Red Dragon

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Cold Snap

Francis didn’t know how long he was out, but it seemed the perfect amount. It felt like one of those naps, the ones that refreshed and energized more than a whole night of rest. If only it didn’t come at the cost of the ring from the iron bar that had clunked into his thick skull, it would have been perfect. It wasn’t the first time Francis had been cold-cocked, nor the first time he gave one, but the way his head still rang with its clang, echoing in his ears –and it only grew stronger as his other senses returned.

Hearing was first, and he wished it didn’t. Against that ring, he heard the moans of the damned, a seductress from Hell, Itself. Her voice was a contradiction, an amalgamation, a crime against nature. The soft, lulling, sweet velvet heard in her moans, her pants, her mewls was like a soft palm on his cheek, a line of silk draped across his ears, all ripped asunder by the rakish growl that, too, emanated alongside. One was never too long without the other, even as her pants and grunts rose.

Feeling was next, and he could feel he was aroused. No surprise there. What was, though, was the cold, almost arctic chill that sunk onto it, again and again. He knew the sensation, what it truly was, but he had never felt folds that would be more at home at the arctic, now sapping him of all his strength. Her legs, her thighs were even colder, clasped to his hips, squeezing as she continued to ride. Smell sneaked in, and though he could make out the rife effervescence of lust and need, he also smelled dog wood, sage... and gun oil. He could taste it, as well as her tongue as it slithered into his lips, robbing his tongue and filling his throat and lungs with Winter’s, if not Death’s, Kiss.

But, the final sense, sight, did not seem to want to come. No matter how many times he blinked, no matter how long he held them shut to open, he could not see –no. He could see, but it was as if a dark miasma was over him. He could make out the lights of a classroom above, two, long lines, but they seemed so far away, like the moon during a cloudy night.

There were two points brighter, though, looming as the mixture of dog wood, sage, and gun oil pushed up his front. Two, bright, hot pink dots, staring right into his eyes. They burned through the darkness, two dots on a dark face, illuminating on a mouth with more teeth than it really should.

“At last, my love. The time was nigh,” she said, and lapped at his face. Her tongue was long, snaking around it entirely without even needing to move her head before slipping back into his mouth, letting him taste her moans. “Events escalated and accelerated too fast, but now you are mine.”

She still spoke, so clearly, so fluently, while her tongue was in his mouth, coiled around his. She wrung it thrice, pulling it into her cavernous maw before letting go and flinging her head back, bouncing hard on his rod. The wails that came with it sent a sickening chill down his spine, made his stomach turn over, yet that didn’t do anything to hinder his mast. He could make out her figure in the dark, and she was a curvy one. With a voluptuous chest. Those rounded peaks slapped down harder, slower than the rest of her, and shown mounds that would have put Bridget to shame.

The Spark hit, and Francis groaned. His hips bucked, and, with one, long growl he unloaded inside her. But she didn’t slow down; instead, she picked up the pace. Her chest slapped down harder, her voice ripped itself more and more apart as she drained him of everything, and, only when he wheezed did she hunch over him again, stealing his tongue into her maw. All the while those hot pink dots bore into him.

“That’s it. Give me it all,” she said, hissing. “All your lust... all your regret. All your strength... yes...”

His eyes slid shut again, his entirety going cold, while those pink stars burned into his mind... He gasped, and opened his eyes, finding himself in the infirmary. The darkness gone... yet the chill still held. His body wanted to shiver, but didn’t have the strength. Every part of him, even his eyelids, felt like lead, as if he were stone. Though it wasn’t exactly the warmest of days, even the air he sucked in felt warmer than the blood in his veins, slowly returning to liquid.

“H... He...” Francis tried to speak, tried to call out, but even his voice seemed gone, lost to a gravid croak.

It was enough, though, for the three around.

“He’s awake. He’s awake,” Dixie exclaimed. “Cassidy, you’re the quickest of us! Go get Professor Deckard.”

“Okay,” the harpy said, but appeared over Francis a moment. Her face was pale, marred by tears that still gleamed in her eyes. She patted his brow, sniffling. “Hold on just a bit longer, baby.”

She left, and Dixie and Ezra took her place, looking down at him.

“Hey there, bud,” Ezra said, patting his forehead. “How you feeling?”

“T...D...Dr...” He tried to say, and Dixie scampered back a moment. Something popped then water ran, filling up a... plastic cup. The faucet squeaked off, and Dixie returned, tipping that COLD water onto his face. He coughed, spluttered, and some even managed to make it down his throat, giving him the capacity to grab her arm. “Trying to waterboard me?”

“O-oh! S-s-sorry,” she said, startled more than anything. He eased the cup out of her hand as he sat up, finishing off the last few drops before handing it back, having it filled again. “A-a-are you okay?”

“Now,” he said, and crushed the cup... It didn’t stay crushed. He aimed for it to be a disc in his palm, but it crumpled back up the moment he released. “For the most part, at least.”

“What happened to you? Ezra said. “Professor Brimst came to Professor Deckard and asked if she had seen you.”

“I... don’t really know, to be honest... What state did you find me in?”

“P-P-Professor Deckard f-found you,” Dixie said, her face beet red as she pointed to his waist. “You were in the beside the d-d-detention hall. With your p-pants down.”

“Settle down, Dix,” Ezra said, chortling, but it was a bitter thing. “It wasn’t a very pleasant scene. You were pale as a sheet. It took all five of us to pick you up.”

“Yes, which I explicitly told you girls to stay in class,” Bridget stated as she entered. Carrying another of her lovely concoctions. Francis wished he still couldn’t smell; it was almost as bad as that t- TASTED WORSE. He wanted to throw it up, but the way she soothed his throat, the way her lips sealed his, made than an impossible task. Besides... he was feeling... good. Too good. Bridget squeaked as his member thrust into her right breast... still exposed... She broke the kiss and rested her hand on it, pressing it down. “I’m glad they came though... I’m so glad to see you are all right.”

“Everyone is... C... My pants?”

Bridget cleared her throat, but her hand reached down, grabbing at the hem of his jeans. “Yes, well, none of us were really able to lift you up enough to cover you, so you were left like this... What happened?”

“Cold... So very cold... Yet so passionate. It was as though Elsa really let go.”

“A Frozen reference. Really?” Ezra muttered.

“Hey, don’t hate. Fucking love that movie. Watched it with Julio’s niece. There was a time I could recite the whole song... Never thought about fucking Elsa, but now I know how it would feel.”

“So,” Bridget mulled, zipping his jeans shut... yet her hand still rested on his crotch. “What you’re saying is you cut class to have sex with another woman.”

“Wouldn’t put it passed me, but no. You all remember that stalker, Destiny.” He reached into his pocket, and pulled out his phone... seeing that there was a new message from the Devil, Herself.

Until we meet again, my sweet. My love only yearns for more, but, as strong as you are, I know the flesh needs rest.

He... swiped up on the message, hiding his response and letting it rest on the initial threat. It was better that way; the hornet’s nest was already kicked. Even showing the four that message seemed too far. Bridget’s hair was almost pure white with the rage cracking through her face. The entire Academy rumbled with her ire, and Cassidy’s. She looked rest to split a blood vessel. Dixie looked shocked while Ezra had the most empathetic reaction with a huff.

The phone crackled in Bridget’s hand, her nails ebbing on tearing into the plastic.

“Where is she? I will ruin her myself,” she whispered. “No one threatens nor forces themselves upon another. Especially on school grounds.”

“Did you happen to catch what she looked like?” Cassidy demanded. “Height, size, hair color, skin color-”

“She was black,” Francis said... and cleared his throat. “I mean truly black. Not African American black. Black black- you know how you close your eyes? That shade of black... Couldn’t really tell you anything else. It was... it was like she had a... blindfold on. But not. There was NOTHING there. I could ‘see’, but couldn’t see... This making sense?”

“It is,” Johnny said, closing the door behind him. He gave Francis a sad smile, but he knew there was a hint of gloating behind it, a bit of “I told you so” to be had behind those puppy dog eyes. He sighed as the women parted, allowing him to sit in the one chair by the bed, and he crossed his hands in his lap. “Junior. Junior Junior Junior... what am I going to do with you?”

“Yes yes. I fucked up. You warned me. What was it?”

“Everything that I heard-”

“And ‘saw’.”

“Yeah, no. There’s no ‘seeing’ with that. Your mind... it was... clouded. Which is as damning as it is telling.”

“Because that ceiling is technically a floor so long as gravity was the other way, right?”

“There are only so many himan that can cloud the mind from an incubus or succubus. Given how your body was left, it narrows it down to two possibilities. The first is a Matriarch-”

“Tina!” Cassidy jumped in. “Her mother must have used her to get close to get the phone number. From there, she’s been messaging him the entire time. Of course! It all makes sense. I’m going to call father and have him do something about those blood-sucking-”

“Before you jump the gun,” Tina, herself, interjected. Jingling. “My mom’s in the Bahamas at the moment. No way in Hell she could run that far before sinking like a stone. Hi by the way Francis.”

“Hi to you too,” he said, and pointed at her red choker, where a silver bell hung. “I see you took my advice.”

“It’s the holidays. Why not? Heard you were in a spot of trouble, caught with your pants down, your dick out, and stone cold on the floor.”

“That’s the gist of it so far... So, if it wasn’t a Matriarch-”

“It couldn’t have been,” Johnny stated. “You have no bite marks, which would be indicative of a Fang attack.”

“Good to know. Tiny, when we get around to it, keep the nibbles to a minimum.”

“No promises,” Tina said- TINA SAID... It caught everyone off-guard, but Francis busted out laughing. Much to the disdain of his poor body. The girls, however? Not as amused.

“The only other himan that could have done it, then,” Johnny continued, “would have been a Shade... Now, as far as Lilith knows, the only Shade in all of Vereor Nox and in the area is Mordred-”

“No! That... THING wasn’t Mordred.”

“Of course not. He was in class.”

“Even then... She had...” He gestured to his chest, rounding it out with two watermelon-sized objects.

“I thought you said you couldn’t see her?” Bridget said.

“I’m a guy! Even blind men know a good rack... And there’s no way in Hell it would fit in that ‘armor’ he chooses to wear.”

“I thought that he was a guy was enough to clear him,” Ezra said.

“Considering the trends, I’m not ruling out anything... So. Did Lilith find anything?”

“She’s still ‘scanning’. As well as looking over security footage-”

“A waste of time,” Tina said. “Shades warp the world around them. They release so much electromagnetism that any footage would be corrupted.”

“Yes, but it can pinpoint where the Shade arrived. And how- and she sent me a message.” Johnny pulled out his phone... and he rolled his eyes. “Well, that’s great... Francis... she came out of your phone.”

“What?” Francis said, looking down at it. “They can do that?”

“If they touched it. Tell me, can you recall where y-”

“No. Just... no. I really cannot. For all I know, they could have touched it long ago before Desiree gave it to me or as early as last night at the mall. You know how many times I forget my wallet? Even when it’s in my hand- Francine bombarded me with a mountain of mail this morning because I forgot I had a mail box.”

“Who’s Francine?” Dixie said.

“His new live-in caretaker,” … Tina answered. “A right cunt of a goblin. She’s an activist in DGR’s. Demand Goblin Rights. It once had a beautiful message, but now, when they do have equality, it’s more for putting them in favored positions and protecting them no matter what. Mom absolutely hates them... but gives them money. Keeps them happy and unaware that they are losing more.”

“Your mother sounds like the most charming person,” Francis grumbled... and groaned. “So what should I do? I can’t exactly give the phone up?”

“And why not?” Cassidy said. “I can easily get you a new one. If it means stopping that... Destiny thing from harming you again.”

“I wouldn’t mind, either,” Bridget said, pulling out her phone. “In fact, let me pull up a catalog. You can choose from th-”

“I’ll do the same.”

“You don’t need to, Miss Crane. You are but a student, yourself-”

“A student in better position than a teacher on a salary.”

“I have no worries budgeting him in.”

“Why worry at all when I can handle it?”

“Nonsense, Miss Crane. There’s no need to push your father’s good nature that far-”

“My father is fine with it so long as he knows it’s for a just cause. Stopping another attack on Francis is more than enough.”

“While those two... yeah,” Francis said, clearing his throat, and waved to Ezra and Dixie. Not like the two were listening. “Are you guy’s done with your evaluations? I would ask if Johnny really needed to roast me on mine, but I know I did perfectly.”

“He did,” Johnny clarified. “In fact, I was surprised you came to school at all today. I knew you were on the premises, though, due to... you know...”

He waggled a finger at the bickering duo, which the three remaining girls giggled.

“We’re done,” Ezra said, groaning as she stretched her arms. “Good thing, too. I crunched for that test. The final one before Thanksgiving.”

“Me too,” Dixie said, and her stomach grumbled. “I even forgot to eat a few times.”

“Well not now,” Francis said, hopping off the bed... forgetting himself. Turns out most of him was still trying to wake. He fell right into Ezra’s- Tina’s chest, holding him there. Her bell jingled only once, scoffing as she straightened him.

“Really should be careful with those new feet,” she said... but was smiling at him. “I don’t eat like you guys, but do you mind if I join? Again, mom’s gone, Tyson went with her; sucks to be alone.”

“We don’t mind,” Ezra said, easing her aside as she looped her arm under Francis’s. “But next time let me save him. I’m his knight in shining armor, after all.”

“R-r-really? Since when?” Dixie said.

“Chill, Dix. It’s only a joke.”

“Not really if I have to go home to Francine,” Francis said, tempted to jump into her arms. “Save me, oh kind prince...ess.”

He joked, but a part of him... A good bit of him wanted nothing more than to go crash at Ezra’s and possibly die... What that Shade did, Destiny did... He put on a strong front, but... it felt like it was tearing his very soul out. It was as if every lash of its tongue, every pump of its hip, it was draining him of what he was. His passion, his anger... All slipping away... He thought his heart stopped when he shot inside her, that the darkness would imprison him, but even then he was slipping further beyond to the True Death. All behind those hot pink eyes.

It was then that he left his phone at home. And he did crash at Ezra’s. All week. He didn’t even want to open his door, but popped in every other day to make sure Nicole didn’t make a surprise visit. He couldn’t handle any “punishment” at that time. Bridget and Cassidy bickered over phones during the week, both talking over each other, trying to outbid one another, but, when he was in Johnny’s classroom, when he was at Ezra’s, all of that was forgotten... but... there was one detail he needed to tackle, and it needed to be done before Sunday.

So... he pulled up his big boy pants, undid his panties, found his balls... and finally acknowledged the lamia in the room. She tried every day to talk to him, a paper tiger roaring into the storm around, but it was time to give her the attention she needed.

“Bridget! Cass! Back the fuck off!” He bellowed, and his explosion seemed to throw them back towards the right whiteboard, finally putting a stifle on their phone shoving. It was Friday, and he wanted just a bit of breathing room... The lessons were actually starting to be a bit challenging. He needed to actually take physical notes, and, with everything going on, with that literal shadow looming... and a certain snake harking him, demanding to talk before they shove in... He needed a bit of release. And not in the physical sense; Cassidy was well ahead of that every night, and Bridget every morning. All the WHILE STILL SHOVING THOSE PHONES- He took a deep breath... and pointed at Desiree. “Okay! Yes, snake queen?”

“Finally,” she grumbled, her face cracked. “I’ve been trying to text you the last few days-”

“Yeah, no. I haven’t been near that phone. Not since it raped me.”

“... What? No. Seriously. What!” She growled, and the mask completely cracked. The yellow “scales” convulsed under as she charged at him, jutting her finger into his chest. “I have had enough of this! I have been ignored the last few days, shoved aside, and now I hear the gift I gave you is being thrown away!”

“Like I said. It raped me... I’ve been meaning of talking to you about a replacement for it but SOME PEOPLE aren’t giving me the space for it... Let’s go to lunch.”

“What? What about us?” Ezra said from the door, whining. Dixie and Tina were there, as well, Dixie looking downcast from the news... while Tina was on her phone.

“You guys can come too-”

“No,” Desiree stated... much to Francis’s disdain. Seriously? This was the hill she was going to die on? “I demand answers, and I will get them... I’m tired of being shoved to the back.”

“No one is shoving you to the back, Des,” Cassidy said, stepping in the way. “Simply being put where you belong.”

And the mask just repaired itself.

“And who do you think you are?” Des shrieked, her tail “rattling”, rising beside. “Just because you are his personal fucktoy doesn’t make you his keeper.”

“Ever think it’s that attitude is why you aren’t closer to him? Francis isn’t only about sex, you know... We have a deeper connection than that-”

“You are but a child, Miss Crane,” Bridget interjected. “You have yet to understand the world to know what a true connection is. Francis and I have, thus our connection, our understanding, is true-”

“You should really learn to keep out, Professor,” Desiree said. “You’ll end up eating your words. After all, you’re being cucked right now. Is that really a ‘deeper connection’? And you, Cass. The only reason he’s sleeping with you is because you have money and are a harpy. An easy bimb-”

Cassidy shrieked. And slashed at Desiree’s face. Answered in kind.

The booths acted like bumper bars, slowing the women as they flung themselves at each. Bridget gave chase after, warning them, demanding they ceased... but Francis gave his piece. He left with the other three, ignoring the rising cries and the goading crowds.

“If you had to choose one, which-” Tina began as they started down the stairs.

“Not a single one,” he said... He scoffed, and looked up at the third floor at the doors, shaking his head. “I’d sooner let Destiny on my dick.”

“Ouch,” Ezra said... but patted his back. “Ah, but don’t fret. There are less crazy women out there. After all, there’s one right here.”

She shoved Dixie against him, and she squealed, skipping down the steps away, glowering as the three of them laughed... Ah, but he was lying to them. He might not be able to choose, but, if they survived, he enjoyed them in their own, special ways... If they keep pushing, though, that would change.

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