Did death do us apart

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When Daniella finds herself in a love triangle between her fiance William and late boyfriend Alex who is still obsessed with her even when death did them apart

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

Alex pov

Finally she is mine ,my baby is mine and its not just an illusion we are actually dating i have waited for this day I've dreamt and actualised my dream of she being my wife

Guess what beautiful we are finally going to be together as he stared at daniella picture

He had been in love with Daniella almost all his life as he spied on her daily in her house with hidden camera so he couldn't lose track her cause he believed he had worked too hard to get her to to like him back after years of trying although he knew she liked he point but not to the point of falling in love with him but anything was perfect for him as long as he could have her as his own he will take this golden opportunity to make her his no matter what happened .

He had kept an eye on her like a nursing mother as he thought of having a tracker installed in her body so he could monitor her movement but he knew that would be hard and he didn't want to hurt her by cutting open her skin to fix it cause he knew it will cause problems later so he just had toget a different way to keep an eye on her so she doesn't leave him for another man so he googled for ways to keep your girlfriend from cheating and they were a lot of solutions of him buying het things and other romance stuff which he took note of and he scrolled down continuously till he came across the perfect solution as he smiled at the computer screen

Hi readers first book here so how was my first chapter I know I kind of left you in suspense but i just had to so let me know what you think 😎😎😎

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