Licensed For Slaughter

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Im a Hunter I prowl the city looking for my next victim. The Police wont catch me. Homicide Detectives Ryan Matthews and Katie Montgomery are racing the clock to catch this killer before he strikes again. With the murders spaced out they are constantly closing the case and reopening it. Frustrated by the lack of clues they start to wonder if there is more to the murders than they think.

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On October 30th, 1992 was when struck. It was a beautiful fall evening. I could hear the crunching of leaves under my heavy boots. I have been following Cindy Willows for eight months now, I know everything from when she gets up and leaves her apartment to when she comes back home and tucks herself in at night. Why did I choose her? Some say because she reminds me of my mother. Ahh my mother was beautiful. She had long brown hair, piercing green eyes, a cute button nose, and a beautiful body. My mother was a rare beauty but man she was a domineering bitch. I remember so many times having an urge to wrap my hands around her neck till she was quiet. She was always in my head and she was so damn loud. So on the day of her funeral I sat there and smiled knowing she was finally silent, as she should be after all those years of yelling and screaming. The difference between Cindy and my mother is that Cindy is kind and quiet and minds her own business unlike my own mother.

My urges have grown larger and almost too much to handle but I must keep my demons quiet for now. Sitting in my car I watched as Cindy got her regular coffee and headed to work. I am like a lion on the hunt for his next meal. I have the perfect disguise as the security guard at the school that way I can watch her all day. Clocking into my shift I do my rounds finally ending with hers. We have the usual conversation and I head back to my station.

Later on my break I drove to my storage unit and set up. I love my routine, everything from the familiar scent of white cloth to the humming of my work tools. I start by covering the whole unit up with big plastic sheets and on the walls and floors as well. It is the same plastic and cloth I use to wrap their delicate, bloodless, body parts.

I then set my tools up in a row from my favorite medical saw to my least favorite, the cloth I stuffed their pretty, little, mouths with. I want to hear their begging and screams, but I can’t. I finished my preparation and headed back to work.

Later, myself along with all the other staff including Cindy, all head over to our favorite spot, The Purple Velvet Taproom. Walking into the bar I see her sitting there at the bars counter in the purple, leather chairs. I had to remind myself it wasn’t time yet as I felt the pre adrenaline rush through my veins as I watched her swing her long, smooth legs to the side. I sit next to her and we start talking. I immediately notice that she’s already tipsy making my job a lot easier.

About twenty minutes later I have her laying on the bench striped with the gag in her mouth. I see the fear in her eyes as her tears run down her porcelain white cheeks. Turning to the bench I pick up my saw and scalpel. Her eyes widen as I draw the scalpel from the top of her chest to the bottom of the waist.

Two hours later I’m just finishing up wrapping the delicate features in paper and tying them with twine like a nice gift on Christmas. After I dump the body then I change and head home. On my way I stop at the new bakery and grab a coffee. I double back and see a woman who looks strangely similar to Cindy Wilson. I can feel the humming again and in that moment I decide that she will be next.

So the next day I made my move and grabbed her in the alley way. She’s not incapacitated so it was harder to get her in my car. Grabbing the closest thing, I strike her in the back of the head and then the silence surrounds me and I feel at peace. Back at the storage unit I set up and turned on the news they must have found the body by now it’s a small town. Glancing up I see the heading Preschool Teacher Found Murdered I smile. “You see Miss Green that woman was in your same position. I followed her and at her weakest moment I slaughtered her. Now it’s your turn.” I chuckle turning on my drill. After the clean up I freeze her making sure all of her blood is drained then I wrap her like I did Cindy and all the others. I drop her off the next day in front of her bakery.

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