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After the death of their abusive, alcoholic mother, five siblings come together to face their greatest fears in a house filled with haunted memories, dark secrets, and the hatred they have for each other.

J Michael Wright
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Christopher woke up at sunrise. He lifted his legs off the side of the bed and pulled himself up.

Checking his phone, he realized Mama slept through the entire evening without one of her infamous tantrums of discomfort.

‘You’re old and you’re dying,’ Christopher thought.

He immediately regretted thinking it.

Mama’s hospice hadn’t been easy. Living with a mother like Mama wasn’t easy in general, but being his mother’s carer had taken its toll on Christopher.

At 32, he lived alone with his mother and father in their family farmhouse, passed down from generation to generation, in the wild country of Oklahoma. He was an overweight, pasty-skinned queer who hadn’t done anything with his life except give in to his hateful, manipulative alcoholic of a mother.

He had older siblings: three sisters and a brother. All gone. Moved, or left, the minute they found an escape route.

One never came for Christopher.

Christopher went to the restroom to relieve himself and wash his face and hands.

From the bathroom, he crossed the hall to his father’s suite. The light beeping of machines filled Christopher’s ears after opening the door, clearing up the empty silence in the poor man’s head.

‘Usually by this time, Mama’s in her room coughing up the only lung remaining in her chest. That’s what 60 years of smoking will do, on top of her asthma,’ Christopher thought as he moved towards his thinning old man. ‘God, I wish I were the one in the coma rather than be awake to hear that shit for the rest of my life.’ He stood beside his father, in an eternal sleep, and he let out a heavy sigh.

“It’s not fair,” he whispered. The doctors, based on all the tests they ran, the years of research and study, said their father’s mind was active. They believed he could hear those around him, so Christopher made sure to speak with him daily, as much as possible. “I should be out living my life, Papa, not stuck in here with invalids.” Tears fell down his cheeks and he closed his eyes. “It’s not fair I resent you and Mama, but I wasn’t given any other choice.”

Taking a few deep breaths, Christopher collected himself, clearing his erratic mind, and checked his father’s vitals on the machines. Everything appeared normal.

Turning back to his father, he placed his hand on his father’s and leaned down to kiss him on the forehead. “Good morning, Papa. I’m glad you were given another day to be here with us.”

Moving purposely, Christopher left his father’s room and closed the door behind him. Out in the hallway, he looked down to Mama’s room. The door was closed, but that wasn’t abnormal. He closed it last night after giving Mama her sleeping medication and tucking her into bed.

‘Still no word, huh?’ Christopher almost went to the door, but he stopped himself. ‘The new medication must be working.’

Instead, he went downstairs into the kitchen. The clock on the wall read 6:30am.

After starting a pot of coffee, Christopher decided to make breakfast: two eggs over easy; pan-fried bacon; and hot, butter-slathered Texas toast.

He sat at the table of the eat-in kitchen, sipping his coffee and eating his food. It didn’t take him long to finish, so he sat back and stared out the windows out into nature, letting his thoughts flow freely without interruption as daylight grew brighter and louder.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

The clock read 7:05am.

Christopher started on his mother’s meal: some soft oatmeal; cut-up pieces of tender bacon; and her own pot of black coffee.

As the food cooked, he set up the tray he used to serve Mama in bed. There was her plate, her spoon, fork, knife, coffee mug, and some napkins. When finished, he plated the food and took the tray upstairs.

He stood at the top of the stairs, staring down at the cold, dark hallway towards his mother’s door, still closed and room silent.

A sharp panic struck his nerve, and he suddenly felt worried.


At least, he wasn’t worried about what he was going to find at the end of the hallway.

No. He knew he’d find his mother dead.

He worried more about what it meant.

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