The Basement

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" I have the perfect solution to the ghost problem," Bianca told her friends. She leaned over the library table and told them her plan.

Bianca grabbed the hall pass and took off running, but Jason and Lana quickly over took her.

The three friends sat in the class patiently waiting for the ghost. Immediately the ghost showed up Bianca ran towards him and begged him not to leave.

" Why have you been torturing me?" Bianca asked

" My name is Ozzy I use to be a student same with my love Amanda . I and Amanda started dating at the eight grade but unfortunately Amanda died on the day of our wedding , so I swore never to let any eight grader date each other" Ozzy said

" So then why only me?"Bianca asked

" Because seeing you reminds of Amanda when we were kids." Ozzy said

Bianca bust into tears "I'm deeply sorry you passed through all this when you were alive."

"I'm also sorry for all the trouble I have caused you."

Shortly after that Mr. Dwayne entered the class" what's happening?" He yelled " everyone take your seat."

Ozzy smiled and glanced around. The kids looked too. That's when shimmering clouds began to take shape. Ozzy winked and disappeared with his dog.

" Do you think they'll be back?' Lana whispered.

Bianca nodded. She had a feeling her ghost adventures was just beginning.

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