Threats Hereafter Book 3: Endless Horizons for a Moron

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Having come face to face with the fact that reality is not what he believed it to be, Aiden must come to terms with the new world and his place in it. Yet with the ghosts of his recent past persuing and the memories of his life fading from the world he must press on only to find a startling truth; This is only the beginning.

Horror / Fantasy
Stuart Lancaster
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Kill it with Fire!

It was there for less than a second, that evil smiling face. The face of this house’s insidious owner who now lay dead in the basement, countless bullets littering his body, and his head wrapped in a plastic bin bag still sat in the safe just behind Aiden as he aimed his gun with a trembling hand to where that translucent face had been just moments ago.


More a feral bark than actual speech, it was all Aiden had. There was nothing stood there now. Aiden panted deeply through his nose, jaw clenched shut. That face, he had seen it as clear as a bell, grinning mockingly, but what else had he seen? There were some odd unearthly shapes behind the face, about it, odd angular shapes and long reaching… somethings.

Something brought with him from whatever ‘world’ he’s in now?

It was scarcely an explanation but it would have to do. After being transported to some Fjord-ish field to battle the ancient spirit of some cultist Viking pillager for reasons he couldn’t possibly understand, seeing the face of the ‘magical’ grave he robbed, some unknowable writihing shapes picked away at the last of Aiden’s sanity.


The kitchen table, what was left of it, moved. Some splintered shards trickled across the floor as a larger slab began to move and creak. Still kneeling on the kitchen floor, Aiden watched frozen, gun limply held infront of him.

Moving and creaking… as if somethings standing on it!

Without a second’s pause Aiden fired into the empty air above the wreckage, aiming to hit something invisible. He didn’t. The bullet richoched of the brick wall behind, perfectly naturally, yet in perfect instant retalation Aiden had one flash glimpse of those unearthly shapes again with that face lunging for him. It vanished again in an instant, but something very physical knocked Aiden to the ground and buried its teeth into his shoulder.

Flailing his arms above him, Aiden touched nothing but air. No force pinned him down yet the feeling of teeth taring into his shoulder didn’t cease as Aiden scrambled to his feet and fled the house.

Screw this.

Thank whatever god there was out there that the hour was almost midnight, there were so few people around. The petrol station was practically deserted. Aiden managed to stop the bleeding from his shoulder before pulling in. Now a huge bangade stuck over the area thinly veiled the deep human teeth marks therein.

The bleeding may have stopped but there were still cops patrolling everywhere. With the recent killings, who could blame them? Now even one of their own was killed and the other had nothing better than “a Viking did it!” Well, he did have one better. He could give a clear description of Aiden… those were definitely questions he didn’t want to answer. Their cars prowled by as Aiden cast one subtle glance to his shoulder, the torn fabric and red liquid, by some devine mercy it didn’t show too clearly on his black shirt.

Aiden filled his car with fuel, then grabbed the jerry can from his boot and filled that, casting more nervous looks round.

Guy with a bloody shoulder filling a jerry can with fuel, I might aswell wear a blood soaked overall and a mask!

“Excuse me, mister”

Aiden jumped at the voice, spinning round. The kid jumped too, first from Aiden’s reaction, then from the blood, plain to see up close.


Aiden looked over the kid, all colour had drained from his face. His eyes locked on Aiden’s shoulder.

“Oh, uhh… “ Aiden scambled, “I’m a…. vet. Just getting some fuel to drive out to a … farm.”

Not the best cover but fortunately kids are idiots. This boy, no older than eight, bought it instantly. His little brown eyes shot wide as the word vet.

“Have you seen my dog?”

He had a stack of papers in his hand, he held one up to Aiden. He took it and gave a quick glance. He’d seen no dog but given what’s been going on recently he’d guess it could well be on mars being ridden into battle by a gnome wielding a calculator like a chair in a wreslting ring… it made as much sense as anything else now.

A little golden retriever looking thing, but more an orange or copper colour, smiled up from the page with a phone number beneath. The boy’s sister had come trotting over now.

“Sorry” Aiden sighed, “Can’t say I’ve seen him but I, uh… we will keep a look out.”

Aiden still hadn’t lifted his hand from the fuel pump in the jerry can. Finally it was full as the little boy groaned and plodded away, head hanging low. Aiden closed the jerry can and slung it into his boot before striding over to the station.

Inside there was thankfully no queue and only one other customer, a woman, in odd clothes, some dark blue dress.

Some Goth, bet she’d love my life right now. Wanna swap?

Aiden paid her no notice and walked by, that was until she did. As he approached she lifted her head slighty, not looking at him, more as if she had heard or realised something. Then she looked at him, thck long black wavy hair draped about the sides of her face like curtains, and her eyes widened too, just like the kid’s. Aiden gave her a puzzled look for a moment.

Oh, the blood…

He didn’t break stride, just approached the counter. The worker barely looked up at Aiden as he just paid and left with that girl poorly hiding the fact that she was watching him from behind the shelves. Aiden just shook his head to himself and rushed back to his car.

Donning a face mask, a ring of black cloth over his nose and the lower half of his face, he began work. If ghosts and evil magic books that can give you powers were real then hell only knows what else was. The jerrycan was heavy when it was full.

He started upstairs. He had already packed up all his things into his car, so he splashed the petrol about the house with impunity. He paused a moment as he got to the computer room, considering atleast rescuing the laptop.

Not worth the risk. It’s ALL got to go!

Aiden doused it too, the computer, the desk, the whole ID forge. He made sure to open all the windows, to give as much air as he could. He soaked the stairs as he went down, drenched the living room and kitchen, taking special care to splash the walls wherever those symbols had been written, he doused the kitchen and even tore open the bag, making sure to soak the cannibal’s head. Then, with half the can left, he made for the basement.

Everything was bathed in the fuel, especially the two bodies and most of all, that insidious disgusting Altar. Aiden took an extra moment to grab that bowl of rotten mush, pour it out and slam the book into it, freezing cold biting Aiden’s fingers as he gripped it before he filled the bowl with fuel and drowned the book in it. Aiden cast one last glance to the Altar.

Yeah, why not.

He grabbed the box, the White Sage incense sticks, some supernatural clenser, and the littered the fuel soaked floor with them, stuffing one in to his pocket.

Finally he led a nice trail of fuel to the front door. The can now empty he walked it back to his car, parked down the street to avoid suspicion just on the off chance anyone was watching at mid night. He wondered if his tiny mask actually helped. Back at the front door, he wiped some fuel up with the Sage stick and with the lighter in his pocket, lit it. Once the sage stick was burning strong he dropped it onto the trail.

The fire streaked toward the house perfectly and in the slitest instant with a dull whoosh the house was ablaze. A few seconds later Aiden found himself stepping backwards from the heat, out onto the front lawn. The fire was huge, brilliant! In the light he could clearly be seen and the mask would definitely incriminate him but still he stood, watching. Whatever those dark spirits felt of Aiden, the feeling was mutual.

The fire rose high, much to Aiden’s delight, as the house began to crackle and creak. The wind rolled in and urged the fire on, beginning to roar.

In that moment, Aiden began to sense that he wasn’t alone. He looked over his shoulder up the street. Two figures were there. Witnesses?

Aiden turned to look to the fire once more before he’d run, but he never ran. The fire, the whole house had been ablaze but it was dwindling! The fire slowed and shrunk. Aiden looked back to the figures in the road only to see several now all around, surrounding the house, hooded cloaks in the fire light, all with the hands out in strange positions holding god knows what.

“No! Leave it!”

Aiden’s shouts were ignored as the fire continued to shrink until, just as quickly as it had started, the fire was out. Aiden turned and turned on the spot, looking to each of the figures. None were visible beneath the cloacks. Turning once again one figure had approached him in a sprinting stride. Aiden turned just in time for the figure’s feminine hand to clasp hard on his head, palm ramming some stone against his forehead. A feminine voice spoke some incantation beneath a blue hood, under which only blond locks trickled out. Aiden didn’t hear the words, they were spoken so quickly and as he tried to raise his own hands to push her off, he found his arms limp, his body exhausted. His eyes closed as he began to collapse to the floor, not knocked out, just forcefully falling to sleep.

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