Bloody halls

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He threw her back into the car and got back in when he was done lecturing her. She said sorry as she started crying saying how she doesn't know what got into her...

I said," What do you mean you don't know what got into you?!?! You never slapped me before! So what got into you now?!?!"

She started crying when I said that but I didn't care.. She hurt me more than I could have even hurt her..

When we reached the house I saw that it was actually nice! And smelled nothing like his car! It had four to five stories, a pool house, and multiple cars and houses that are for guests! Me and Karly got our own house and car!! But we couldn't go anywhere on it because it would make him mad..

Right when we got there we snuck in a car because he went to the shower and we drove to the nearest town with $500 in cash and a credit card that we didn't know how much it held!!

We were actually going to get awa

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