The Basement

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The Assignment

That afternoon, Mr. Dwayne's eyes lit up " uh - oh," Bianca muttered. Teacher always had that look when they're about to give huge assignment.

Bianca sighed. She already had to write a paper about proper behavior because of the mess the ghost made. She didn't need anymore work.

Mr. Dwayne stopped smiling long enough to hunt around the room.

" Where's my chalk?" He asked.

A couple of kids shrugged their shoulders. A boy named C. J looked under the desks. Carla and Darla looked at Bianca. " I didn't take it," Bianca said." Honest."

Carla waved her hand in the air. " We'll go to the office......"

"....... the principal keeps extra supplies there," Darla added.

Mr. Dwayne smiled at the twins." That would be very helpful, girls," he said.

" Helpful students are exactly what this class needs." He glanced at Bianca to make sure she got the point. Bianca's day was going from bad to worse.

No sooner were Carla and Darla out of the than two lunch boxes fell off the shelf in the back of the room. They landed with a clatter that made the whole class jump.

I didn't touch them," Bianca said quickly. Then she looked at Jason. " The ghost did it," she muttered.

" Maybe ghost man is here for us," he whispered.

As soon as Carla and Darla came back with a dog box of chalk, Mr. Dwayne got that excited teacher gleam in his eyes again.

" It's time for social studies," he said, rubbing his hands together.

" Please take out your books. I can't wait to get started on our new project!"

Bianca sighed and dug through her desk, looking for her book. She knew it was in there. But no matter how hard she looked, she couldn't find it.

Bianca scooted over to share with Jason. "It's the ghost,"Bianca whispered" He took my book. He's trying to get me for admitting I love you."

Mr. Dwayne interrupted their whispers " Today, we start a new assignment. We'll be doing group projects about local history!" Mr. Dwayne said it as though he expected the entire class to break into cheers and applause. When they didn't, he continued, though his smile wasn't quite as big as before.

"Each group will be reporting about something in our community. You get to choose your group, and your group will choose the topic."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, kids dashed back corner.

" There is a ghost in our classroom," Bianca whispered.

" There's never been any real proof that this school is haunted, " Lana said sitting on the floor.

" No one other than Chloe their janitor has been down here for over one hundred years. And the school's nickname is Ghostville," Bianca said .

Lana slapped her hand on her knee. " I wanted to write about the Hiddenville high bullets. At least the school's baseball team is a fun topic."

Lana gasped and looked around the room, but Bianca was determined. " The ghosts are part of the history of our school," Bianca said. We'll do exactly what Mr. Dwayne wants us to. We'll find out about our school's history the ghost history!"

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