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Riley‘s life as an orphan with young siblings wasn’t the best thing but with the help of her best friend, Esme over the series of the book Only girl children are kidnapped and murdered with Their unimaginable worst fears.

Horror / Romance
Emma Vanderwende
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The bar

“Okay then kill them. Kill them all if you have
to. Anything to get the girl in my hands.”

“Yes my lord.”we will leave tomorrow,”the soldier says bowing his head and leaves the small room. When Riley get kidnapped she is introduced to a completely new world that changes her life forever.

The loud music thundered the dance floor, as people moved their body to the music. People bumped into each other every so often, because of the darkness of the room. I watched my best friend dance in the dim lit room.

“This is the best fun I have had in days,”My best friend Esme shouts over the loud music.

“Yes but I worried about my sisters”I shout back to her over the loud music “yes, You are right,” she says nodding her head slowly

“why am I feeling so hot?”

“Maybe because we are dancing in the middle of the crowd,” I say to her “You are such a mood killer,” Esme says moving to the music. “Well your such a party rocker,” I retort back. Esme and I are complete opposite, but you know what they say opposite attract.

I am the type of girl that sits and reads all. I may read all day but I am definitely not afraid to speak my mind out loud.


I flip my dark brown hair over my shoulder in an attempt to stop sweating I am 5, 7 tall and am the ‘nobody her name but have seen her around’ At school. I was given to an orphanage when I was six. After that nobody adopted me. So basically I’m in orphan.

I’ve been working part time at The local coffee shop since I was thirteen to earn money for my siblings so when I get kicked out of the orphanage which is tomorrow because I turned 18 today i’m going to really need the money. At least Esme allowed me and my siblings to stay at her house until we find somewhere to stay.

Esme moves her body to the beat. Her blonde hair waving around wildly. Esme what now days liked to be called perfect. She has perfect grades, loving parents, she’s rich and get all of the boys attention at school.

The only bad part about her life is a little old me. I’ve told her plenty of times to ditch me and go hang out with the popular group but every time I asked her, she told me that best friends don’t ditch each other. After a while I gave up.

“I am going to sit down,” I shout in Esme’s ear.

“Why? we have only been dancing for a couple minutes,”

“ we’ve been in the club for more than three hours.” I wipe away the sweat that’s on my forehead.

“Well if we are going to be sitting down we might as well get a drink,”she says turning around and pushing through the crowd. After finally getting away from the crowd we walk to the bar.

“Two vodkas please,”Esme says to the bartender. I blink my light, blue eyes slowly trying to adjust to the bright light above us.

Here you go, ladies,” the bartender says putting two shots down in front of us.

“ thanks,” we both mutter to him.

“One, two three,” we say pulling the glass to the tip of my mouth. Drinking the contents down no matter how much it burned.

“ you want one more?”

“ I want to have one more, but I have to go now,” I say standing up. I have to grab the table to steady myself.

“ do you have to?” She asked pouting.

“Yes, you know the curfew is 12 o’clock at the orphanage and this is my last night there so I want to make the best of it,” I say.

She Cocks an eyebrow in response telling me she fully doesn’t believe me.

“ I also got an early shift at work tomorrow and I’m probably going to get in trouble for drinking.”

“ just blame it all on me,” she says with a smirk on her face, “it’s not like I will see them again.”

“ you’re right, i’ve got to go now,Bye!” I shout to her over the loud music.

“Wait.” Esme hold my hand, preventing me from going.

“What?” I asked curiously. I tilt my head to the side, confused to why she’s holding my hand.

“Are you going to be alright?” Esme asked me in a concerned voice. This has always been something I liked about Esme, no matter what the situation was she always make sure I’ll be alright.

“I will be fine. I Have to go now, bye!” I say as Esme let’s go of my hand.

“Bye,” she shouts, giving me a smile that I return back.

I go to the lockers and get my black coat. I snuggle into the warmth of the coat as I walk down the cold streets.

Slowly The loud music started to fade away then it went completely silent. I decided I was too tired to take the long way so I took the shortcut through the woods, but today somethings off, but I can’t quite figure it out so I continue walking I stumbled on a couple of roots that I never noticed were there before but I managed to turn my phone flashlight on and continue walking.

After the shortcut through the woods I walk down Edge-hill pines St, the dim lit street lights we’re on so I knew it was past 12 o’clock I walk past The Barber shop they closed 25 years ago also past the coffee shop that I work at, and down the street and turned onto Nelson Heights I walked for about one minute then I saw The flickering light post of the orphanage, Then I started to run because Mrs. lodge is standing outside waiting for me.

“Riley hale you are in big trouble young lady,” Mrs.lodge says as she wraps her hand around my Wrist which causes me to go with her.

“I know I am so sorry Mrs.lodge,” I say as i’m being pulled into the orphanage then she stop walking and asked “ Riley you stink ,were you drinking?” There was a couple seconds of silence “No” I say trying to hold in my laughter which causes a couple giggles to come out. “Riley you should be ashamed of yourself” she with a look of disapproval as she pulls me through the doors and takes my coat off then she brings me upstairs as I barely managed to walk up and I nearly fall on my bed.

My bed is in a medium size room with one window and beige walls with a little mark on the ceiling that was there since I was six. five other kids are in the room so I don’t really have any privacy but at least my sisters, Jordan and Taylor are in the same room.I fall asleep before Mrs. lodge could say good night.

‘Help I yell in fear i’m drowning the water starts to fill my lungs I can’t breathe i’m suffocating please anyone help, I say in torment as I suffocate to death...’

I sit up in a Panic gasping for air I wipe the sweat off my forehead just a nightmare” I tell myself as I step out of bed I walked down the hall and took a left when I got to the washroom I stood in front of mirror splashed water on my face then I walk back to the bedroom and attempt to fall asleep which didn’t go so well.

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