Red Dragon

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Balls of Fury

Cosmic Mini Golf. For a place called COSMIC... mini golf... There was very little to do with space. In fact, as Francis looked over the holes, waiting for the girls to pick their neon-painted balls and matching clubs, he found it had more a medieval aesthetic. The room itself was vast, far larger than the crowded entry lead one to believe. In truth, that entrance served as a way to prepare one for the darkness inside. The entirety inside was lit by only black lights, seeming to pulse with the generic techno that emanated from... everywhere to Francis.

Francis made it to hole six before he was called back by his little harem for the night, but it was enough to see the pleasant pasture that gave way to a small village then a set of gates, where it became a burning village with warped, fallen trees blocking the way to another gate where soldiers fought minor beasts with the occasional flying monster swooping down in places with a cup to scoop for the small lakes on the sides. At the sixth hole was a castle, where one had to lead it across a bridge and through the gate to another, wilder, darker pasture, which housed the most dreaded obstacle:

The windmill.

But that was all he was able to scope out before he was summoned back. Lola picked out a deep purple golfball, her club that same, fierce shade. Tanya chose a bright blue, almost periwinkle. Francis went red with his, almost black in the black light, and Cassidy? She went white, as brilliant and pure a white as she could. Lola held out their game cards, which all but Francis had a hot yellow 5 in the upper right corner.

“Okay. Who wants to go first?” The raven-haired witch said, waving them before Cassidy. “It’s put up or shut up, Cassy baby- ooh! So fierce.”

Cassidy scoffed, smoothing out her card, and took her start at the top of the mound, the first to golf across those pleasant slopes.

“I may not have agreed to this,” she said, standing upright from placing her ball. Her club rested behind it, swaying softly, her head snapping from it to the hole a bit down the ways. “But I will beat you. I need to.”

“You can do it, tiger. Remember: Par for this hole is 2.”

“I’ll do it in one.”

She huffed, and her club clacked against the wall. It was like a white steed, galloping through that pasture, bringing good fortune and news for all... and... their cheer was heard as it clapped down into the hall, a perfect shot.

“Yes!” She squeaked. She hopped in place, grinning from ear-to-ear. She looked over at Francis, beaming at him, and put her hands together. “A hole-in-one!”

“Way to go,” Lola said, gesturing to her card. “Looks like you're down to 3. Tanya, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go next.”

“Sure,” Tanya said, rolling her ball in her palm white the black-haired witch took her position, dropping her ball sloppily in place. It started to roll down the gentle incline on its own, but was stopped with a slight punt, put back where it belonged. She took a deep breath, hiccuped-

And her club accidentally hit the ball.

“Oh darn,” Lola said, raising that purple putter to her side as the ball drifted daintily down the path. It made it about a quarter of the way before it stopped, resting in the small divot before the incline. “I went further than expected.”

“Do you want to mulligan?” Francis said.

“Nah. I’ll make it up. So long as- TANYA DOESN’T HIT MY BALL. Thanks a lot!”

“You got a hole-in-one,” Tanya said, her ball stopping right before the hole, where Lola’s now rested in. But Francis was thrown off about that. Wouldn’t she have been happy that Tanya helped her- shouldn’t Tanya be upset that she was denied her own hole-in-one because of that? Yet Tanya almost looked like she was gloating and Lola? She was ready to throttle the blonde. What was- “Your turn, Francis.”

“Oh. Right,” he said, and put his ball down. He had plenty of time to determine... and... hole-in-one. He needed to knock Tanya’s out of the way, which it rolled back down the hill into the divot. “Sorry about that, Tanny.”

“You should be,” Lola grumbled, glaring at Francis... while the blonde was beaming at him.

“It’s no trouble,” she said, and putted her ball up the hill. Overshooting it. She giggled, lining it up for the hole again... just for it to stop an inch a way. A hard breeze could have pushed it in, but no. It took her another stroke. “Double bogey. I’m at 7 now.”

“Quit rubbing it in,” Lola said, and stomped to the next hole. Cassidy was meant to be first, but she didn’t seem to be in the mood to discuss it as she dropped her purple ball right in place. She twirled her club, waved it before, and gave it a hard whack. She managed to hit the broadside of the barn outside of village on the far side before it careened through the air and dropped two inches from the start... rolling down to the first house. “Beautiful shot! Simply marvelous. Wouldn’t you say, fuck meat?”

“Sure was. Shame you just blew your hole-in-one,” Francis said, standing beside Cassidy as she prepared her shot. “If you can get it in on stroke, you’ll at least get a birdie. –like Cass will have to do. I don’t think you’re supposed to try to go through the buildings.”

“One can try,” she grumbled, and stepped out of the way for Tanya. The blonde put the ball so daintily down, and readied to strike-

Only to sneeze.

Her club smacked into the ball, sending it down towards the village but just on its outskirts.

“Darn,” Tanya muttered, sniffling.

“You want to try again?” Francis said.

“I think she should,” Lola said. “No penalty either.”

“Well, yeah. She sneezed. It wouldn’t be fair to deduct it from her sc-”

“It’s fine,” Tanya said.

“No no. We insist,” Lola said, reaching for the blonde’s ball.

“It’s. Fine.”

The way her voice twisted told the raven-haired witch that it would have to be... or else. And all the alarms were going off in Francis’s mind. Was this a matter of pride? Was she that simply just in fair play? No... The way Lola kept egging, demanding it, there was definitely something else going o-

“Hello! Earth to Francis? Your turn,” Lola said, wrenching on his club.

“Hey, hey! Don’t rush a man in mini golf,” he muttered, but did set his ball. It didn’t look that tricky of a shot, but that’s the beauty of “cobblestone” and chaos theory. Hit one of the rocks on that path wrong, and it can send it careening into, well, the broadside of a barn. No... he would have to skip it across for the best luck, but how many was he aiming at... Only one way to find out. And he might as well have Cassidy in the process.

The girls exclaimed as that crimson ball bounded off the white, giving chase after as it clacked onto the stone, staying true. It veered a little on the next bounce, but corrected on the third, rolling after... right... into the hole. The girls exclaimed, clapping, and Lola smacked his back, wearing a huge, goofy smile.

“That was one helluva shot!” She said, and Cassidy took hers... stopping right before the hole. Lola snickered, readying her putter. Aiming the entirely wrong way... There was a chance she was simply bouncing it off the edge, but surely she would have had better luck banking it off a roof? Instead, it pretty much ended on the other side of the hole, rolling down into the main street, right behind Tanya’s. “Meanwhile, it looks like I might end up double bogeying- HEY!”

“It settled in the hole I left,” Tanya explained while her ball clattered. It was truly a wonder where it would end up, bouncing off of roofs, the paths, and even bounced to the barn, only for it to come to a rest in its shadow. She sighed. “Too close.”

“Okay. What the hell?” Francis said, gesturing to where Tanya’s ball had rested and where Lola’s did now. Cassidy already sank her ball, getting par, which meant- “That was a straight shot down the middle. There was no need to bank it that hard- et tu, Lolly?”

“Wow. And here I was worried about losing,” Cassidy said, giggling as she hugged Francis. “At this rate-”

“You’ll be dead last,” Tanya said. And Lola shushed her.


“Wait.” Francis said, recalling what those witches said, what entailed the winner- “Oh, you bitches!”

“What is it?”

“Yes, boy toy. What... is it?” Lola said

“W...we... I... I...”

“Are you okay, Francis?” Cassidy said, squeezing his arm. Francis wanted to answer her, but the... the pressure... on his... mind... The fog that came with it... So thick... so... dense- no. He couldn’t... g... in... One w... word... He only nee... one... w-

“Highest,” Francis uttered, and even that little bit wrought so much pain. It was done, though.

“Highest? H...” Cassidy gasped, and looked back at the girls. “You cheats! The bet was for the highest score, not the best score.”

“Damn. She found out,” Lola grumbled, sinking her ball in after six, putting her at 6. Meanwhile, Tanya completely missed her shot and defaulted on the hole, putting her at 12. The raven-haired witch scoffed, slapping Tanya’s back as she returned from fetching her ball from the front of the room. “Meanwhile, we have the master here, a triple threat. Doctorate in physics, drunk, AND horny for some dragon dick.”

“Dovahkiin, dovahkiin,” Tanya sung, flowing into some language Francis never even heard of. Lola must have, though, for she grabbed her by the ears and pulled.

“It’s only the second hole, bimbo! Don’t be celebrating now.”

“So, what, the goal is to simply play as badly as one can?” Cassidy exclaimed, but lowered her voice. “No, wait... I know what I need to do.”

She set her ball upon the eve of the third, readied her club... and swung backwards towards the wall. The ball clacked against, then rolled a bit forward resting behind the starting placement. She smirked at Lola, who was scowling as she took her swing. This part had a far higher par ranking, at seven swings, and there was plenty of terrain to deal with. The beginning of it was narrow, though, with only enough space to swing forward... or back.

Problem was Lola couldn’t get her club behind her ball. Because of Cassidy. She needed to swing backwards as well, and the first swing simply channeled it through her ball, into Cassidy’s, which went back, hit the wall... then came forward and rested where it was. But not before it cracked into Lola’s, sending it forward. She was forced ahead- even further by Tanya, taking her new resting place while the little purple ball bounced onto a “tree”, rolled off, under another, went down into a divot- then popped up... landing right by the hole.

Only to be knocked in by Francis. Along with his.

“Hole-in-ones for both of us,” he said, clapping the witch’s shoulder. “How lucky for us- ooh, so close, Cass. You almost got Tanya in, as well.”

“I try,” she said, sniggering as the blonde sneered. And so it came to pass, with each hole, it was a fight to see who could knock the other’s ball in. The bridge turned into a real challenge as they kept sliding off the edges. The swooping dragon snagged Tanya’s ball during and dropped it into the hole, bringing her down with the other two. The windmill was a challenge on its own when trying for a good score, but watching them hit the blades, making it spin faster, faster, FASTER until it broke off its hinge told Francis that it could only get worse.

And it did.

His brow still smoked, as did their clothes, their hair after... That. But it was too close. They couldn’t back down now. They were on the final hole, and even with the smoke detector going wild, the fire rising around, the cute pixie employee demanding they leave, it was a neck-to-neck tie at 38. The final hole was par for 5, and it was sinking the ball, their sword, into the lake. It was a pristine, plexiglass top with several holes scattered across, but only one allowed down into the “water”. The others shuttled back to the start, with no way of truly knowing.

“You know,” Lola mused, resting on her club. “We could just call it a draw and all of us fuck him. I’m fine with it.”

“No.” Tanya said, groping Francis’s rump. “Only one tamer per dragon. Mmm... It will be me.”

“What t- get your hand off- Francis!” Cassidy exclaimed. She shoved Tanya off, but he could tell she was shaking. Tears were heavy in her eyes, threatening to break as they held the glare of the fire rising behind. “Please.”

“Shove off! It’s my turn,” Lola said, stepping up to the plate. She hummed, looking at Cassidy’s ball, dead center between six different holes... She struck, hit that pure white ball into the hole to the northeast... and it returned to the start. While her own took over where Cassidy’s was. “Dammit. Next time.”

“No. No next time,” Tanya said, and crashed hers into Lola’s, right into the western hole... The blonde sighed, watching it pop up at her feet, and Francis took his shot. He didn’t want anything to do with that or finding the hole, so he chose the nice, safe, back right corner.

It was Cassidy’s turn, and her club jangled a little from her grip. Her knuckles were white, seen through her feathers... but... she struck the ball. Knocking into Lola’s.

“Hey hey! Why? Tanya is out in no man’s land,” the black-haired witch retorted, watching her ball skim towards the three holes at the start. She growled at Cassidy, raising her club at her. “Judas! Don’t you get it? She’s the real threat!”

Cassidy raised her club, two-handing it, and Francis wished he had popcorn –or an ear of corn at this point. The fire would pop it for him. He was having flashbacks to the one Star Wars movie, with the one decent scene in it being a red man double-teaming a twink and a Liam Neeson. So it was the red man versus the twink. The music that played, he could hear it clearly as Lola prepared her club, as well.

“No... No,” Cassidy muttered, repeated, feathers flaring as she squawked. “I won’t let you have him. Either of you!”

“You’ve gone m- hold on... Okay. Hah! See? Now we know where the real hole is. And Tanya is out of the running- wait... Shit! That means-”

“Yup,” Francis said, knocking his ball into Lola’s, right into the hole Tanya’s was shoved in. He chortled, twirling his club, and winked at Lola. “Looks like all Cass has to do is whiff this next putt and gg.”

“Yes!” Cassidy said, and brought her putt down to her ball.

Clashing with Lola’s.

“What a-” She squeaked- exclaimed as the witch started to pull her ball away from the start.

“It’s not technically a stroke if it falls in before you can swing!” Lola said, cackling, growling as Cassidy pushed her putter behind Lola’s, stopping it.

“It doesn’t matter which way I swing,” she said- and cried out as Tanya shoved in between, trying to pry her club away as well.

“Robbed.” She stated, trying to step on Cassidy’s foot. “Demand. Justice.”

Cassidy managed to shove them both off- but had to shove her putter back down, stopping Lola from pushing it towards the hole. Once more that music flourished as the three women bickered and aluminum “sabers” clashed. It wasn’t long before dirtier tricks were pulled out, backfiring on the witches as Cassidy wove in between. The pixie shouted one last time from the store for them to get out, but it was lost as they continued to bicker and fight and the fire kept rising. The sprinklers activated, hissing on the fires as much as them.

At last, Cassidy grabbed Lola’s club and flung it at the ceiling.

Breaking through it. Crashing into something. And a familiar smell started to fill the r-

“Ah, shit,” Francis muttered and grabbed all three girls, encasing them in his wings. The world thundered, and all of them flew back, lost to the light beyond those leathery folds. His back, those joints ached as he was flung through the wall, but the explosions kept following, the flames leaping down through the broken gas line. He hit something... spongy along the way- then glass and the cold night air.

His wings opened, and they were four rows back in the parking lot, while the mall collapsed in on itself, consumed by the flames. Which held to his wings. He winced, looking at those singed appendages, and noted that they left a pair of fiery trails. Which passed right in front of Cassidy’s car. The sun was peeking over the horizon, paled by the flames that continued to rise.

“So,” Lola said, panting... chuckling. “That makes it a draw, r-”

Cassidy slammed her putter into the back of the witch’s head, twisting the club in two as she did. Lola’s eyes went black, only seen a breath before her face hit the concrete. The harpy wrenched Francis’s away, and looked wild as she raised it towards Tanya, her own club raised... dropped with a clang.

“Always next time,” she stated, and grabbed Lola’s leg, dragging her across the parking lot to their car.

Cassidy didn’t lower, though. Her teeth were gritted, her breath, her pants, an angry growl- broken into an anguished howl as she tossed that club to the ground then dropped to her knees. Tears rained down her cheeks, reflecting the sun and the fire beyond. Her cheeks were burnt, with an inch of soot, and her feathers were charred... yet she managed to smile, and turn her head to Francis.

“I won,” she said, and repeated it as she kissed him... then smacked him. “Jerk! How could you agree to that?”

“Please. You really think I would have honored their deal?”

“But y-”

“It wasn’t mine to agree to. It was a deal between you three.”

… She chuckled, smacked him again, then pushed him down to the concrete, pulling at his pants.

“I’m taking what’s mine. What I won. What I’ve been waiting so long for,” she exclaimed- and wailed as she slipped onto his rod. She didn’t even bother to move her panties, letting them rip from his rod. “Ow ow ow ow... that HURTS far more than I... I...”

It turned to moans as she bounced on him. There was nothing slow about it. She forced his member into her, inch after inch, even as blood flowed in between. Even as her screams rose. Her face was more primal than ever, an animal in pain, in anger... in heat, driving it home as she cried and drooled onto his face.

She couldn’t keep herself up anymore. She slumped on his front, still screaming. But it had changed. Pain didn’t matter as much as pleasure took hold. Even as her folds squeezed him ever tighter- no. It was because they were that she pushed harder. Her climaxes accelerated her, pushed her ever closer to being the harpy she truly was.

“Cum! Cum, cum. Cum cum CUM CUM CUM!” She yelled at him, demanded him, lapping at his face as her hips tried so hard to pull all of him in. His rod wouldn’t be enough to satiate that hunger- but they seemed content that, at long last, he finally filled her. The hour of dry-humping, the months of making out, of teasing, of feeling and seeing... all released in one, long, anguishing torrent.

Only then did she slow. Only then did her hips cease... And only then did Francis realize how trapped he was. Her legs were locked on his hips, pushing down hard enough to not even allow him to move. Her folds squeezed him so hard he couldn’t even think of moving anywhere else, as if her vagina had hold of his spine. She sobbed, softly, against his neck, a far cry to the beast she was once before, and he could hear the sirens now, closing in as the building beside continued to collapse.

She inhaled, and raised her lips to his ear, her next words making his hair stand on end and his blood go cold.

“Round two.”

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