Withering away

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Kristen is beautiful girl, very popular with the boys, and ignored by the girls almost as if she blended in, but she really didn’t at all although she was like a dream to Caden.She lived a terrible life, partied every night to catch the beauty of the night all those heights lights shining against her body really made derek thirsty.Unlike shy Caden, who was a good boy -friend .Who wouldn’t want to have a night with Kristen? Kristen was definitely on the list of who the boys wanted to pray on.

Horror / Romance
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In my dads mansion

What happened in hear? Looks like a hurricane hit! Caden starts laughing. Kristen smiles and waves, guess I’ve should of cleaned my room this week huh? Especially since I didn’t know you were hanging over. Caden smiles and hugs her. It has been a while, 10 grade will start soon; do you have everything prepared for your classes?

He tucks on his back pack anxiously. Most definitely!! She picks up clothes and throws it in the hamper. Im not gonna be there the first two days you think you can, see me on the weekend?Caden blushes alittle, well of course! Your gonna need someone to help you organize your room!

He stares at her nervously. She stands In front of caden her eyes piercing his. He’s embarrassed and feels like he’s being caught starring at what she was wearing, tank top and shorts. She smiles and grabs his hand and leads him to the bed, where he sits beside her. It’s to bad you don’t like partying...

I would of invited you tonight I don’t want to hurry you away or anything but I do have to get ready! You sure you don’t wanna go? He smoothed his blonde hair and his blue eyes look down at her. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

I mean we’re still young, and would your parents be mad if they find out your not sleeping over ambers house?She fixes her hair and puts on a jacket zipping it up. I guess your right, but You and I both know how my familly is, they don’t even care if I leave the house with a boy.

I should just enjoy myself, besides moms a drunk and dad he’s barely ever here! Like if he wouldn’t even care how I spend my money, or what clothes I wear !As long as I look like money in front of my other relatives! He really could care less, about my exsistence!

His eyes linger on her face and he bites his lip concerned. Why don’t you stay with me for a bit? My parents wouldn’t mind - I could sleep on the floor... She sighs and gets up. I have to get ready, it’s almost 9. He grabs her hand as she was about to walk away to the closet, he follows her and accidentally trips on her stuffed animal toy.

He falls on top of her. His eyes are locked even shocked and her face turns red. His eyes are menacing blue, she never really noticed how beautiful he was, even though it was to obvious. The first thing he couldn’t help was to noticed her body pressed against his and how her lips gloss seem to shine gently on her lips.

Before you know it someone calls her a slut and slams the door shut. He quickly gets up and helps her up. Her face looking like it been slapped by what her mother just said. You should go... she looks away her arms holding herself.

His eyes drop alittle uncomfortable and surprised at what her mother just said. As if she would let anything unfold he thought, not that he ever thought of it.

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