caught in the city of the Bigfoot's

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We are trapped by the bigfoots and their evils of horror Me and lutient megs work to defeat the creatures with the help of the horses and the silver prince and his knights. Watch the story unfold if you dare Our army embark on a mission to defeat the creatures and survive their horror .

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The dark figures watch our shaking bodies and we realise its the Bigfoot creatures of horror. An angry silver prince try’s to defend our bodies but more of the creatures enter the red vault of evil.

All of a sudden the horn headed horse enters the vaults ordering the Bigfoot to capture our shaking bodies. We are then taken down a long red passage towards a big dark door of mystery.

A grunting Bigfoot with a bearded face opens the black door of horror and we see a city of big black huts with a flowing yellow river in the distance. Our army is then marched down city of black huts while the Bigfoot creatures watch with evil upon their tormented faces,.

I hold a scared luitent megs while the silver prince and his knights glare at the creatures deep red eyes of terror. We notice family’s of Bigfoot standing by the red roads of horror smile at our chained bodies being dragged towards the creatures jail hut.

The bearded face Bigfoot the locks our bodies inside a steel jail cell while the crowd of horrors cheer outside with evil laughter. We look more concerned when the creatures begin to look through the jail windows with glares of horror at our trembling bodies.

A scared silver prince looks at the creatures with anger and hate while the silver knights sake their swords at the creatures gloating smiles. I tend to a shocked luitent megs while the horses pace round looking for any means of escape.

After a few hours asleep in the Bigfoot’s jail of hatred we are awoken by loud bangs outside our cell. The silver knight takes look out the shallow window and notices the creatures are setting up a torture chamber outside for our beaten bodies.

We all sit in silence while the creatures laugh and joke about their torture chamber outside. The horses then look out and wonder what the Bigfoot’s are going to do while a loud bells rings out across the creatures city.


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