Bloody halls

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I didn't know what was going on so I closed my eyes and decided to wait for something to happen...

A few minutes later I felt queasy and so I opened my eyes and realized that it was noon and I was laying in the middle of a field..

I didn't know what happened and so I sat up and realized that I wasn't really there... it must have been a dream...

But if it was a dream why was he in my dream... I looked over and saw the creepy man sitting in a chair staring at me..

I was so sleepy and overwhelmed that I fell back asleep...

A few hours later I think I woke up but I was back at the scary house and I was on the ground of the creepy yard..

When I looked back at the man I saw that he was looking at me like he wanted something... But I didn't know what...

Then it hit me!! He wanted me!

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