Attack of the evil red werewolves from mars

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Our army of warriors fight the red alien werewolves of torture trying to destroy them and drive their howling bodies out of this strange world. Me and Lieutenant megs fight the devil creatures being helped by the silver prince and his brave army of knights The alien horses also help up drive out the wicked werewolf creatures from this land of horrors

Horror / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

After a few hours of attack by the red werewolves a howl of victory echos through the city while the horses break down the jails doors of capture. We all then break free from our cage of capture and enter into a empty city of silence.

The silver prince then leads us through the city streets and sees a tunnel in the distance with green foxes marching down it with purpose and hate. We all then run down the city centre only to be confronted by the red werewolves of terror watching us in the white mist of horrors.

All of a sudden the werewolves of terror spot our army and begin the chase of capture while we run away in panic and despair in our cold eyes of mercy. At that moment a few silver knights trip over in the misty cold road of evil while the werewolves drool with pleasure.

I hold onto luitent megs cold hands while we all run towards a large barrier of waiting army foxes while the evil werewolves beat down the captured silver knights. The silver prince looks back in anger while the creatures are cutting the heads off each silver knights with their long red claws of terror.

At that moment the green foxes drag our bodies over their line of safety while the werewolves drink the blood of the captured silver knights. The horses then look at our shocked minds and we see the creatures have taken over half of the green foxes city of torture.

our army is then taken towards another jail of capture while the werewolves continue to advance on the rest of the beaten down city. The silver prince notices a few thousand green army foxes keep the werewolves at bay whilst fire balls rain down on the foxes strong hold.

We sit and wonder in our cage of capture if the werewolves are going to take control of the whole city while the horses look around and any means of escape. the silver prince lays on the cold floor of capture with his army of silver knight in tow.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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