The Basement

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Jason stumble over to the wall and flipped on the light switch. He spun around to see a man about Mr. Dwayne age, holding Bianca.

He had dark hair that stuck upon top. He wore a black suit. He stared at his tattered shoes until his laughter made him look into his brown eyes.

" Let her go" Jason commanded, but he wouldn't stop laughing.

" That wasn't funny at all," She told him.

He stepped towards him. " You'd better quit laughing," he warned. He reached over to Bianca, and pulled her out from his captive. They both hugged. For the first time Jason was scared.

" Where did he go?" Bianca asked. " Come back here."

The room was still except for a whisper." I'm warning you. leave her alone."

At first, Bianca was scared. Had she really seen a ghost? Then Bianca got mad.

Dust covered every surface of the classroom. Mr. Dwayne would think she did it. " Don't worry we will clean it up together," Jason said holding her hand. They may as well have been talking to a ghost, because the man didn't reappear.

Suddenly, a noise started. " Maybe the ghost is back!" She whirled around. Lana stood at the door to the playground.

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