Bloody halls

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The Mafia?!?

I remember waking up from falling off the roof and there was a mysterious man talking to someone else all I heard was "I think she would be perfect plus if we let her go now she'll tell someone so either we keep her or we kill her."

I was so scared and honestly thinking ' OMG these people think they can kidnap me and then talk about me behind my back!?!? Wait... where is Karly and Karl.... this seems suspicious..

Then it hit me... they were really kidnapping me... I was terrified!!!


"Little girl calm down!! Stop screaming before we get caught!!"

After a few of the men leaned back and grabbed me and made me really tired so I couldn't move so I had to stop screaming and I could barely stay awake.

"Ok ok... I'm calm.. but why did you take ME and when! Where is Karl and Karly!! Are they ok?! who are you guys!!!" I shrieked.

"Little girl, my name is John Carl, this big man is Nick Rames, and this bald dude is Adrian Wilson. I'm the leader of the best mafia in the world and we are the best mafia group in the state of Mexico. But you better keep this a secret.. Or else we'll have to kill you.. And I'd hate to do that to kids.."

Sorry mister 'mafia leader' but I have to get back to my family. And by the way I'm 13, I'm a teenager not a kid", I grabbed his neck and said," I will never work for you or have anyone tell me what to do! Got it mafia leader?"

He leaned in smiling a weird smile that made me lean in and smile. He said," Your in and your my #1 but you have to beat me and my crew, got it little teen?"

With this I smiled and winked while saying," You got that but you better get ready, I've been fighting since you were a kid."

Around 2 months later

I fought them and won surprising and killed 15 people that the other people couldn't kill... I was going somewhere to have a party but I honestly didn't really like killing people but it relieved stress and I liked looking at people's eyes when I rip their heart out of their body's and I loved getting to keep whatever I found. I hated when blood soaked the money that they had though because then I couldn't have it because the people that saw it would turn it in probably and it would get checked out and they would know who got killed and yeah we just don't do that... We don't go to jail.. haha.. nope not today but we really hate being safe!

I hang out with the killers, psychos, and crazies. They are like me but our saying is ' All The Best People Are Crazy'

I wasn't always like this though.. In the biggest mafia group, dating the leader of the mafia, and always killing, fighting, or arguing but at least I'm in my group of people, I'm happy, and I'm

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