Bloody halls

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Me and Karly fell asleep but when we woke up we saw a sign that said 'Now entering Mexico.' WAIT were we really in Mexico!!!

Omg I've always wanted to come here!!! To swim with dolphins and see the Gulf of Mexico!! I was getting really bored so I layed on Karly's lap like I always used to do but she said," Eww Eww EWW Get Off Of ME!!!" And she pushed me off of her...

She never acted like this so I started crying but it was like she was being controlled when she pushed me off of her and she looked at me on the floor of the car, crying. I swear I saw a tear in her eye when she said," Stop crying you baby..." But that only made me cry more... But what happened next shocked me, her, and the creepy man.. When I was still crying I saw hatred in her eyes as she... slapped me...

After she slapped me I felt nothing except the car come to a halt and the man come out, grab her, and yell at her to never do that to me again, the pain in my cheek and Karly's shock at what she did...

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