captured in the blue tunnel of the evil hat creaturestory

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The mad evil hat creatures have returned to the earth underground and looking to destroy every race. We battle with the creatures to try and destroy them me, lieutenant megs , silver prince and his army of silver knights. Our brave alien horses help all the way

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Chapter 1

Start writing We lay in our cold dark cell of torture for a few hours until the dark hat creature suddenly begins to bang the metal on our cage of capture. The silver prince then jumps and and stands his ground with his brave knights while me and luitent megs stand behind the horses.

The evil dark hat creature then comes closer towards our cage and begins to rattle the metal bars before pulling its dark hat off with menace. We all reel back in shock when we see a skeleton faced monster with glowing green eyes of evil horror.

A brave silver knight and the prince begin to jab at the creature with their hands of bravery but the creature roars at us with a force of wind blowing our bodies towards a corner of the evil dark cave. We glare at the skeleton faced creature whilst begging for mercy in the dark corner.

All of a sudden the creature makes a big hole in the cage with its evil glaring eyes of power while we scream in the corner of safety. The creature then replaces its dark hat and walks towards the stairs of escape.

one the the silver knights suggests we jump the creature and make our escape until the creature bellows out with it’s deep groaning voice of hatred. The monster threatens to turn everybody into stone pillars if we try and escape the dungeon of horror.

At that moment the creature points towards a big wall near our cell with its long nails of torture. All of a sudden a hole of fire erupts around it and a tunnel of blue lights appear with horror.

The creature then fires a large hole in the bars of safety and makes us walk inside the blue tunnel while we all scream in horror. I hold a scared luitient megs tight while we vanish inside the blue tunnel of mystery.

We then glare down the tunnel of blue light before trying to run back out towards the dungeon of evil. At that moment the creature appears in front of our terrified bodies while the evil dungeon entrance begins to vanish in front of our terrified eyes of torture. here…

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