Red Dragon

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Kaiser Berserk

Francis was… beside himself for what he had witnessed. At that moment, quite literally. He could see another him, standing to his right, fist pumping that one of the eternal headaches was gone at long last. However, there was one to his left, broken down and weeping for the poor snake girl being gently pried off the tower. He and his rowdy band of men had gotten close enough to see that his assumption was correct. It was Desiree, shoved clean through at the top of Vereor Nox keep’s main tower. And she was pushed down good; even as the clean-up crew tried so hard to be gentle, he could see that most of her simply wanted to split apart, perhaps into enough pieces for every one of him standing around.

The most logical one stood in the middle, though. The one that kept his head. The pragmatic; the realist. This wasn’t the first time was one of his personal circles of Hell had been severed. Eve will surely make another, and Lilith will wipe this from everyone’s memory. She will be right there, at his door, bright and early and begging him to fuck her as she dragged him down to her car for a night of fun and misadventure… She was taking quite a while, though… Longer than before. Well, maybe she wasn’t in the System yet. Perhaps she needed a bit of time to incubate. It still shouldn’t take more than a few hours- all night! Yeah! She will be there come the morning… Totally.

That’s what he told his merry men. Some cheered, others were relieved while most cried… but there was one, skulking in the back, a dark shadow that only grew as he returned home and sat on the couch. The others dispersed, returning inside his mind, but that one… It only seemed to make itself more at home. It and its pink eyes.

He had seen it enough, and he had a good day with Scarlette, so he called it a night. The drachen left that Debbie Downer on the sofa and thrust his door open, thankful yet wary that Cassidy wasn’t there… After all, she was the prime suspect. Their tension hit the boiling point-then-exploded on Friday, and both were willing to fight. Neither one backed down, and the thick layer of down around the tower didn’t help her case.

But… even then… Francis had… doubts. He knew Cassidy; she wouldn’t go that far… would she? She was rich. She had connections; she didn’t need to kill her. She could make her life so much worse. Death would have been a mercy in contrast, and, after seeing what she did to the ogress (prior to the mall’s destruction and her demise; what a shame) she preferred nonviolent approaches. Doing… THAT to her? It didn’t feel right.

He tossed and turned, hoping with every roll that the harpy would show, that she would shine some light in the darkness that crept ever closer. That… INTRUDER, that pervader of his sanctuary had joined him inside the room- and, after one more roll, caught him mid-roll, pushing him flat on his back on the bed. The shadows parted for its foray of teeth once more, darkness trickling, dribbling onto his chest as those pink eyes twinkled.

“You called, my sweet?” It said, and its long, slender tongue slithered out, lapping at his face again. “I didn’t expect to be needed so soon. Oh, what a terrible turn this took… She’s dead, you know. Gone. For good. Eve isn’t bringing her back. Lilith isn’t going to remove your guilt. Not this time.”

She cooed, and he felt her hand slip into his shirt, hissing away under her claws as they trailed down. With one, voiced motion, his pants were cut away as well, releasing his manhood. Exposing it to that embodiment of Winter, gripped in its frigid embrace.

“But don’t fret. I am here now. All that fear, that doubt… that regret… I will take the pain away.”

She tittered, lost to moans as he felt his member sink into the coldest ocean, crushing him in its depths… He didn’t have the strength to face it. Not that night. He let the cold sea take him, slipping under its surface as his eyes closed, as it took his breath away, her lips locked onto his…

When he woke, it was gone. Again… but Cassidy still wasn’t there… He groaned, and pulled the old cell off his nightstand. The service on it was canceled, which didn’t bode well, but he still had another hour before he could expect her to pound on his door. Yes, an hour. That would give her at least four hours of sleep, which if she went on less than that he didn’t want to hang out with her.

So he waited. He simply laid there in bed, looking at the ceiling, listening to the apartment, itself. It groaned softly, settling as it realized he wasn’t ready to get up, but one voice stayed, lingering, growing from the guest bedroom. If it were dark, if the sun didn’t shine through the window to his left, he could probably see the only light would have been from that room, but, as it stood, he could only see shadows of darker hues dancing under the doorframe so far away.

The hour passed… and nothing… Okay. Maybe she was trying for a full eight hours. Be full of energy for when she makes her move. That sounds like something she would do… or would have d- No! No… Another hour passed, then two- and, by that point, his stomach couldn’t wait any longer. It demanded him to at least move to the kitchen, while his wings begged for a chance to stretch and be free from under him. His ass, for once, wasn’t the loudest part of him; then again, he didn’t talk yet. Give it time.

How much time, though?

Would she be there at all that day? Was he really going to waste his entire Sunday on somebody who rode his ass for weeks to go out with her only to flake on the actual day that was agreed upon? So what that she was brutally beaten then skewered on a pillar. That was Cassidy last weekend, and you don’t see her avoiding him- PRESENT MOMENT NOT WITHSTANDING.

Francis didn’t even wait for the bacon to cool in the pan. Nor to drain it as he tipped it right into his mouth. For once, he felt a bit of heat on his lips as that cast iron hissed and blistered against. The oil was coarse and scorched his throat, but the crispy little meat strips made it all worth. Hell, why even bother with cooking them? Flames frothed at and inside his maw, perking the soft pink raw strips as he let them slither down in. He could taste every stage of their cooking, from the raw, to slightly done, to partially, to completely, and, finally, burnt to a crisp then ash. So much ash… He smoked for one year and that was it. He hated that taste.

But he hated people who couldn’t follow their arrangements through more! He had half a mind to storm into the undercroft and demand those fairy fucks to hurry up in making his snake pocket pussy. What good were they, anyways- well, better than Francine. What was she doing there at all? She was meant to be his housekeeper, yet it seemed the place only worsened when she moved in. The entire apartment reeked of her wormwood and lilac infuser, and it barely covered up the piss smell. The cinnamon rolls from earlier were the only good thing she brought to the house, and they were gone in an instant! The fairies were his housekeeper, so what fucking purpose did she truly have aside stinking up the place!

Well, it seemed he had plenty of time so why not ask her.

She was in the middle of a dialogue with herself, a calm piece about- who really cared. Nobody really liked her. Even the voice she had on sounded so fake, the smile she wore a mask that even the biggest sweets lover would call saccharine. Just like sugar, though, it was quick to dissolve in the storm that came breaking down her door. She would likely have fun removing that shriek and the crash of the door in post, but that only mattered if she got to that point.

She flung her keyboard and that spaceship onto her desk. The goblin tensed, readying to jump off her chair- but Francis was kind and thoughtful. She loved that chair so much why separate them? And, to be fair, it was a nice chair. Even as he slammed it into the ground, it held up quite well. Its bottom didn’t, snapped off from the sudden charge, but the material, the high-rise pleather with its red accents; he might have to look into it.

“What the fuck!” Francine managed to fumble together at last, and shoved at his chest. “What do you think you a-”

She screamed, making the window shudder in its frame, yet it seemed so soft compared to the crunch of bone and the squelch of flesh. And his own growl. His jaw shuddered, slowly closing on her right shoulder, feeling the skin, the muscle, the tendons give way under his teeth as the flames around them cauterized it. She would heal, but she would have a scar, a reminder. That only mattered, though, if he liked the answer he got.

He pulled away, and spat in her face, rubbing and slapping her cheek after.

“Good morning, dear! How are you?” He said, and smacked her face again. “Did you sleep well? How are the kids? Where’s my fucking breakfast!”

He slashed down her front, tearing away that gaudy, latex dress. Penny wore some abhorrent things over the last few months, but none of those costumes came close to how tacky that bright, bubblegum pink, strapless abomination was… In truth, maybe he was too quick to remove it. It would have been more torture to leave it on, but he couldn’t even keep it up if it was still on her.

“Get off me! GET OFF M-” She shrieked, lost to another scream as he bit down upon her chest. His father always said he should eat his greens, and now he could since it was meat. And a nice cow at that. Those tits were nothing compared to her grandmother’s, but that only meant he had double the mouthful instead of quadruple. And he could get to the lean meat under that much easier –if he wanted to, of course. Again, remained to be seen.

He pulled away, leaving behind a ring of white around that fat sack, with the smallest of flames still sparking in his wake. He wiped his lips, removing some of the napalm, and ran it down her middle, making a trail to the white panties, the crotch scorched away for the ruby lips beneath. His hand went further, though, grasping at her thick thighs and hauling each one up and over, held painfully there with her arms. A poached pig waiting to be skewered and fried.

“So… why are you here?” Francis said. “Why was your grandmother here?”

“A...are you insane!” She screeched. “We’re your housekeepers-”

“The fairies are my keepers. They clean after me, stock the fridge for me, do everything I desire-”

“Well, they shouldn’t be!”

Bad answer. It didn’t even come close to answering. If this was a single-question test, she’d be his breakfast, but he was merciful. Whoever came up with single-question tests, now, they needed to be taken out back. That’s pure evil.

But she needed punished, and her other tit hadn’t been marked yet- there! Now they’re evened out. Two perfect eyes; hopefully now she could see what was really at risk.

“I’ll ask again: Why are you here? Simply watching over me is a simple enough task. Eve has enough cameras around the place that shouldn’t be an issue. Fairies clean up-”

“Which they’re not supposed to,” Francine repeated, sobbing. Finally. “They are only meant to do the laundry. The rest was up to me.”

“Yet you didn’t complain.”

“Of course not! It made my stay at least tolerable. At least I didn’t have to worry about cleaning your disgusting dragon spunk.”

Strike two. Closer to the truth, but still not there. Those ruby lips below, they always begged to be kissed. How about a full French? By the time he pulled away, the little bud above them was white as snow, as were the folds of her inner thighs and the bottom of her ass cheeks. He licked his lips as he jerked her up, letting her swing like a boar over a fire, looking into her piggy, little eyes.

“One last chance,” he mused, singing as flames continued to froth from his lips. “Tell me why you are here… or…”

His jowls cracked, widening as his mouth extended. The goblin was cast in so much light, the flames frothing from his gullet, a boiling cauldron waiting to ensnare the little pig in its depths.

“I’m telling you the truth! I swear to Goddess on high, I’m telling the truth! I was told to simply keep an eye on you and clean up your house! That’s it! Goddess, help me! LEILA HELP ME!!!”

His jaws snapped shut, but not before a growl escaped.

“That’s boring, though! There must be some hidden agenda. Perhaps you are plotting to take my seed to make an ultimate goblin race? What about conspiring to ruin me before Eve so I am sealed away at the bottom of the ocean? Give me SOMETHING to work with. Give me some reason to look forward to the rest of this day! I have nothing else today BECAUSE CASS KILLED DES BEFORE WE COULD EVEN GO ON OUR DATE.”

He sobbed and threw her at her cot, crashing into it. He wheeled during her flight and stormed out of the room, heading for the entry. Enough time must have passed by now, right? She should be there any moment. There should be a knock at any m-

There it was! He knew it! He fucking called it!!! He was getting all worked up over nothing. He will open that door, Desiree will be behind it, they’ll leave for… their…

“H-hey,” Dixie said. She was there alone, shaking like a leaf, and looked even more dour than him. Or maybe that was the rain clouds behind her. Soft rain fell upon Paradise, turned red by the dusk, keeping up with the wash running off the top of Vereor Nox. “I… I was… in the library… when it happened.”

“Oh?” He said, a soft laugh bubbling forth. “And?”

“A-and… I… I’m s-s-sorry-”

“Sorry! For what?”

She winced, whimpered as he barked at her, and seemed to shrink inside her cross-knitted sweater. The sleeves were a bit long on her arms, making her able to turtle inside. Shame her black yoga pants betrayed her, squeezing her thighs so… tantalizingly. He took a step out of the apartment, and she backed up two, slapping back against the railing. Just like old times.

“Well?” He barked, fanning his arms. Blocking any chance for her to escape. “Why are you sorry?”


She yelled, covering her head as he slammed the railing on either side, looming over her.

“Why are you sorry? Were you the one to put her up there? Were you the one to beat her within an inch of her life… Well? ANSWER ME.”

“No! I… I wasn’t. I WASN’T!”


He gasped… and looked down. Seeing her wrapped around his middle, hugging him.

“I’m sorry… that I couldn’t save her,” she said, her voice growing confident with each shaggy pant. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to stop it. I didn’t know anything was happening! I didn’t, nor Ezra nor Bridget nor Ali nor- if any of us did, we would have stopped it in a heartbeat. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Francis… he… he snorted, then laughed as he eased her back.

“My loss? What do you mean?”

“W-well… she was special to you, w… wasn’t she?”

“Des? Nah… Only a potential fuck buddy. We didn’t even have a date yet… we didn’t even have a date yet… Tell me. Have you seen Cass or any of her other flock?”

“Not since… not since yesterday morning… Cass and Des were both in detention the rest of Friday. After they… after they fought. Her hysteric mentioned that she was meant to be in detention yesterday, as well.”

“And? What happened yesterday morning… Well? Where were they!”

“I… I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention after that. Ali and the wolves got in another spat about who would try to take you out to dinner next which lead to a fight between them and- there was so much chaos! I just wanted away… I left early to study and set up for tutoring… Ezra went home along with Ben for the holidays so I was alone anyways… except for you.”

“Don’t you live with them?”

“Yes, but I still had a few more to tutor before the holiday truly began. I couldn’t leave them.”

“Well... fortune smiles on you then, doesn’t it?”

“Eh? W-why-”

She squeaked as his hands left the bar, gripping her rear, instead.

“I need to get away from this. At least, for a little while.” Until the cloning is done… or until I have a clear head. He snorted… but smirked at her. “Well, since Des sort of flaked, how about we go out for the day?”

“A...are you s-s-sure?”

“More than anything. Besides, I need to live up to what I promised you on the first day… Well, maybe not right away- I don’t think- but that’s not one of my greatest strengths, is it? Thinking… Let’s see where the evening takes us, shall we?”

“A… all right… If… if that’s what you w-”

She squeaked again as his hands left her rump, and gasped as he ruffled her hair.

“It is exactly what I want… I think- but there I go again doing that dangerous habit.”

“Indeed. You should leave that to me,” Destiny said, lapping at his ear.

“Go away!”

“I-I’m sorry! I should have k-” Dixie began, yelping as he gripped her shoulders.

“Not you. The black cloud that hangs over my head.”

“O-oh… okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. If I yell at it enough it’ll only slightly ruin my day. So what do you have in mind?”

“I… what?”

“This was all your idea, so tell me what you have planned.”

Watching her squirm and mutter and mumble and fidget was more than enough to make up for the fact he was stood up that day. Dixie was far better company anyways… who even needed Desiree- who needed Cassidy? Couldn’t even leave without saying goodbye; you would think she would at least leave him a pillow mint before fucking off. That was to be expected, though, when you were only seen as a sex toy. Fuck all of them. Yeah! Even if Desiree were to come back, he would tell her to fuck right off. He didn’t need her, and her loss was nothing.

Who said you needed a therapist to work through your problems?

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