Pentaurus: The Vessel

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The Secret Coalition of the Occult Pentaurus cannot continue to guard their powers. Their minds are weakening and their bodies are spent. They must find a victim whose mind and body can house their powers. Then, when the moment is right, the vessel will seek out the members of the new Pentaurus and seed the powers into them. To this end, the Pentaurus hunt down a man who has been unknowingly singled out by their dark powers. After abduction, torture, rituals, and transfusions, their victim is ready to become the vessel of their powers. But do the members of the Pentaurus truly know what it is they have forced their victim to become? Or has their victim become a more powerful vessel than these men could have foreseen?

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Prologue: Resolution

We are Pentaurus. We have forged the destinies of our descendants and their descendants. We have guarded the powers that create their conflicts, wielded the forces that destroy them.

You, Hernandez, persuaded the Duke of Parma to stay his communication to the Armada, to its utter ruin.

You, Klein, sparked the witch hunts in Germany, snuffing out their superstitious meddling into our affairs.

You, Jiung, incited the Red Turban Rebellions, bringing about the fall of the Yuan dynasty.

You, Erasmus, opened the door to the Crusaders when they sacked Constantinople.

And I, Darpo, sent the shaft that ended Harold’s life. I stood by William, when he put the crown of England upon his head.

We have stood the test of millennia. The forces we wield grow ever stronger, but our bodies are growing weak. Our lowly flesh can only endure such power for so long.

The Pentaurus cannot continue within us.

We must find a vessel, a body in which to seed our powers. When the time is right, the forces shall leave the vessel and enter the minds and souls of the new Pentaurus.

Come, my brethren, time grows short for us. It is our destiny to ensure the survival of the Pentaurus. The forces of darkness depend upon it. What say you?

In the darkened cellar, four men answered,

So be it done.

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