The Basement

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" Your war with the ghost is getting us nothing," Lana told Bianca later that day. " Nothing but trouble. The first week of school and we already have detention. It's a new record."

The class was in the library, gathering information for their projects on local history. Jason had checked out some videos. Lana had looked through the reference section. Bianca had searched online. Now they were huddled around the computer with a bunch of old school scrapbooks spread out in front of them.

" You're right. It looks like I'm stuck with that ghost," Bianca said. " We have to think of another way to get the ghosts out of our classroom.

" What if the ghosts are in the library." Lana asked, glancing over her shoulder. " They'd be mad if they knew we were plotting against them."

" Since when do you worry about how a ghost feels?" Bianca asked.

Lana's face turned red and she quickly opened one of the old school scrapbooks.

" Don't worry," Jason said as he tapped his feet on the carpet. " All the old stories talk about the ghosts being in the basement. They never mention anything about weird happening in the rest of the school."

Bianca looked at the computers and the metal shelves. " The library looks too modern to be haunted," she said. " But how can that be? Doesn't the plague on the school say hiddenville high was founded in 180?"

" This building can't be that old," Jason said. " It has air conditioning and electricity."

Lana flipped through the yellowed pages of the scrapbook in her lap until something caught her eyes.

" Look at this newspaper article," she said. " It's about the dedication of the new hiddenville high school. It says the new school was built on the site of the original school, and that it will be a lasting memorial to the terrible occurrence in 1870."

" Terrible occurrence?" Jason asked " what happened to the old school?" Bianca asked.

" It doesn't say" Lana told her. " But there's a picture of it." She held up the faded photo of two lovers inside an old one- room.

The caption under the picture listed their names one of the name was OZZY.

" That's the name scratched into my desk," Bianca said.

" I bet he's the ghost haunting me."

A dog named Huxley stood at close to him in the photograph." According to the article,'' Bianca said " Huxley was Ozzy's pet, following them wherever they went.

" I always wanted a dog" Lana said.

" But I never thought it would be a ghost dog."

"We need to find a way to get rid of the ghosts," Bianca said.

" Maybe you should try to get along with them," Lana said.

Bianca stared at Lana for a long time. She tapped her fingers on the computer keyboard.

" That's it!" Bianca yelled." I've got it!"

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