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Olympian Asylum is under complete lockdown. A doctor was murdered on the Asylum grounds when the power was down briefly, allowing containments to try and escape. Which one killed? And why kill? Psychologist and assistant to crimes, Doctor Sam Zane is asked to come down to Asylum and help them weed out the killer. But Zane is far from prepared when the patients are unlike anything he could ever believe and all have murderous intents or capable such a brutal crime. And what's to stop from them from killing again?

Horror / Mystery
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We had a storm.

The power was shut down for a maximum of 25 minutes.

We thought we had prepared for this but the back-up generators were tampered with, allowing us close to 25 minutes to get to the back-up and fix it up.

The power came on, General. Twelve of the containments out of twenty decided to leave their containment. They were rounded up when Medical Officer Greeves was discovered in the breaker room, dead. And not just dead sir...I’ve been out in the field numerous times sir and seen and done horrific things, I could be labelled a psychopath! But what was done to the Doctor, I cannot close my eyes without seeing it sir.

I am living a haunted daily life. We all are since this place was made and the last 48 hours have been the most uneasy and terrifying.

Sir, it has only just hit me harshly and suddenly what we are actually imprisoning in here. They aren’t normal. They make a grown man wet himself.

I cannot do this anymore...I cannot live in fear knowing I am being hunted. I see their eyes sir! They follow my every move. I hate it! I fear it, I can’t do it! I need out! I’m gonna die in here! I can’t die like this! I have a family and these things are putting us on edge! They will kill me again! I can’t lie that I haven’t done any harm to the containments! Oh god!

Please don’t let me die! I can’t! I need help sir! We need help! They are gonna pick us off one by one!

...But I won’t give them the joy of finishing me off...I can do that myself...

Officer Whitter

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