentially sit with him, watching Cassidy come out, do her little twirls in the underwear before strutting back in, making them wait for the next set.

“You could have saved yourself so much trouble,” Francis grumbled to the naga as the door clicked shut again.

“I get paid by the hour,” the naga said.

“Can’t argue with that.” The door opened- and Francis bolted to his feet, clapping his hands at her most recent garb. It was a dark purple couplet, the underwear little more than a string and a small pad while her top was a corset with white panelings. “There’s the one.”

“Really? You don’t think it’s a bit clashing?”

“That clash is what makes it so enticing. Get a pair of white stockings to go with it-”

“Oh. No. I can’t wear stockings due to my-”

“Nonsense. We have open-foot stockings,” the naga said, and slithered to the right wall. She hummed, looked back at Cassidy, at her lower part... and pulled off the third from the top, lobbing it at Francis. “Here. Have her try these on.”

“You heard the lady,” Francis said, handing that rolled pack to her. There were four in there, and he wanted to know what modeling agency hired harpies and why he never heard of them before. What was the name of that brand- Mai Erosia? He never heard that brand before.

Cassidy turned around and returned to the dressing room, which Francis could hear the rip of the package being opened... then the tear of cloth and the soft cursing after. It happened twice more before she exclaimed, then came the soft flex of fabric, bristling on feathers- before she cursed again.

“Are they supposed to go on before or after the underw-” She began... before groaning. “They only come up to the thigh.”

“Did you want pantyhose instead?” The naga said, moving left three columns.

“What do you think, Francis?”

“I think the stockings will suffice, but can you grab her a fresh pack?”

He muttered the last under his breath to the naga, who nodded as she softly chortled and grabbed it for him. Francis heard a tag snap in the changing room, then the door opened, showing her back in her dress... with the stockings still on. They looked phenomenal on her, as he expected. The white fabric “bulged” out, molded with the feathers under, giving it a scaly pattern, his white dragon –rather, white drake.

Cassidy put the tag for the underwear and bra she swapped to on the counter, as well as thirty out sets of lingerie. Though Francis liked the last, he was happy with them all... and he wasn’t paying, so... let her enjoy. The naga started ringing them up, made sure to charge twice for the stockings, but it didn’t matter the price. The harpy’s card was already out, waiting for that final click.

“Credit or debit,” the naga asked.


The naga pressed the button for such then handed Francis the bags... a trend that became all too common with the other six stores. He was a big man, but before long he was more bags than drachen. In hindsight, he should have never brought up the mall to the heiress of a billionaire- he shouldn’t have brought up the mall at all to a woman. Not all women might like to shop, but then you have those that do, and they do... a lot... More than any normal person should.

When it came to shopping for new blouses, she gasped as she came out of the dressing room. At what, though, Francis didn’t know. He couldn’t see beyond the forest of bags, at least twelve deep in any direction. He managed to mitigate most of it onto his arms, wings, eyebrows, and even ears, but he could not see why she exclaimed.

“Francis?” Cassidy said, and he could hear in her voice how she was trying not to laugh. “Are you in there?”

“We have consumed the one known as Francis,” he said, speaking as he drew breath, making it crackle and croak. He stood, slowly, and spread his wings, the sound of dozens of plastic carriers shuffling in the process, like a thousand leafs in a storm. “You now stare upon our perfection. Prepare to be assimilated.”

She cried out, playfully, and squeaked as she giggled and ran from him. The store echoed her shrills, garbled by the dozens of bags, bounding away as he gave chase. He could have had her several times, but let her slip free, making her utter even more cute noises. Which the cyclops across the way seemed to be enjoying greatly... The ogre working in the store they were in, though...

Francis huffed, falling back onto the bench he was sitting on for so long, this time holding the girl that turned him into the bag monster. The clerk’s cue to approach. Even through the bags off to the left, he could tell they were an ogress. Hard not to given that their skin is more akin to tree bark than skin, with just as much fungus flourishing on it. Why did she bother trying to wear a white blouse then those jagged peaks broke through, the worst offenders under her breasts. Those pale pink orbs looked like eggs, nestled inside their nest, with the left’s nip protruding from the three studs pierced through.

“Excuse me,” she barked out, though it could have been a belch. Her mouth was big enough to mistake the two, and the gauge on her upper lip didn’t help matters. She had a thick, bulbous nose, small, nubby points for ears... and even smaller, beadier eyes, burning bright green. “What are you two doing?”

“Well, you see, I’m trying to assimilate her into the bag legion-” Francis began, but was cut off by the ogress’ scoff. She flicked her thin red hair back, and he could hear her twelve, slender fingers wringing together.

“Buy what you need and move along. This isn’t a place to play around.”

“Excuse you!” Cassidy said, hopping free of the bags. “And who do you think you are? Where’s your name tag?”

“Right here, but my name is Sue. If you are going to become difficult, I’ll have no choice but to call mall security-”

“Go ahead, and while your at it get your manager on the line. Tell her Cassidy Crane has a few complaints.”

“M-miss Crane? I-of course, I should have known! Your resemblance to your father is- I’m so sorry-”

“Did I stutter? Get your manager and mall security on the line.”

“O-oh, there’s n-no need-”

“Then I will do it myself. I happen to have Brittany’s number saved-”

“Please don’t. I need this job... I’ve had a rough day. My boyfriend left me for a normie, said he couldn’t handle the stress anymore and needed to get away from me since he felt he was getting addicted to my ’shrooms-”

“Wait. Can you trip on those?” Francis said, extending his arm-wing as he reached for her. “Let me sample-”

“No, Francis,” Cassidy said, stepping in the way. Now he could only grope her butt. Sad.

“Why won’t you let me have fun?”

“The adults are talking right now, dear, which, as a professional, your personal life shouldn’t affect how you deal with strangers.”

“I know. I’m sorry... I’m just... antsy-”

“Don’t. Care... Now, if you don’t want me to call, two things. One, all of the blouses I have here and these pants you will pay for.”

“And two?” Sue said, crestfallen- no, that was defeated. Hollowed.

“You will take every bag here on Francis out to my car. I will send my driver a text and he will park outside the... southern exit.”

“Why not this one? It’s closer.”

“The southern exit... and he will have the trunk open for you. Do this, and I won’t be the reason you lose your job.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She stomped away, and Cassidy giggled, helping Francis to his feet. She guided him to the front of the store, where he started to unload the bags upon the counter. With each layer removed, the more sunken those ogress’s eyes became. After five, the tears started falling. Ten, she was gulping down her rage.

She ran up the last pair of pants, tossed into a bag, and shakily pulled her wallet out of her back pocket. Shame; the rest of her body had a such a plumpness to it, even her legs... her ass was almost flatter than floor tile. She swiped her card, signed the receipt, shoved it in the box, and began the dirge of carrying the bags –which, watching her pick up the first four was a treat. She really should have taken into how strong Francis was when she tried, but watching her fall on that flat ass was already a highlight for the night.

Cassidy pulled out her phone as the ogress began her pilgrimage, but waited until she was completely out of ear shot before she talked.

“She’s losing her job anyways,” she whispered. “That ‘boyfriend’ she had was Brittany’s fiance... ex-fiance. That’s not the reason, though. She’s been stealing clothes by going into the dressing room, trying them on, then marking them as ‘damaged’.”

“That’s a shame, but I doubt she’ll be hard-pressed for money,” he muttered, licking his lips. “I really want to know if I could trip on those ’shrooms-”

“No. Bad boy. No drugs for you.”

“But they don’t even hurt me!” He groaned, laying his hands on her shoulders, snorted... but clapped them. “So mini golf time?”

“Yes, yes. I’ve hit up everyplace I wanted to model for you-”

“And you did. Fantastically. Ever consider being a fashion model? Legit?”

“Nah. I would never reach the heights of Raileigh Frankfort, and she basically has all the contracts for harpies. Even after 429 kids.”

“I would say I’m surprised... I’m not. I’m really not. What I am surprised about is that you did research, which means you did consider it once upon a time.”

“I did... but... I’m... too nervous.” She shook her head, easing herself away, and wheeled to him. “Think of it this way. Know how I still get flustered around you? I’m worse in front of a crowd.”

“All you would need to do is pose or walk down a runway.”

“I wouldn’t even be able to do that- and before you bring up tonight, that’s because it was you- and, no, I can’t imagine you in the crowd every time... You would have to be in every crowd. Ever.”

“I wouldn’t see a downside to that.”

Her face burned red as he said it. Rather, it was burning red before but turned a few shades brighter. She shoved his shoulder but looped under his arm, leading him, at last, to the mini golf course-

OH COME THE FUCK ON, he thought, gritting his teeth as two certain witches entered through the front door. Lola exclaimed, and ran over, while Tanya simply meandered over. She seemed... emptier than normal, simply standing beside while Lola hopped in place, grabbing Francis’s hands.

“Hey there, hot stuff!” She said, and winked at Cassidy. “You brought him to the mall, huh? Decided to give him a little stripshow?”

She moaned, and flung her leg up and over Francis’s shoulder, showing off her crimson panties under her little, black skirt.

“How about you put a single, buddy, and see how far I will go,” she said... then cackled as she spun, pulling her leg back down. She wheeled about again- and went a little too far, guffawing as she stumbled into Tanya, still standing like a lump. Lola clapped the blonde’s cheek, bringing a little life to those mile-longers, still simply staring off into no man’s land. “Thanks, my partner in crime... Sorry, Francis, Cassidy. We have been... celebrating... No. Lamenting! We’re down two tonight.”

“Two?” Francis said. “Come to think of it, where has Sammy been?”

Lola shushed him, shaking her head.

“Never call her that. She HATES Sammy- oh no! I said it too- Tanya said it! Dammit, Tanya! You know she doesn’t like to be called Sammy-”

“Sammy,” Tanya actually did say that time, smiling goofily. Dreamily.

Lola gasped... and sighed, massaging her brow.

“That poor girl... She always did love to poke the bear-”

“No. Sammy.”

“Right, right... So... You guys planning to play mini golf now that the red stick in the mud isn’t here?”

“You mentioned that,” Francis said. “Where is she? Where’s Sam?”

“Oh right! Right... Sam... basically told us... to fuck off... She’s in that phase with her boy toy where she just wants him all to herself, every waking moment with them. Ever since he told her he loved her it’s been this and that.”

“This and that?”

“Lots of puppy love,” Tanya said, covering her mouth. “Sickening.”

“And Bridget’s been no better.” Lola groaned, and grasped Francis’s shoulders, shaking him. “Wont you fuck her already! She’s driving us insane! Just give her one good, hard night. Please!”

“How dare you!” Cassidy squawked, shoving the witch back. “He’s on a date here with me, and you are telling him to... to...”

“Yes! I’m telling him to fuck my friend. I’m drunk right now; I don’t give a fuck... but... you guys were about to go mini golfing, right?”

“Yes!” Francis jumped in. “Yes, we were. And nothing will stop us... Nothing.”

Lola simply snickered, biting her lip, completely ignoring the evil look Francis gave Cassidy.

“Good, good- that’s good... How about we make it... interesting.” Her snicker turned into a cackle as she threw an arm over Tanya’s shoulder. “Us girls will start with a 5 handicap. Whoever has the best score... Will get to fuck you.”

“What!” Cassidy shrieked. “You can’t be serious. How could you make such a declaration like that?”

“Because if Bridget is going to bitch and whine and cry and refuse to leave with us until she gets her man, I’m gonna get something out of it-”

“I don’t mind,” Tanya cut in, letting her tongue slowly slip out. “I wouldn’t mind a ride, either.”

“But that only depends if you win.”

“If I win... When I win-”

“Hah! We’ll see if you can even stand after you swing your club-”

“This is preposterous,” Cassidy interjected. “Ridiculous! Francis, if you want to mini golf so bad, I can call dad and have him build one on the property in the time it can take us home. We don’t need to deal with these... with these two...”

Lola cooed, pinching Cassidy’s cheek.

“What’s the matter, little girl? Afraid you’ll lose? You’re ahead already because we’re drunk... and tired... mostly drunk.”

“Even then, I’d rather not risk it.”

“Think about it,” Tanya said, her cheeks glowing red. “If you win, you can tear his clothes off and rock his world as a true champion.”

“Hey... that’s fucking hot!” Lola said, cackling again. “Godsdamn, Tanya! Fuck it, let’s g-”

“W-wait. I didn’t agree,” Cassidy wailed, clinging to Francis as the witches pushed them both into that black-lit room –and, my, it turned out Francis was wearing striped pants that day. It didn’t matter, though. It was mini golf time.

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