The Basement

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We are dating

" Are you still thinking about what I told you?" Jason asked

" We have to talk," Bianca said, " at my house."

"As long as you have peanut butter sandwiches, I'll listen."

Jason told her . "I'm damn serious"

Bianca said." I'm so hungry l could eat California".

" Me too," said Lana jumping up and down . " And I need to use the bathroom."

" Just don't tell my Grandpa about the ghosts in our new classroom," Bianca said . " I don't want to upset him. "

" What about us" Jason added" I will handle that"

"What about you guys" Lana interrupted" Are you two like a couple? Coz I have been noticing you guys after I left you both in the classroom earlier"

"Yes" Bianca and Jason said.

The kids politely said hello to Bianca's grandpa while Bianca slapped together sandwiches and grabbed some other snacks. Bianca grandpa had lived with her family for the last two years." He had a habit of listening in on her friends' conversations. To make sure he couldn't hear, Bianca herded Lana and Jason into the backyard.

" We have a problem," Bianca said as she sat down on the grass.

" I am not sharing a room with a ghost for the rest of the year."

Jason grinned and held up a peanut butter covered hand. " Maybe the ghost don't like love because the ghost appeared when we both confessed out love to each other.''

" Ghost should not be after love or even lovers," Lana said firmly. "Ghosts should stay in dark places and leave us alone. We have to warn Mr. Dwayne."

Jason shook his head " he would never believe it". I'm not sure I would have believed it either. The question now is, why is it after Bianca?"

Bianca shrugged" because for some reason he decided to pick on me. But that's not the point. We have to get rid of the ghost ourselves before he does some real harm."

" Can ghost really hurt people?" Lana asked. All the color had drained out of her face.

" Nobody really knows all the things ghosts can do," Jason said, licking peanut butter off his fingers. " In this one movie I saw, the ghost gained energy from things that use to belong to him."

" Stop scaring us," Lana said, her voice shaking just a little. " If that movie is right, the ghost could be gaining strength from anything even Bianca!"

" And it's up to us," Bianca said with a determined nod," to get rid of whatever it is."

" We may not have magic," Bianca said slowly," but we can find out how to get rid of our ghost pest - the museum."

Bianca led the way down the street to the old house that was the town's museum. A rusty sign out front read:


" Why did you bring us here?" Jason complained. " This place is filled with nothing but old junk." He tapped his foot on the hard floor while Bianca sat at a computer. She quickly did a search for" classroom through the ages."

" Because information can give us the power to get rid of the ghost pest. " Check this out" Bianca said." These desks look like course and they're from 1870."

"Isn't there a video or DVD we could check out instead?" Jason asked as he moved towards the door . " Looking at old furniture on a computer screen is boring."

" Wait, told Jason. "When the ghost was alive, there were no movies, no videos, no telephones and no cars. He couldn't go home and watch TV."

Bianca snapped. " Maybe I can have the last laugh. Just maybe we can out - trick the ghost."

" What do you have in mind?" Lana

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