The bedroom closet.

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The bedroom closet is used for multiple occasions. Hide and seek Clothes Junk Last year's winter clothes..

Horror / Mystery
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Oct, 18, 2003

I've always heard noises coming from my closet. Is it a rat? Or a lost cell phone? The terrifying screeches from the closet makes me anxious to open it, but I need to find someone's lost pet rat! Or their dying donkey! I just have so many wonders.

Hi, I'm Rina Cho. A 9th grade highschool student. I have multiple questions about certain things in my life, and if you was in my body, you would too.

Me and my mother just moved into this apartment complex a week ago, and it's very strange. I think there's a monster in my closet! Unusual for a Fourteen year old to say, right?

Well, I'm being serious. Ever since me and my mother moved here my closet has been making weird crying sounds, like a little girl. And then I hear quiet screams, I'm just too scared to open it.. Every night I feel like something is watching me sleep. And I always hear the closet door open!

Am I being, watched? By, a ghost?

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