The Basement

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" scrub your desktop," Mr. Dwayne said. " Then write a paragraph explaining the value of school property. I'll check in on you before recess is over. Mr. Dwayne pushed on a rusty door at the back of the room. It squeaked open and sunlight flooded into the basement.

" Cool," Jason said." We have our own escape door to the playground."

Bianca squeezed out a wet sponge as the other kids filed past her and out the door." We warned you," Darla said as she passed by." You'd better behave....."

"..... If you ever plan on going outside outside again," Carla finished.

Lana put her hand on Bianca's shoulder and smiled. " Kickball won't be the same without you," Lana said. " That's right," said Andy.

" It will be more fun.

Jason insisted on staying. Bianca frlt like throwing the cleaning sponge at Andrew, but figure she'd only get in more trouble. She sighed and scrubbed the top of her old desk, muttering with every stroke." It's not fair! It's not my fault!" The more she scrubbed, the louder she muttered.

" Whoever pulled out my chair should be doing this."

" Hah!"

Bianca heard a deep belly laugh." Jason if it's you stop it please" she said " I'm not the one" Jason replied. Bianca looked behind her. No one was there except Jason. She peered under the teacher's desk. In fact, she searched uner every desk while Jason sat looking at her. A chill slithered down her back. " This creepy basement must be getting to me," she said to Jason. I'd better finish this fast so we'll get out of here."

Bianca rubbed her name off the desk. Presto! It disappeared. Then she worked on the name that had been written years and years ago.

Ozzy" what kind of name is that?" She muttered. It had been there so long it was almost worn off anyway " good bye, Ozzy," Bianca said.

" Bianca I love you" she heard from behind she turned and saw Jason coming towards her " J......a........s.........o........n she stammered " what are you doing."

" I have been willing to tell you this since we were at third grade but I was too shy to tell you" Jason said. " I love you too" Bianca replied. As there were about kissing.

" Nooooooo! Nooooooo!" The whispers grew louder and louder. "Nooooooo!"

The dust cloud twirled around Bianca and Jason. They covered their ears with their hands and tried to block out the noise, coughing as more dust swirled through the room. Bianca wiped at the dust covering her face. Then the lights went dead and they were left in complete darkness.

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