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The note

Up everyone Up” Miss Lodge shouts as she is clapping her hands in a fast paced motion

“Now” she hollers a couple minutes later I yawn then step out of bed.

“You have mail” Miss lodge says as she hands me a small envelope with Riley hale written on it.

“But I never get mail” I say under my breath confused.

“ speak up dear,” she says looking down at me “Thank you” I adjust my voice she nods her head and walks away to hand out the other letter.

I sit on my bed and slowly started to open the letter it read

‘ Riley have you ever loved someone so much that you wanted to keep them hidden from the world and all to yourself?

Well apparently that is known as kidnapping’


“Riley are you ok,? You look a little pale”she asked with a concerning tone.

......”I’m fine” I say as my heart beats so fast that it feels like someone was punching it over and again.

“Well hurry up you are going to be late for school The bus will be here in an hour” she adds

“ yes Miss lodge” I say still trying to adjust my breathing.

“Jordan, Taylor we got to go to school soon so hurry up” I say as I slowly shake them till they wake.

“I know I heard” Jordan says as she is sitting up to put her glasses on.

“Taylor how about you”

“I heard as well”says Taylor

“Ok then see you soon”I say as I leave the room

“Mhm” they add

I stuff the note into my school backpack then I walk to the washroom.

“ what is happening with my life” I ask myself as I put my dark brown hair up in a tight high ponytail and change into a grey hoodie and light blue Ripped jeans.

By the time I was ready I when back to are to the room to check on twins Jordan and Taylor, Jordan was wearing her dark brown hair in a half up ponytail also a white shirt that has a pink sparkly J for Jordan written on it also she had black leggings on.

Taylor had her dark brown hair in a loose braid down her back she was dressed in a dark purple long sleeved shirt and also black leggings.

“Girls you need to go to school” Miss lodge says

“Coming” we all say as we grab are backpack and head downstairs.

“Bye Jordan, Bye Taylor have a good day” I say waving

“Yep bye” Taylor says waving back.

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