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in zombie books and films, we're always hearing about the survivors. Let's hear from a zombie for once.

Horror / Thriller
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what a morning

He was sleeping for quite some time. He barely woke up and saw the sun in the sky, "what a beautiful day..." he muttered. Then his eyes widened as he got up from his couch and started to put on some pants, "I'm late for work!"

He got dressed at 9:00 and then on the walkie it said, "all available units we got a 10-31, robbery in progress at this location."

Jon put on his badge and ran out the door towards his police car. No pressure. He drove in his police car for miles. then he got to the local bank, there were 4 other cop cars another mile or so where the robbers were most likely heading. He drove to the other cars.

There were about 5 officers out of their cars, with their guns out pointed at where the drivers are gonna be.

Everyone had a dull look on their face except for Simon who looked cheerful as always.

"Good morning, Lockman," Simon said, cheerfully.

"Wish I could say the same, Simon," Jon said, very serious but not scared. He's had plenty of experience in the field.

They had the grey speed bumps ready and the car came rolling and crashed into stop sign that was planted next to them and the car went down hill, flipping over and over until the car had landed on the hood of the car. It didn't go too downhill, but enough so that their gunfire can hit them.

A man in sunglasses walked out of the driver's seat of the car and started shooting and shooting, he didn't hit anyone, though. The cops shot back with all the little fire power from the puny handguns they had and the man got shot over his chest and some in his legs.

Jon grinned as the other cops celebrated. Simon walked over as Jon stared at the wreckage.

"You all right, Lockman?" Simon said, "ya look like you have something on your mind."

"I was just thinking..." Jon said, turning around to face Simon, "Ya never know if this might be the only hour we get. We're cops! One minute we're celebrating with champagne, next moment you're getting shot in an alleyway."

Simon nodded, and then his eyes widened. "Behind you!" Simon exclaimed, gunshots were fired, there was a second bank robber! Before Jon could reach his guin, there was a sharp pain in his stomach. He looked at it and there was blood. His eyesight started to blur and he collapsed.

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