A tear for the sinners

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A murdered woman rises from the grave in search of her killer to find many years had past,now she must try to make her way in this strange new world.

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

She pulled herself free from what was meant to be her grave. “Bastard didn’t kill me.” Was the only thought on her mind as she crawled across the ground. She was in the backyard of a old abandoned house. (Was it this bad?)

She crawled up to the side of the house and used the wall to help her pull herself up. Her thin arms(too thin..) and hands trying to find purchase and some how getting her to her feet. The predawn birds chirping her only company.

The back door to the house was ajar and looks like it had been for a very long time. She staggered to it hoping to find help and not running into her would be killer. The door had warped and would hardly budge as she struggled to open it. She looked around the yard looking for another way out but the fence was high and the gate looked rusted shut.

She turned her attention back to the door and gathered what strength she had and slammed her shoulder into the door, she felt a dull but sharp pain and heard something clatter to the ground,but the door flew open. Just as dawn broke a shaft of sunlight rushed past her to illustrate the horror that stood in front of her. A horror from beyond the grave stood staring at her.

The horror leered at her with empty sockets, it was bone with scraps of rottened flesh holding it together, shes screamed but it seemed horror silenced it, the thing opened its mouth menacingly she raised her arms to protect herself the thing raised its also. She brought her hands up to protect her face and thats when she noticed only one hand had came to her aid.

She looked past her hand to see the horror peaking from behind one hand also. The sunlight behind it was getting brighter. A second dawn was happening and it was a much darker one.

The sounds of whimpering brought her out of her stupor as she sat slumped in the corner of a room, she had no idea how long she sat there, she didn’t know if she fell asleep. (Can I sleep?) She staggered to her feet, feeling weaker by the second and followed the sound to the basement door.

The whimpering had turned into low groans for help. She tried the door knob and was amazed to find it unlocked,so she opened it and walked unsteadily down the stairs. It was pitch black in the basement but she was able to see clearly. (I have no eyes just sockets how can I even see?)

When she reached the bottom of the stairs shes saw a man that was bound and looked like he had been extremely tortured. He needed medical help badly and she rushed over to help him. Her movement had alerted him,he groaned in fear,and also in hope. But that faded as soon as she stepped into a patch of sunlight that was shining through the open basement door.

Their eyes (sockets) met,she lurched foward to help him forgetting the horror she had become. The battered body and broken soul of the man couldn’t take it as she pawed at him trying to help him. He died seeing her snap rotten teeth at him while she thought she was telling him he was going to be ok.

She stood there trying to weep in despair for the loss of life in front of her, she questioned her own existence, she didn’t even know who she was.(Maybe the worms ate all my memories. ) She only remembered being murdered and her killer’s face and voice. She pondered that maybe she is just a zombie but eating the corpse in front of her seemed unappealing.

She suddenly heard heavy foot steps from upstairs on the first floor and panic set in, she shambled into a dark corner opposite of the staring corpse. Its eyes staring deep into her as she hid in the shadows. The footsteps stopped abruptly at the basement door and shuffled there uncertainly,then started slowly down the stairs.

The big man crept slowly till he was standing on the floor,he seemed to look everywhere but the dead man on the cot. If she had any breath to hold she would have. While he was descending the stairs she was mesmerized. He was engulfed in a red bloody smoke that clung to him. The closer he got ,there came a sense of rage building up inside her. He stopped a few feet in front of her his back to her.

He pulled something out of his pocket and pushed it, suddenly a motor kicked on and light flooded the room, startling her for a moment. He stood transfixed staring at the body,then started trembling. He lunged at the body screaming ” I wasn’t done with you yet!” And started pounding on it. Over and over the man’s fist struck pounding his head into pulp. All the while a rage built more and more in her that didn’t feel her own.

A scream would have pierced the room if she had the lungs or vocal cords to make it,she charged him moving better than she would have ever thought possible, she threw a punch at his back trying to make him stop,and stop he did when her broken arm plunged in up to her elbow. The man (Killer!) Let out a high pitched scream and she in a panic pulled her arm free.

He turned around blood pouring from his mouth, ready for a fight, then they both turned in shock looking at each other. She was a rotten horror,he wasn’t her killer ( But it almost does feel like its him..In a way.) He punched her in fear knocking in the side of her head,his hand stuck in for a second and he pull his hand free pulling her towards him.

The punch didn’t really hurt but it felt like it almost knocked her free of her body,time seemed to stop,her vision was fading and what sense she had were dulling,it was like she was in a world between.she could see a man standing beside them both. At least she thought it was a man his hand was on a door standing on the floor with no walls connecting it,he started to open it and a light spill out of it. In fear she pulled her self together ( literally) and she lunged at him biting and tearing.

He fought in terror,she fought in blind fury. He smashed his fists into her,knocking piece after piece off her while she tore and stabbed at him, he slipped in his own blood that had poured out of his back and fell backwards smashing his head on the concrete floor,she took the opportunity to bite out his throat. He gurgled as he bled out,drowning in his own blood but she didnt let up till he stopped moving and was just a pile of gore.

Somewhere distant she heard a door click shut. She felt tired and weak, she was still on top of him. She tried to get off of him but found she couldn’t, his blows had busted her up beyond movement so she just laid with him in what could have been a tender moment had it been given different circumstances.She fell into dreamless sleep.

How long she slept she didn’t know but she jerked upright in shock. The mess underneath her drove her to her feet as the strange day came flooding back to her memory. She felt more steady on her feet and to her surprise below where her arm had broken pure white bone had regrown,while she was sleeping it seemed her body had repaired it self some, her rotten broken bones where still discolored but not as badly, thin pink muscle forming slightly.

She was startled when the big man started making a vibrating nosie almost like a buzzing. She approached him carefully and saw it was coming from his pants pocket,she reached inside and pulled out a flat long panel screen thing. The screen was blank,suddenly it sprang to life again vibrating making her croak in fear.( Am I finding my voice?) On the screen UNKNOWN was written across it. She moved her hand to touch the screen when she heard a voice say ” I wouldn’t do that.”

A young woman was sitting on the basement steps smiling at her, no hint of repulsion on her face just amusement. “That is a cell phone and I don’t think you want to be talking to whoever is on the other side of it. If you think he was bad.. Lets just say you can’t luck your way forever.” The young woman smiled

“I think you are asking who am I?Well, we are like you.” The cell phone started vibrating again and she looked back down to it then back to her strange new friend. She saw a different woman sitting there this one white and a little older from the first one being African American in her late teens.” We have all met horrible fates from people like that.” she gestured toward the cooling body of the big man.

Under the guidance of her often changing friends she searched both bodies for anything that could be of use, the victim didn’t have much on him being almost completely nude. But the big man had car keys plus a wallet full of money, her friends told her to ditch the credit cards though, but then seem to argue among themselves then told her to grab one back just in case.

She looked over his driver’s license and found out his name was Robert Woods, 6 foot 2 and 250 lbs.

A business card showed him to be a man of the cloth. ” Scumbag.” Sneered her friends. Then they turned towards her,(They must only be able to show themselves one at a time.) “We need to get you some clothes because this wont do.” They gestured towards her causing her to look down on her skeletal form.

The red cloud or mist she saw engulfing the big man was now hers, but it was fading away.it seemed to be helping her,putting a little meat on her bones so to speak. Not much but it was a start.

“You guess it sweetheart, you want to stay alive as much as this can be called alive,you gotta hunt them down.” They gestured toward the killer.“And we all want some revenge.” And for the first time they changed right in front of her, countless faces male,female, old and young flashed before her sockets.

She looked throughout the house to find some clothes to put on, her friends had started to get agitated saying she needed to leave soon, that they could feel something starting to move towards her. She found the victim’s clothes folded neatly in a trash bag close to his body, he had been a lean and kind of on the short side, on the plus side he had been wearing a hoodie when he met Mr Woods. She hurriedly got dressed in his clothes pulling the belt as tight as it would go.

She walked out the front door and started looking for Mr woods car, a voice besides her said “Push the car lock button on the car keys.” She fumbled with them because she wasn’t used to this type of car alarm,it looked alien but familiar at the same time. She heard the answering honk down the street and followed,thankfully the sun had just set so the darkness helped her look normal.

She got to the car,it was a nice luxury model she didn’t recognize. She got in and closed the door and was greeted with all sorts of screens lighting up to welcome her and she panicked. Looking around she saw a news paper sitting in the passenger seat, she picked it up in horror as she saw the date on it, it was 20 years, 20 years since she was put in that hole, she felt a tug of old memories trying to break out but then she lost the like trying to remember a dream.

A young man appeared in the passenger seat saying “I may not be god but you have a Jesus as a co-pilot, I’m Jesus Johnston nice to meet you.” He went on to explain how to start this future car,then they put Mr Woods address into the GPS because they had no where else to go and took off into the night.

Standing on the porch a sad shape watched them go, it was the man from the table. Dressed in the same clothes she was,he smiled sadly nodded his head and disappeared, a door could be heard closing distantly to mark his exit.

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