Bloody halls

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Was it just a nightmare..?

I remember falling asleep and then waking up to Karly in the kitchen making breakfast. She looked like she didn't sleep last night but she said she did and was fine.

We were going to go shopping, look for a job for her, look for furniture for the house, and then we were going to explore our neighborhood, town, and the seashore a couple miles from our house.

I was walking in the store by Karly when... She disappeared.. I couldn't find her and I looked everywhere and she didn't even tell me where she was going... I looked for her for an hour because.. I had her phone.. and mine..

I couldn't talk to her, find her, call her, text her plus she literally disappeared on me, like she just went ghost...

It has been 2 hours of me looking for her and it has started to rain plus people are leaving and the store is about to close... I was walking out to the parking lot when I saw her.. Karly was just casually sitting at the cafe talking to some new friends she made.. UGGH!!!! I was boiling mad!!! I wouldn't have cared if she went to see some friends but SHE ABANDONED ME AND DIDN'T TELL ME WHERE SHE WAS GOING plus I was now soaked... to the bone..

I walked up to her imagine,a soaked kid with bags from the mall and makeup running down her face walking up to you looking like all the water from her was about to evaporate off her head from how mad she was... Karly instantly looked at me and started crying because she felt bad for leaving me and she forgot about me.. LIKE HOW WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO FORGET ABOUT your fucking sister... THE ONLY FAMILY YOU HAVE!! Just forgetting about them..

When we left the cafe I was still mad and giving her the silent treatment.. That was when she started 'forgetting' about me almost all the tim... I thought she hated me...

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