Dying to Survive

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The world has gone to hell . Zombies have taken over the globe . I'm dealing with depression , so i don't care anyway . How do I struggle to live in a world , already occupied by the dead?

Horror / Humor
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I looked outside the window for the third time. “Is he still there?” Mark asked me, as he’s started putting the remaining bottles of water in his backpack. “Hey Mark; is all of this worth it?” I blurted out, still watching outside the window. “What do you mean and please answer my question first. Don’t daydream “. Mark said, with a tone that gave me the feeling that he is in no mood for wordplays. “I’ve been wondering, since this past 2 months .Did all of this happen for a reason? I mean, are we just delaying the inev---!” Before I could finish my sentence, I heard a deafening scream coming from outside .Me and Mark both looked through the window

Mr. Johnson, or what used to be Mr. Johnson, was on top of some guy. The guy was probably trying to make a run towards his car and got caught by Mr. Johnson. He had his teeth sank into the guy’s throat. The guy was trying his best to push Mr. Johnson off him, but he had no answer for a 6′8" Behemoth that was on top of him. I watched as his struggles started to decrease little by little. As I watched his body go lifeless, different thoughts came to my mind. A Nirvana T-shirt .Get with the times, gramps. He does looks a lot like me, though. Why is the plural of hair also hair? Does he have a family member or friend nearby? I wonder if Mark knows that he snores too loud. Why is he not fighting anymore?

“Don’t even think about it, Spence. There wasn’t any way we could have save him in time. He was done for the moment he came in contact with the big dude.” Mark put his hand on my shoulder. Did he think of the same thing I did, or did he just not want to risk his life for a lost cause, I wonder? “Eh! I was just thinking about how lucky he was. He doesn’t have face this reality anymore. I’m kinda jealous, to be honest”. Mark looked at me for a second, thought about something and resumed putting rations in the back pack. “Bro, you are really weird sometimes. Anyways, just make sure not to leave anything useful behind. Who knows when we might get more stuff! ”

I looked at him, as he went to another room, and I started to put the food items in my bag. I always wished for a big event like this to happen. A moment of destiny which might change my life for better. I kept wishing for something like this and now that such a thing happened that changed not only my life, but lives of everyone in this world for the worse, why do I still feel the same? Why does this depression never leaves? Why did I not feel to save that guy? Why did I? Why did I? WHY DID I??????

“Yo!!!” Mark’s sound pulled me back from the realm of thoughts again. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop daydreaming? Honestly, sometimes it feels like I’m babysitting you”. I looked at Mark, shrugging off whatever he said, “It’s not like the world is waiting for us or something. I think that this is the perfect time to daydream”. Mark looks at me with that expression again, the expression that always tells me that he is trying to figure out my internal thoughts, and as usual, he gives up again. “Dude, we have to leave quickly. It will be dark soon and I am not comfortable with carrying all this stuff safely at night. We have to reach Edgebrook in the next week. Now please help me pack all this stuff “. Mark said in a calm tone. I wonder if Mark felt anything when Mr. Johnson killed the Nirvana guy. Why is he always so calm and collected about all of this? “Sure, man. I’ll try not to daydream anymore”. Mark’s face shows sign of relief and he picks up the backpack from the table. “Okay, since we don’t have a lot of time for travel left, let’s stay in this house for tonight .We will leave in the early morning.” Always so direct, always so logical. Well, there wasn’t any reason for me to debate with him any further, so I nodded my head and went to the bathroom. “Well, then. Goodnight, Mark. Don’t try to snore too much. Mr. Johnson is still nearby”. Before he could come up with a well-thought and much better response to my lame dig, I closed the door behind me. Looking in the shower mirror, all I could see was the scar that I got during the first week of whatever this was. The wound wasn’t too deep, but it certainly left an impact on both my face and my mind. Well, they do say that Chicks love scar! But I find it hard to believe that any woman would find a deep vertical scar on the chin sexy. Fate had given me a weird form of soul patch. I wonder if beard would hide this monstrosity or just make it worse. This could be the last time I can take a proper shower. The thoughts that come inside your brain, as water drips on your head in the shower, can sometimes be described as either thought-provoking or just dumb as hell . But for the first time, I was thinking about nothing. It was the closest Zen moment I’ve ever had in my 23 years of miserable life.

I changed my clothes and went to my room again. I could hear the noises of Mark’s snores from the locked door. Jeez, he went to sleep quickly. I lay down on the bed, looking at the ceiling, quietly.

2 Months ago, the world went to shit. I still don’t know how it happened. Before I could think, these flesh eating monsters started roaming around the streets. They have different names, but to me, they are nothing different than the humans they once were. Still greedy, still hungry. Nothing changes, at least in my mind.

All I know is that if this really is my chance of starting my life again, then I will not waste this chance.

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