Bloody halls

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let me go

I realize that this all happened because of me... Karly's sickness, mom and dad's death, my brother's death, the man coming to get us, Karly getting possessed, and now I wish.... I mean..

I just wanna end it... I just want to let go... I just wanna move on.. Free, all on my own... I just wanna stand up, stand up on my own.

I wish I would just die already and I saw how high up the house's roof is..


After that thought I don't know what happened my body kept moving.. nothing could stop me now... I just wanna be free....

Next thing I knew I was on the roof about to end it all when I heard a familiar voice say," Please, Don't Do It Sis!!! Don't Be Like Mom And Dad, Please!!!"

I spun around to see Karly standing right next to me, crying... I almost never saw her cry til we moved.. And even then I only saw her cry when she slapped me and then now...

Without thinking I threw her my coat, boots, bracelet, and hairpin that my brother gave me... and I jumped....

Right when my feet felt nothing under them I knew I had jumped.. but as I looked up I saw a hand grab my wrist.

I looked up to see the scary man holding my wrist crying...? I didn't get it but then he took off his mask to reveal... My brother!?!!?

"K-Karl!?! Is it really you!?!?" I said.

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