Bloody halls

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I honestly like horror books and love to read them so here it is. Hope you like it and make sure to comment and write a review!!

Horror / Mystery
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New house

We were packing our stuff so we could move to our new house in Maine.

"Samantha, get down here! We need to leave! Hurry up!", Karly yelled.
"I'm comin, I'm comin! Hold on!", I said. I grabbed my little bag, the snack bag, and the cooler from upstairs, walked out the door, and hoped in the truck. I was sitting in the passenger seat and Karly was in the drivers seat, she was 19 years old and we didn't have parents so we had to move into a smaller house. Karly was getting on the highway when I put my headphones on and listened to my music. I was on my 15th song when we reached a gas station so I turned my music off, got my money, got out, and headed in. I was so busy thinking about leaving all my friends that I wasn't watching where I was going and accidentally ran into the door of the bathroom. I stepped back, opened the door, went to the bathroom, and then I got my stuff and went to buy a drink, a snack, and lunch.
When I was done buying my stuff I walked back to the car and let Karly use the bathroom and get stuff to eat and drink.
After we got our stuff, went to the bathroom, and got gas we were already 1/4 way to our new house. I was getting excited to start over, get new friends, new neighbors, yeah! A new start on everything. I wont be known as the weird- shy girl anymore, I would finally be able to get friends, and maybe even get a boyfriend!
9 hours later

It was midnight when we got to our house. We were really sleepy so we got our stuff out of the car, got the keys, our trash, and walked through the door and went straight to our rooms and fell right asleep.
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