The Basement

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The plan

Jason held his nose when he and Bianca met up with Lana on the way to school early the next morning. " What's that horrible smell?"

Garlic," Lana said. " It's to scare away the ghost just in case Bianca's plan doesn't work."

" The only thing you're going to scare away with that are your friends," Jason said with a laugh.

Bianca held her nose, too. " I'm pretty sure garlic is for vampires - not ghosts, she told Lana.

Lana pulled the garlic off her neck and tossed it into the nearest trash can. " I worried about Bianca's ghost all night. I thought the necklace might help."

"I've got all we need right here," Bianca said, patting her backpack. " That ghost doesn't like me and I don't like him right back, but I'm going to win this ghost war."

" It might not be a good idea to get into a battle with a ghost." Jason warned Bianca as they made their way across the playground. A lone swing swayed in the cool breeze, it squeaking chain slicing through the morning air. " Ghosts can change their form. They can even turn into monsters."

Lana shivered and hugged her arms. " Jason is right. I don't want to fight any ghosts."

Bianca faced Lana and of course her boyfriend Jason " I don't want to fight a ghost, either. I don't want to have anything to do with the ghost but you saw what he did to me right?" She asked Jason " it's too late - the ghost started it."

" I brought my dad's old video camera just in case the ghost shows up, " Jason said, adjusting the strap on his backpack. " It might come in handy for our report."

" All right," Bianca said. " Let's do it. " Lana was so afraid to go down the steps leading from the playground to their classroom, Bianca and Jason had to grab her by the elbow and carry her down.

" Maybe we should just forget about this," Lana said. " We could ask our parents to send us to boarding school instead."

Bianca didn't answer Lana. She stared into the classroom at the ghost perched on top of her desk. He stuck his fingers in his mouth to stretch it into a gruesome grin.

" Don't you see him? Bianca hissed, just loud enough for Lana and Jason to hear.

" Who?" Lana asked, squeezing in the doorway beside Jason.

" The ghost!" Bianca pointed to her desk.

" I can see him" Jason added " but I can't" Lana said

" She can only see me if I let her," the man said. " And you can just get out of here. All of you!"

At that instant, the ghost glowed green from head to toe, showing himself to Lana for the first time.

Lana screamed and slumped against the door.

" I think I'm gonna be sick," Lana moaned.

This time Bianca stomped her foot. She pulled a portable blow-dryer out of her backpack. She quickly plugged it in and turned it on full blast. " If you won't leave on your own, then I'll blow you away."

Jason and Lana held their breathe, and the ghost did too. In fact, he filled his cheeks with air. They grew bigger and bigger. Soon his entire head was the size of a basketball. Then it grew to the shape of a watermelon. The ghost looked like it would pop at any time.

Bianca's knees trembled. Her stomach did triple somersaults. Her heart beat hard inside her chest.

A grin stretched across the ghost growing head. " Boo!" He shouted with a giant whoosh that blew Bianca's hair straight back.

Lana fell against the wall pages of books flapped in the whirlwind. The map fell from the chalkboard. Papers fluttered off Mr. Dwayne's desk.

Bianca shrieked and dived to the floor along with all the papers from their teacher's desk just as the classroom door fl

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