The Basement

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Bianca's plan

" what happened?” Chloe asked from the hall doorway.

Bianca jumped and Lana let out a little shriek. Jason looked all around, but the ghost was gone. Jason hadn't even had a chance to take out his video camera.

" I didn't mean to startle you," Chloe said. " I found this poor little kitty - cat shivering behind the dumpster out back. I named him Mo and thought I'd let him rest down here where it's nice and warm."

With a jingling and jangling of her keys, Chloe stepped inside the room. Huddled in her arms was a cat as black as night. Mo's yellow eyes widened for instant. Then he kissed and sprang straight from Chloe's arms.

Mo dashed first one way, then another, as if something was trying to catch him by the tail. The cat tore across the room. Desks, chairs, books,papers and a globe fell to the ground.

Chloe and the kids tried to catch the cat, but whenever they came close it felt like someone tripped them.

Finally, poor frightened Mo darted out the door and down the ball. The kids helped Chloe up.

Before Chloe left, she pointed to the mess. " It's time you started getting along in this room- ALL of you. You had best sweep up those kitty- cat paw prints, too," she said with a wink of her eye

The kids looked to where Chloe had pointed. There, scattered in the chalk dust on the floor, were lots of cat prints. There was also a larger set of paw prints- the kind a big dog would make.

The three kids looked at each other. " Uh- oh," Lana said. " Those paw prints look like they belong to a dog. A ghost dog!"

" Maybe," Jason said slowly as he straightened the papers on Mr. Dwayne's desk, " the ghost and his dog don't like Bianca."

Bianca looked like she might cry. It's almost sad, when you think of it that way. Maybe instead of fighting with the ghost, you should try talking to him nicely." Lana said

Bianca smiled a pretend smile" of course! We could summon the ghost and have a pizza party," she said.

Lana grabbed Bianca's arm. " Think about it. This ghost and his dog have come back for revenge on Bianca."

" That's it !" Bianca yelled. " I know what I need to do!" She grabbed her heavy wooden desk and started pulling it towards the door.

" What are you doing?" Lana asked." No one is leaving this room or coming into the room."

Jason laughed. " So your really think blocking the door can stop the ghost from coming in"

"You'd better hurry before Mr. Dwayne gets here," Lana said.

Splat! A tuna fish sandwich slammed into Bianca's face. " Hey, that's my lunch!' Bianca screamed and wiped the tuna off her face.

An invisible hand lifted a juice bottle, a granola bar, and an apple out of Bianca's lunch box. Whack! Bam! Fling! The food pelted Bianca in the face and arms.

" Quit it!" Bianca yelled and held her arms up to protect herself.

" There's more than one ghost!" Jason screamed.

Suddenly, the food stopped flying and the kids stared at each other.

Bianca was covered with chocolate milk. Jason had salami on his head and yogurt on his shirt. " You look like an exploding sandwich," Bianca told Jason. They all giggled until the door swung open. There stood Mr. Dwayne and he didn't look happy.

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