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Red Dragon

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School Daze

Francis wore the biggest grins as he took a shower. While enduring one of the most painful erections. He would not release any steam, though. Not yet. Not when he was so close to making the impact at Chicxulub Crater look like a pebble. He had that feathery, controlling, manipulative, backstabbing bitch exactly where he wanted her –and a baby mamma to boot... He wasn’t really sure what to think or how to feel about that. Dragon-cat-scorpion-bat children- and the fact she said litter; how many was he looking at? How many little shits was he expected to keep from licking sockets or having frisky nights in the bath with toasters? Ah, but it was as Cassidy said. Better to not count your chickens before they hatch –which of course a harpy would say that... Still. That didn’t take away from his raging member, but it would simply have to suck it up. For at least a little longer.

When he finally stepped out of the shower and put on clothes, Penny was in the living room. Talking with Francine... and Jessica. The manticore slipped into something far less comfortable than her bare, true self that morning: A white leotard with a pair of black jeans. No shoes, though, so at least she remained true in that respect.

Her tail swished as she smirked at him, plopping into the couch off to the le- their couch. She pounced on him, trilling, growling as she batted and slapped at his chest, all the while her tail continued to flick away.

”You’re a dick. You know that?” She said, huffing as she stood- and pulled him to his feet. ”Why didn’t you just tell her straight-up?”

“Do you think she would listen?” Francis muttered, and nodded to the wizard. ”Hey! Been ages since I’ve seen your face.”

”Don’t remind me,” Plank said... w... was that an accent? She had an accent! After a week being gone, she developed (or more likely regressed) a Southern drawl. The way she nursed her coffee, the thick sunglasses on her face; she had fun. She groaned as she set it back down, rubbing her forehead. ”Oh, goddess... Love my brother, but sometimes he’s just... He’s too much.”

”Tell me about it. My brothers made it one helluva week.”

”Eh? You have brothers?” Jessica said.

”Technically,” Francine answered for him, muffled by a thick ice pack, covering her entire face. So an improvement. ”It wasn’t as wild as he’s making it out to be, either.”

”Like you would know,” Francis said. “You spent the entire week holed up doing low-quality streams. Most likely adult video streams at that.”

“Please! I’m not that desperate... Besides, I can always put on the low-cut red dress and make quadrupal what they do just by streaming. Tell me, though: how much money have you made over the week?”

“How much have you?”

“I asked first, tard-”

“Hey, hey... No need for name-calling. If you simply tell me how much you made, I can tell you just how much you made more than me.”

“Why bother? It’s going to be 100-plus because you don’t fucking work!”

“Not from lack of trying or options! The fucking school is holding me back.”

”Excuses excuse-”

“He’s being serious,” Jessica said. “I needed a worker’s permit, as well.”

”Wait. That’s a thing?”

”It’s a way to encourage students and aid in their integration into society,” Penny explained. “The worker’s permit is more than just its namesake. You are registered in the system and, not including the obvious, you are given credit in the evenings for being at your job, as well as increased wages, a bonded savings account with 400% interest, and... mental health insurance. The one missing from the normal package.”

”Speaking of,” Francis started, which she cleared her throat. ”Oh. Right. You don’t want others to know you are seeing-”

“Really! Really... Whatever. It’s fine. We did video calls. She noted that my state declined and asked if my interpersonal relations shifted-”

“Hey! Not my fault. Ever since that fucking beatdown I’ve had no rest nor time to myself –no offense, Jess.”

”None taken. You’re gonna have less from now on, too. Lucky for you, though, I don’t automatically assume you are trying to sleep with everyone. I don’t need to control you... and I actually like Professor Dresden.”

”Awe. Thank you,” Penny said. ”I always liked you, too. It’s going to be a shame when you graduate this year. I’m going to be stuck with the wolves and the birds and an annoying little fucking fairy-”

“Pixie!” Francine blurted. “Pixie! Not fairy- not even close to fairy!”

“Showing respect?” Francis said, his big, dumb smile getting bigger and dumber. ”Learned a lesson have we?”

“Fuck you!”

“For all of last week’s salary, sure. How much was it?”

“What do you do for a living, goblin,” Jessica asked, purring louder. “Tell me, and I’ll try to guess- wait. Let me assume first. You said you could stream, but that wouldn’t make you hole up all day. You reek of saccharine kindness- you’re an online ‘personality’, aren’t you? Probably play games... in that case... We’ll assume you have a decent following if you are willing to put up with a fuckton of fake sweetness, possibly are incorporated with others- got it! You made $80 last week, but will probably net $300-thousand by the end of the month because of it.” She sighed, and biffed the back of francis’s head. “You’re not that cheap. Should ask for quarterly profit, instead.”

She tittered, her tail flicking as she did, while Francis lost the ability to, flabbergasted by the face Francine had. If he had to put an emotion to it, it would have been like a soldier that faced heavy fire and his whole platoon was declared dead on news and he made it home after a year only to find that “he” was already home with his wife and that “he” was lucky that he decided to stall behind the rest of the platoon that day... Well, long-story-short: both are the same person and one was simply from an alternate dimension that somehow ended up in this one, one where his wife died from cancer. Do you feel bad for the soldier that was being cucked by “himself”, or do you congratulate the “soldier” now able to see his wife after a stroke of luck? That scenario only covered a modicum of what Francine’s face conveyed, and even that was enough for Francis to find the motivation to stand and leave. With Jessica in tow.

Penny wasn’t exactly enthused with the hanger-on, but seemed more relaxed now that she and Francis were in the car. Rather, maybe it was because she was away from Francine since he, also, felt far less tense with her out of sight and soon to be out of mind. They made their usual run to the golden arches... where he tried to insist to pay. It was a low blow on Francine’s side, but he had money, dammit. He earned it... by flashing his dick, but still... Flashing his dick to a dead woman, so now the money left behind is blood money and- he no longer had an apetite- and regretting paying.

He stepped out of the car first- and made sure he stayed by himself. Even as Jessica tried to follow after. For now, he needed to play the buffoon, the simpering oaf simply following simple orders. A true simpleton; if only there was a word to describe such a person as he was trying to be, giving in to the whims of a woman he knew was simply toying with him. He only hoped that kept his dick and balls attached and not as jewelry or a nice throat plug –for him, at least.

Even though he rushed, he was still the last one into Johnny’s class, looking as dead as him. Except with less of a smile. The notes were already on the board, and there was a nice, cardboard sign on the teacher’s desk, stating that if he were to suddenly collapse to not worry. It was only because he was married and expecting children.

Johnny perked as Francis took his seat though, a familiar scratching on his mind once more taking root.

”Well, that makes me a little better,” he said, clucking his tongue. “But did you have to try to follow your older brother?”

”Eh? You have a-” Lucas began.

“We are not going there again!” Francis boomed... and huffed as he laid his head on the booth. ”Trust me when I say I wasn’t trying. It sort of... happened.”

“Yet you never stopped to ask if it was wise to fornicate with such an aggressively horny feline individual.”

”Please! The cat part was a formality. Have you noticed how many women want to fuck me? Hell, some are jumping out of my phone.”

”Well, you are kind of hot,” Olen said, and it has been a while since he looked at that pale blue bucket- well, once solid pale blue. It now had a streak of pink swirling through it, hidden as he rose a touch out of the clear container. ”No homo, of course.”

“Nah, all the homo!” Ben barked, flexing. “Us hot guys know we’re hot. No shame in ’mirin.”

”True,” Mordred said. ”You are physically attractive, Francis. It’s only expected.”

“See? You even got the local dreadlord recognizing. OOH YEAH... Hell, you had Etsy gushing to mom during Thanksgiving dinner. Dick’s backed her up the entire way.”

”Bet your mom loved that,” Francis said. ”How are they, by the way?”

”Tired, but wired. They both bought a twelve pack of highly concentrated energy drinks. Like, 500 mg of caffeine in each can. Etsy down three of them in the car ride to school today, and dick’s was working on her second.”

”Oh great! That means they’re going to be up my ass later. Then again, what girl isn’t right now?”

”Bridget isn’t,” Johnny said-

“Wait... Why would you bring that up?” Francis said, cocking his brow. Johnny cleared his throat, and ruffled the back of his head, averting his gaze.

”Let’s just say I’m being a real ‘bro’ right now. Those three are throwing one heck of a hissy fit. The wolves are, as well, but they are easily lured away with the thoughts of strap-ons and dildos. Especially Mandy and Victoria. The harpies, though, there is no deviating them –which, speaking of-”

He pointed to the door, and a charming little imp in a sexual nurse costume knocked on it. She opened the door, waggling a finger to Francis, who begrudgingly stood and left after that spade-tipped tail. She was only a head underneath him, but looked like a twig compared to his arm. That being said, he had no choice but to follow her downstairs and to the tiny office left of Lilith’s.

This time, though, he only needed to sit in the chair. She prepared to take his blood from the left arm, rubbing it with an alchol swab, and started to push the needle into the skin… breaking it. Not the skin, no. That would have made things easy. That hair-thick metal straw snapped with ease; the half-inch upgrade managed to hold straight four seconds before it, too, shattered. The two-inch thick bent instead of punctured, scraping at his hide, but the four maintained. It didn’t break the skin, but at least it survived.

“Do you want me to…” Francis said, and drove his nail into the mark. Blood flowed after his finger, flicked off as the needle quickly took its place, which he could only chortle at the imp as she nodded at his improvising.

“Clean,” she said. “Straight. Right to the vein. A lot of practice?”

“Sadly. A darker time in my life.”

“We all have those… and… looks like it’ll take a moment to fill. Your blood is thick-”

And hot, apparently. The glass only had a moment to glow, to warn, before it shattered under the hissing, red puddle that it gathered. It splashed onto the ground, and Francis could now see that it was bubbling.

“Well… I always knew I was hot-blooded,” he said, and chuckled as he removed what was left of that needle. “Hopefully you have even more tempered glass vials –and some orange juice. Starting to feel a bit light-headed-”

“I’ve got you covered,” Tiny said, handing him an entire gallon of orange salvation. She, also, handed the imp five new vials, looking significantly sturdier than the one melting away in the thin lava below. “Hope you don’t mind the intrusion. Smelled your blood all the way from the fifth floor. It’s a very… musky scent.”

“Uh-huh… and you just so happened to have a gallon of OJ and those vials just lying around.”

“Okay. You caught me. I listened in this morning.”

“Kind of figured. It wasn’t exactly kept on the down-low. Your two cents?”

“You’re a fucking idiot, but a kind one at least… or cruel. Leaning towards cruel. What’s going to happen when that tests comes back positive?”

“The more important question is what happens when it doesn’t… Also, I don’t think they needed five. Only one.”

“Consider it my own curiosity.”

“Look, if you wanted a taste all you needed to do was ask.”

“I did… but, after seeing what it is capable of, I think I will abstain. Goodness knows how potent your other fluids are.”

“Don’t hear Jess, Cass, or Bridget complaining- okay. Those first two are a bad example after this morning, but you don’t see Bridget complaining.”

One would think he would learn not to speak of the Devil, but he always does and is always surprised when She appears. Bridget opened the door, curiosity the first thing he saw upon her brow, but was quickly replaced with warmth and wonder upon laying on him. She was in a dark green dress that day, complemented by a black biker jacket, zipped up and under her breasts. She clacked over in tall boots, nudging Tina aside as she took the seat by him, rubbing his shoulder.

“Hey, baby,” she said, looking down at the vial on his arm. The second one. “Giving blood?”

“Something like that,” he said, chugging half the orange juice- gagging a little. He growled and glared at the label, giving Tiny a dirty look. “Could have warned me about the pulp.”

“You can read,” she stated. “If only you could read a room… Anyways, I’m heading back to class. Until this whole situation is sorted, I’ll probably simply be a bystander. I tried saving them once. Now? They deserve everything coming.”

“Glad we’re in agreement. Finally.”

She scoffed, and disappeared, leaving him in the arms of a bloodsucking little demon… and the imp. Bridget asked him about his vacation, what he did, how was the family, asked when he mentioned brothers- but he knew it was all fluff. He knew she was simply working up to the real point. Which, by the fourth vial, his vision was already fading. The pool under finally cooled, now a sparkling ruby in the center of that cream and soft pink tile.

“So,” she finally said, drawing it out as she rubbed his arm. “What ‘situation’ was Miss Vreshan talking about? Why is she no longer ‘protecting’ ‘them’?”

“Promise you won’t be mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“Because it involves someone being preggo.”

“… I won’t do anything.”

“Eh. Good enough. I’m not expecting you, anyways… Jess, the manticore? She’s expecting.”

“Oh my… And they are yours?”

“There’s a chance. As in a 100% chance, but even 100%’s have a chance to fail. If it goes from 0-to-100, there’s always the smallest chance it will be 0.”

“Oh, dear… And I bet Miss Crane isn’t exactly pleased. How is she handling it?”

“You’re seeing it. She’s hellbent on a paternity test.”

“And… when that comes back that you are-”

“No. I’m expecting when it comes back otherwise. Either way, it’s going to be one helluva shitstorm.”

“Well… I’m not entirely sure what to say… And Jessica? How is she?”

“She has given me a shotgun wedding.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen. You are still young; you cannot be expected to be saddled down with the responsibility of fatherhood yet. Especially to a manticore that trapped you in it.”

“Yes, well, have you seen our society? It’s a good thing we’re himan. If she was a random human ho, she could take me to court and demand child support. Too many of my friends were caught up in that. Tied down, drugged, condoms dug out the garbage and popped into their hole; the system’s rigged against guys.”

“This is why I advocate true pro choice. If a woman wants an abortion, she should be allowed to get one. If a man wants nothing to do with his children, he should be able to walk away. No question’s asked.”

“So… if I got you knocked up-”

“Bad example, dear. I would expect marriage first. I’m at least like my parents in that respect.”

Whoa, that venom. The hell? Francis was stunned by the tonal shift at the mention of her family… Seemed like somebody didn’t have a good holiday… The witch sighed, and patted his arm, standing and helping… and holding him up on his feet.

“That was a lot of blood,” she commented. “Does it really take that much for a paternity?”

“No. It only takes a few drops,” the imp said, capping them at the sink. “Never hurts to have a few for back-up-”

“As long as that is all they are used for,” Francis said. “I didn’t agree to have my blood experimented and researched. If it is, I demand royalties.”

“Don’t look at me. I am simply being paid to bleed you. Professor Deckard, you can take him back to class, can’t you?”

“Of course,” she said, and guided him out into the hall, down to the entry… then down the steps outside. She tittered as he looked back at the doors, her face turning beet red. “You’re not ready to go back, are you? I’ve been missing our meetings.”

“Bridget-” He began, and gulped as she cupped his junk, rubbing it.

“Oh, my. These are heavy… You’ve been holding it in for me, haven’t you? You must have missed me something fierce… Goddess knows I have.”

She opened the back door of her car and eased him in, pulling on the seam of his gray sweats as she did, loosing the sleeping beast inside. The witch crawled on top of him, cooing as she stroked it… and stroked it… and… She pursed her lip, looking at the STILL sleeping drake in her hand, even after giving it a lick. Not even a twitch. She gave it three licks, suckling on the head. Nothing.

“You do know I just gave about 4 liters of blood, right?” He said, shaking his head as she kept toying with it, trying to charm it up.

“Aww…That’s a shame. I wanted to make you feel good,” she whined… but turned around on him, pushing her rump towards his face. Having him smell her desire underneath that dark green line. She reached back and pulled it up, showing she had no panties on. And that the forest fire was gone, replaced by the softest, smoothest of skin before those ruby lips. “Make me feel good, dear. Please?”

She closed the door at last, moaning as she continued to work his rod… How could he exactly refuse? Seemed that Johnny didn’t do enough to keep her away… or maybe she had more on her mind than he anticipated. The way she snapped about her parents after all… What happened?

But he was delaying the inevitable. That pussy won’t eat itself, and he might as well indulge. It wasn’t long before that phrase would permanently have a double meaning… or when Cassidy played her hand.

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