The Basement

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Ghost Class

Lana's scream cut through the darkness of the hallway.

" What is it?" Mr. Dwayne asked, rushing towards Lana. " What's wrong?"

"S-----s ------ something brushed up against my leg" Lana blurted out. " It was cold and it was smooth very smooth.

" Maybe it was a snake," Jason said with a straight face.

Lana screamed again. If there was one thing she hated, it was snakes. Everyone knew that.

" Mr. Dwayne patted Lana on the shoulder. " I'm sure it was just a robe," he said.

Bianca put her arm around Lana's shoulders. Darkness had never bothered Bianca . She figured if she kept close to her friend, Lana wouldn't be so scared.

There's no to be scared of in this basement," Mr. Dwayne said again with a shaky smile before glaring at Jason. " Stop teasing, Jason," Mr. Dwayne warned. Lots of teachers said that to Jason. It had never worked before and Bianca had the feeling it wasn't going to work for Mr. Dwayne, either.

Just then, Bianca felt something big and cold press up against the back of her leg. " Someone's got me!" She screamed and whirled around. Nothing was there.

Mr. Dwayne put his hands on his hips . He was about to say something when another kid hollered. " Something slimy licked my fingers."

The twins, Carla and Darla, yelled at the same time," somebody pushed us."

" Stop kidding around," Mr. Dwayne said firmly." This joke has gone on long enough. Now, let's go look at our new room."

Bianca hadn't been joking. Something or someone really had grabbed her leg.

Bianca swallowed hard and went into the classroom . Dust floated in the weak light from the dirty half - windows. The room had a cracked chalkboard covered by years of dust. Rows of mismatched furniture filled the room. Cobwebs fluttered from the water - stained ceiling.

" This place looks like a graveyard for old school stuff," Bianca said.

Jason looked at the antique desks and shelves. " I wish this was a graveyard - a haunted graveyard.

" I went on a haunted cemetery ride once in Florida that had Dracula and a werewolf. It even had giant bugs."

" I bet this basement is full of giant bugs," Lana complained.

Bianca, Lana and Jason sat near each other in the three oldest - looking desks in the room. As soon as Bianca sat down, she felt a chill so cold it made her bones ache.

To Bianca, the school's techno - whiz, the thought of spending an entire year trapped in a musty room was dingy and dirty. The map on one end of the chalkboard was so old it didn't even picture all the states.

Mr. Dwayne didn't seems to notice. He wrote math problems on the chalkboard like it was his favorite thing to do. Soon, a cloud of fine chalk dust poofed around his head and covered his think black framed glasses.

Bianca shook her curly blond hair in disbelief. " What's he doing?" She asked Lana." Doesn't be know we're supposed to play games for the first week of school?"

Bianca sighed and looked around the room for a computer. She gasped . There wasn't a single keyboard to be seen. " What kind of room is this?" She whispered to Jason." We don't even have a computer. I feel like we have stepped back in time!"

" Yeah, about one hundred years back in time," Jason said. "It looks like an old one - room school house!" His feet were tapping out a nervous patter beneath his ancient desk. Even when he was sitting he had the fastest feet at Hiddenville high.

Bianca sighed again and checked out the top of her desk. Someone had scratched his name all over it. It was bad enough that Bianca had to sit in an old, beaten up desk; she couldn't live with someone else's name written on it.

She gripped her pencil and starter trying to erase the marks on her desk. Then she added a few good scribbles of her own.

" Stop messing with my desk!" Someone whispered.

Bianca looked over her shoulder. Everyone in the class had their eyes on their math book. Bianca glared at Jason. It was just like him to play a trick like that. Behind her a boy named Andrew gave her a mischievous smile. He was even more troublesome than Jason. He could be teasing her too.

Bianca went back to doodling her name. The second her pencil tip touched the old wooden desktop, something cold tickled her neck. Bianca turned around. Andrew wasn't there. He had gotten up to ask Me. Dwayne a question. Jason was flicking erasers off his desk everyone else was scribbling down math problems.

Bianca tried to write her name again, but her pencil tip broke. " This stinks," Bianca snapped. She took a tiny pencil sharpener bout of her backpack and went to the trash can.

The twins, Carla and Darla, sat nearby." You'd better sit down....." Darla whispered to Bianca. At least Bianca thought it was Darla. It could've been Carla.

"...... Before you get in big trouble," Carla finished or maybe it was Darla.

When Bianca tried to sit down, it felt like she was sitting on someone's lap." Yikes!" Bianca yelped and jumped up. Mr. Dwayne peered at her over his math book" please take your seat and get to work, Miss Jose," Mr. Dwayne said.

" Are you okay?" Lana whispered.

Bianca nodded. She bent over her seat and stared at it.

" What's wrong?" Andrew sneered " Are you allergic to your chairs?" A few kids giggled. Carla and Darla gave Bianca identical warning glares, but she ignored them them and continued to examine her seat. Her chair looked old, and it was definitely empty.

" This is the stupidest desk in the world," Bianca snapped and flopped up on the floor," I'll get you for that Andrew," she blurted.

Some kids snickered. Andrew laughed out loud " I didn't do anything, Klutzy Bianca," he said.

Mr. Dwayne stood by Bianca's desk and crossed his arms over his chest.

" Enough is enough, Miss Jose," he said." For disrupting the entire class and writing on school's property, you will have to stay inside during recess - all by yourself."

Bianca looked around the basement room and gulped. She would find out who had moved her chair, and she would get even. If it was the last thing she did.

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