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"Zoë there is nothing in this closet!The noises you are hearing are probably from the forest outside.Baby calm down!", Mum said. "Yes..mum.Thankyou.",I replied looking at mum's mole which was now on her right brow.Her eyes stared at me glowing with malice and cold hunger. ............. Right now I am standing outside the cemetery's gates.The weather is cold and ruthless .My cheeks sting as the cold wind slaps my face harshly.My hands shiver with cold and sorrow.I walk slowly towards my destination. My brain is void of any emotion yet my heart is beating hard inside my chest.My eyes sting with unshed tears.All my bandages itch and my body throbs in pain with each step.Atlast I reach the damn portion of cemetery which holds the two most precious people of my life.The people whom I trusted the most but I guess you should never even trust your own shadow. There is a saying that"The history always repeats itself".And if the history is vicious and demonic then it sure as hell comes back to repeat itself and makes the sinner regret with no time for repentance. What happened to eighteen year old Zoë who wanted a new beginning but ended with facing the heinous past which left her bruised and shattered for ever.Read on to know what changed Zoë's everything into a demonically chaotic mess. I apologize for any grammatical errors as English isn't my first language.

Horror / Mystery
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The scratching sound was soft yet constant. It sounded like the ticking of a clock except this was like light scratching . The sound was so light that at first I didn't even notice it. I was all wrapped and warmed up in my bed . I just wanted to sleep!! Uggghhhhh!!!! I tried to ignore the sound , thinking it as the sound of some rodent in the house . After all the house was old . Don't blame me ! If you work your butt off , you would certainly not want to get out of your bed even if a fire started in your kitchen.
The noise continued consistently until I felt like ripping my own eardrums out . I tried to ignore it again but it was too damn annoying.
After impatiently waiting for fifteen minutes for the noise to stop itself I decided to take the matter in my own hands. I crawled out of the warmth of my bed and stood beside my dressing table. I silently listened trying to navigate the source of the sound when I heard a muffled cry from my closet which was beside my dressing table .
My impatient mind immediately thought of the worst case scenarios . My mind having an extraordinary power of imagination went straight to the thought of a murderer hidding in my room waiting for the perfect opportunity to attempt first degree manslaughter on me. All the bloody scenarios from the horror movies I had seen on Halloween when I was younger, started playing infront of my eyes . My hands began shaking and I felt my breathing speed up. I tried to control myself . I tried not to burst into a full blown panic attack , as I haven't had one since I was fifteen years of age and didn't felt the need to suffer from one now.
Suddenly my body started sweating uncontrollably yet the temperature of the room fell down fast. My hands and feet were cold and numb yet my night shirt was sticking to my back due to profuse sweating . Sweat drops dripped from behind my ears . My heart was banging in my chest trying to escape this place somehow .
My mind slowly started to go numb . All my emotions went flying out of the window which I had opened before sleeping for ventilation purposes . All my nerves felt taut and tight . I tried to move and run to mum's room but my body felt as if fixed, as if someone had glued my feet to the floor. At the new found sensation of immobility my mind went into full blown panic mode.
My mind shrieked for my body to move but my body adamantly remained in its position . Suddenly I felt a head splitting pain in my skull . It felt as if someone was squeezing my brain , prodding it , trying to squish it or something .
After few moments of agonizing pain I felt at peace . The pain and the throbbing disappeared . I was about to relax my tense shoulders when I felt a tingling sensation erupt in my abdomen . The sensation increased and it felt as if there was a scorching coal placed inside my body , burning and searing my insides into smithereens . I growled and gritted my teeth with pain but no sound came out of my mouth .
At that moment I realized my body wasn't responding to my brain. It felt as if my body was under someone else's control .
My feet automatically started walking towards the closet. My whole body numb and under someone's control. My hand moved forward and slowly opened my closet. A small mouse jumped out of the closet and scampered across the floor under the bed. The moment I saw the mouse some of my tension subsided . But it returned back not even a second later with much more strength. I was still under someone's freaking control!!!!
My mind was muddled and my ability to think straight was out of the question right now . I was about to force myself to try and turn around and leave the room when I felt something behind me . I tried my best to move , either run from my room or at least turn around but all in vain. The something's heavy breaths fell on my neck making goosebumps appear all around my body. The breaths exhaled were ragged and smelled disgusting. They smelled like coagulated blood and expired meat . My nose involuntary scrunched itself as the first wave of smell hit it . At this involuntary action I heard a loud angry , unearthly , open-mouthed growl from behind me . I felt little specks of spit fall on my neck . Wave after wave of shivers rolled down my spine . Sweat dripped from my forehead. Fear and anxiety clutched my brain and tried to claw my heart out.
I silently prayed for help and mercy from Lord . Suddenly I felt a tingle at the tips of my fingers . I looked down and saw my right hand's fingertips bleed slowly . I forcefully twitched my fingers but felt no pain . I tried to move my hand but it felt frozen. My movements were limited to twitches only .
I screamed for help but no sound escaped from my parted lips. I was still staring at my blood trickling fingers when I felt the closed closet door open a bit. I immediately glanced at the closet with semi-closed eyes . Apprehension rushed through my blood making my every cell of being vibrate with horror.
The moment my eyes left the sight of my hand and caught the sight of the closet , the tiny moment in between these two happenings I felt a wet feeling on the index finger of my right hand. I looked down and my heart nearly stopped beating. Blood froze in my veins. My eyes popped out of my skull . I looked up again not believing what I just saw praying to Lord Almighty for this to be a hallucination.
I glanced down again and saw a long , lizard like , ink black , thin and rotten tongue licking my index finger. Only the tongue was visible. My neck felt tense and taut due to straining it too much. It felt as if my spine and neck were made of rods of steel . I couldn't bend my neck or turn it sideways.
The tongue swirled and licked my index finger clean leaving black spit and an itchy and burning sensation behind . The tongue went on and licked my every finger clean of blood. It never sucked my finger. It felt as if my body was automatically providing all the blood to my right hand on command for the tongue to drink easily without any hardwork. After five minutes of this nasty ungodly process my body felt weak and drained of energy . I was near to fainting due to blood loss when I felt my strength and my body control returning. It felt as if someone changed my batteries. My body whizzed and coursed with energy.
Getting the chance I immediately held the cross dangling around my neck with my both hands and prayed to God for help. I slowly turned around and saw nobody . I exhaled the breath I had been holding in for what felt like eternity . I relaxed for a mere second when I caught the sight of my closet. It was shut closed . It was slightly open a second ago. I glanced at the closet's base and saw a light trail of thick red liquid oozing out of the mid base of the closet's doors. My hands immediately clutched my cross harder. The tiny cross scratched and almost stabbed my palm . My heart thrashed inside my chest . I wanted to run away from the room, from the house but my feet were again firmly planted on the ground .
I automatically started moving towards the closet . Right now I felt less under control yet still not free to my will. My will which was to wake all the neighborhood with my screams for help. My mind shrieked for my feet to stop but not once did they falter in their step . I was standing few steps away from the closet when I felt my surroundings change. A heavy swirl of fog rolled into my room from the open window and settled in . I couldn't even see my hand if placed infront of my face , the fog was that much thick. I blinked my eyes several times trying to get ahold of the peculiarly horrific happenings. My conscious control came back after several seconds with a new found determination of saving my life and I opened my mouth to shout for my mom to come and help me when suddenly I felt the fog starting to swirl around my body. I heard a soft slithering snakey whisper ," Don'!!!". The words creeped the living daylights out of me. The voice was doubled : first one was childish yet the second one was straight out of horror movies; thick , demonic and angry and each word was pronounced with a snake like hiss . My toes curled at the sound of that voice . I tried lifting my feet but they were still firmly intact with the ground. My right hand was clutching the cross tightly while my left hand rested beside my torso. My whole body was tense , taut , my muscles clenched with force , my nerves stretched, my teeth gritted , my nose trickling blood and my ears and eyes were on high alert.
My throat was parched and I felt a cough building in the back of my neck but never approaching its destination. Suddenly I felt a hand snake itself around my waist . I looked down and it was gnarled, rotten and black. The vantablack liquid dripped on the carpet from the rotten and cut opened blood vessels of that hand . The flesh was blackened and the nails were long and dark . The arm attached to that hand had cuts on it , it was rotten , it had some portions of flesh missing from various positions from which the torn blood vessels and hollow bones peeked and thick black blood oozed out of the cuts . The blood from the arm seeped in my nightshirt staining it. Bile rose at the back of my throat at the sight and the rancid smell. Silent tears dripped from my eyes . My heart stopped beating and my chest heaved up and down due to the difficulty in inhaling every breath. The arm attached to the long nailed ,rotten hand further stretched and wrapped itself all around my waist . My lungs were burning due to the shortage of breathe. I was sweating profusely and my body shivering .
"!!!! She had a baby!!!!!!", the thing behind me screamed. I could feel the specks of spit from the scream land on my back .
Suddenly I woke up with a jolt. My room was pitch black. I immediately turned to my left and turned the side lamp on and looked around. Everything was normal and exactly in the same order that I saw before going to bed.
My heart was pounding in my chest , my body drenched in sweat. I had a nightmare but it felt soo real , so vivid. I was aware of everything happening to me . Did I go through my first ever episode of sleep paralysis . Nah! It can't be . But it felt as if I was suffering everything, as if I wasn't in the lap of a peaceful slumber cuddled warmly but infact clutched by the talons of an ungodly creature. Uggggghhh!!!!! What the freaking hell is happening. The first thing I need to do is tell mom .
I glanced outside my window and I saw the moon still lingering in the sky . It was six in the morning and the outside was still getting affiliated with the brightness of the Sun after being friends with the soft glow of the moon .
I decided to get up early and make breakfast , in order to get my mind off of the horrendously greusome nightmare.
I took a shower , changed in my loose sweatshirt and grey trousers and tied my damp hair in a messy ponytail. I was about to exit my room when I saw a small mouse scurry from under my bed and dart for the hallways . I squeaked and jumped in the air when the mouse ran through my feet and rushed down the stairs.
Guess we'll have to buy some rodenticides.
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