The Basement

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It was finally here the 26 October, 5 days to Halloween "what is taking him so long?" Bianca whispered to her best friends, Jason and Lana. The three teenagers leaned against a windowsill and watched as their principal, Ms. Maguire turned a rusty key in the basement door of Hiddenville high.

" I can't believe she's making us go down there" Lana whimpered." It's terrible!"

Ms. Maguire smiled a mysterious smile and pointed a dagger like fingernails into the darkness. " There you go,"she said as the door creaked open.

Musty air crept around the eight graders ankles." It smells like dog barf," Bianca said, wrinkling up her nose.

"You'd smell like that too, if you'd been shut up for over a hundred years," Jason said. Then with a laugh, he added, " come to think of it, you and Lana do smell like you've been shut up for a hundred years."

Lana tossed back her long black hair, but Bianca was used to Jason's smart - aleck remark. They'd lived next door to each other since they were three and they also had a crush on each other but we're to shy to tell each other."ignore Jason,"Bianca told Lana " we might as well make the best of this. It's not like we have a choice."

" Your new classroom is just down those stairs," Ms. Maguire told the class.

Mr. Dwayne, their eight graders teacher, smiled nervously at his students."come on class," he said.

"Let's begin our great adventure together!"

Lana shuddered as Mr. Dwayne led the class through the doorway cand down the dimly lit steps. She knew the school was overcrowded. There were too many kids and not enough classrooms. The principal's solution was to set up a classroom in the basement. Lana understood. But why did her class have to be the unlucky enough to get moved? Lana wasn't afraid of anything when it came to sports, but she was a regular chicken about things like ghosts, spiders, snakes, scary movies and dark basements.

She looked around. Nobody seemed very happy, not even Mr. Dwayne.

The basement steps creaked and groaned beneath the weight of the kids and their new teacher. A single lightbulb barely lit up the rugged red brick walls and wooden steps. Mr. Dwayne waved a dictionary in front of him, battling with cobwebs as he went down the steps. " The janitor will get this cleaned up in no time."

" Someone should tell Mr. Dwayne that the basement of Hiddenville high is haunted," Lana whispered to Bianca. Lana had never really believed the crazy ghost stories that floated around the school, but she figured if any place was haunted, this would be it. Kids called the school Ghostville high for a reason.

As soon as the words were out of Lana's mouth, the light bulb went dead. The teenagers were plunged into total darkness. For a second there was silence,cand then every kid on the steps screamed.

" Stay where you are," Mr. Dwayne yelled," And please keep shut".

Bianca grabbed Jason's arm and didn't breathe. Suddenly, she felt two cold hands camp down on her shoulders. When Mr. Dwayne got the light back on she saw Lana smiling at her. " Did a ghost get you?" She asked.

" That wasn't very funny", Bianca told her.

" You guys don't really believe those old ghost stories do you?" Jason asked. He hopped from foot to foot, anxious to get going.

Bianca shrugged. Had never actually met a ghost, but that didn't mean they didn't exist.

" This reminds me of a horror movie I saw on TV," Jason told Bianca and Lana once the line started moving again. " At the bottom of the steps a zombie jumps out and grabs this girl."

Lana graoned. Bianca frowned. The basement was creepy enough. They didn't need Jason, the scary movie fan, to make it worse." Be quiet,Jason,"Bianca said." And quit tickling my neck."

I'm not touching you," Jason said Bianca spun around on the bottom step.

Jason was behind her, but he had one hand on the damp stair rail and his other arm wrapped around his backpack.

The next time someone touched her neck,Bianca ignored it. She knew it had to be Jason.

In the hallway at the bottom of the steps, Bianca felt a cold draft. It felt like it passed right through her body.

That's when Lana sc

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