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Dark Prince.

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I feel his eyes on me. Dark. Vicious. Hungry. I will escape this man someday. I will make him pay.

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Meeting Mr. Killer

I feel his eyes on me. Dark, vicious, hungry. I feel him gazing at me through the window. This mistake of meeting him will forever haunt me. I trusted a stranger - and now he has control of my whole life. He watches me. He watches me sleep. He watches me bathe. He watches me study. I may not always know he is there, but subconsciously I know, I know he controls my every move... my life depends on it.

There is no way I can escape him. I used to have hope that someday maybe, he would lose hope and leave me alone. But that was years ago. Every time I try to escape, someone I love is brutally murdered. As long as I listen to him, things seem to be okay. If having a serial killer stalking you is considered okay.

Let's start with how I met Mr. Killer...

Although I don't know if it is his real name, he has me call him Abraxas. I met him about two or three years ago, I don't quite remember. I ran into him on my way to the store. Now I think of it, I think he knew me before we met. I believe he was watching me before we met. The first things I noticed about him were his looks. His eyes are black and his build is muscular. He is very tall, definitely taller than 6 feet. His jaw is sharp, and it was like every part of him was carved and sculpted by an angel... or maybe a demon.

The second I saw him, I was pretty much attracted to him. I remember I was hardly able to speak, he made me so nervous. We ended up talking and he asked me if I would be willing to meet him for drinks. Unable to resist, I said yes. I agreed to meet him at his place for drinks... my first mistake.

Eager to see this stranger who called himself, Abraxas, I left my house early to meet him, in a short cut black dress. I arrived at his place about 30 minutes earlier than arranged.

I remember him opening his door for me, he dressed in dark clothes too, he had black roses in one hand. "For you, kitten."

I have never in my life been called something so strange, but this man was the best I've ever seen. I gladly took them and smiled. "Thank you."

Before letting me in, he paused and arched his brow. "Don't you owe me a kiss?"

I was mildly offended, but I made myself naive for him and obliged. I stood on my toes to reach his cheek with my lips. The smell of his cologne burned my nose. I brushed my lips on his cheek and then stepped back.

His eyes seemed to darken. "No," he said. Then he grabbed my face in his hands and pressed his lips hard on mine. I fought the urge to pull away, but his smell and taste were intoxicating. He pulled away smiling, "Good."

I didn't know what to say or feel. So I just forced myself to grin. I followed him in and he invited me to sit on a barstool and he pulls some glasses from a cupboard. I tried to allow myself to understand him, "Where are you from?"

He looks at me, "I wouldn't bother myself with such questions if I were you."

Maybe he has had a rough life, I think. "Okay."

He pours a drink I don't recognize and hands the glass to me. "Drink," he says.

I am hesitant, "Um?"

"Drink it, Delilah, it's good."

I taste the liquor, it's strong. We talk some, but mostly he is quiet, he watches me like a hawk. I begin to feel a strong urge to sleep. Before I know it, I am unconscious.

I don't remember when, but I remember waking up on a couch. He drugged me. I feel a stinging sensation on my wrist. I look down to see that I was branded. It looks like an eye with an oddly shaped 'A' in place of the pupil. "Abraxas?"

I look around the room, confused, scared. My eyes find him in the corner of the room grimacing, "You're mine now, kitten."

I am not completely alert yet, I am terrified. I reach for my cell and pull out my phone from my purse.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

I can't think straight. My whole body is shaking. I am overwhelmed with panic.

Abraxas approaches me and harshly takes my phone. He glares at me, "Here are the rules, kitten. You cannot escape me. If you try, you will deeply regret it. I will always be watching over you, kitten."

I look down. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. I look at the bleeding symbol on my wrist. "You are insane."

He kneels down so that we are eye to eye, "You, kitten, are not allowed to talk to me like that."

I spit on him and bring my arms up to push him away, "Call me by my name, you jackass!"

He hits me on the side of my head, I feel a splitting pain. I gasp in agony.

He smiles, "What do you say, kitten?"

I stay silent.

He grabs my face and lifts my eyes forcefully to his. "Do as I say, kitten."

I stutter, "I'm-," my fear makes it nearly impossible to speak.

"Finish," he demands.

I blink away the tears, "I'm sorry."

"Call me by my name, kitten."

I scowl, "I'm sorry, Abraxas."

He smiles and drops my face, "Good girl."

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